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A Noob in the Bunker (2012)
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Release Date November 24, 2012
Director Tzsara
Film Company TZ Movie Making, Inc.
Running Time 4 mins.
Main Actors Tzsara, Tzjoey and Tzleo
Genre Comedy
Movie Rating Rank EC.png

A Noob in the Bunker is a 2012 comedy film written and directed by Tzsara and produced by the company TZ Movie Making, Inc. The film basically follows a man who's watching over a bunker as a noob enters it. The film was released on November 24, 2012.


A man who is watching over a bunker by looking at several computer monitors suddenly gets a alert message that a noob has entered the bunker. Quickly pressing the alert button, he runs into Tzsara's office and alerts the people inside that there is in fact a noob in the bunker.

The people inside are shocked at first, but the man quickly says that they should go and get the noob. They get ready by getting weapons and then head out to find the noob. They head into the bunker and find the noob, standing in front of a wall in the bunker.

The noob doesn't answer them and is quickly dispatched by the four men. They think it's over, but suddenly, Shedletsky appears and quickly presses a 'Ruin ROBLOX Forever' button. They yell at Shedlesky for doing this, but then he tells them that he presses it everyday. The bunker then explodes.


Actor Role
Tzsara Noob Shedletsky
Tzleo Himself
andrew22 Himself
Txjoey Demonic Shedletsky



A Noob in The Bunker

After a long time in development, this movie is finally done. I wrote the script more than a year ago, but I don't think rushing to get it done would have made it any better.