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Agentmeap was a director who ran Roblox Adventure Productions. He frequently collaborated with MisterThrowback.


In early 2011, Agentmeap's computer couldn't play ROBLOX. After a while he started watching ROBLOX films, and by the time his computer was fixed, he became a ROBLOX film maker and directed his first Roblox Record series, The Legend of Link.

In 2012, Agentmeap had released his first Roblox Record film The Darkened Crown, however, it was not until 2013 when Agent stopped using Roblox Record and had released his first true film Lifting Darkness. Agentmeap and MisterThrowback both won the BLOX Award for Best Series at the 2013 BLOX Awards.

In 2014, Agentmeap released the first episode of his latest series, Safety is Silly. In December 2014, Agentmeap returned to acting, and starred in Assortments.

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
The Legend of Link 2011 Agentmeap ROBLOX Record Released
Jerome and Margret 2011-2012 Agentmeap ROBLOX Record Released
The Darkened Crown 2012 Agentmeap ROBLOX Record Released
Under Fire 2012 Agentmeap Series Released
Lifting Darkness 2013 Agentmeap Film Released
MisterMeap (Series) 2013 MisterThrowback, Agentmeap Series Released
Blown Away 2013 Agentmeap Short Released
Safety is Silly 2014 Agentmeap Series In-Production
This is MisterMeap's End 2014 MisterThrowback, Agentmeap Film Cancelled
Untitled Mister&Meap Story 2014 Iammister, Agentmeap Film Upcoming

Actor Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
Torn Apart 2012 MisterThrowback Series Jamie Lost
The Nightmare Ends on Halloween 2012 MisterThrowback Film Freddy Lost
Mind Over Matter 2012 MisterThrowback Film Josh Lost
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spiderman 2012-2013 MisterThrowback Mini-Series Bully, Ganke Lost
Lost Christmas 2013 MisterThrowback Film Joey Released
Mind Over Matter: Exposed 2013 MisterThrowback Film Josh Lost
Western Infection 2013 MisterThrowback Film Matthew Belston Lost
Deadpool 2013 MisterThrowback Film Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider Lost
Assortments 2014 ██████████ Film The Co-Director Released
The Discrepancy 2015 ██████████ Film Vito Released
Harvey 2015-2016 Poppleworks Film Lyman Sanderson, M.D. In-Production

Awards and Nominations

The 2013 BLOX Awards
Award Awarded to... Results Work
Best Series MisterThrowback, Agentmeap Won MisterMeap (Series)