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An Ordinary Job Interview
Release Date January 25, 2014

October 19, 2015 (Remastered)

Director DonValuta
Film Company The Mafia Films
Running Time 19:38
Main Actors Gamerwalk, Xcalibur, Blitzen, TEDOG1232
Genre Psychological Thriller, Drama
Movie Rating Rank E-13.png

An Ordinary Job Interview is a film directed by DonValuta, with a script co-written with MarioDude0123. The film is distributed by The Mafia Films Incorporation.


Smith Smithson has applied for a new job at a new company, Excitement Corporation. After word that he may no longer be employed at his current occupation, Smith is forced to put all bets on his future into the interview. However, the events that follow will create a circularity. Are we bound by fate, or do we make our destiny? Who really controls us?


Production on the project originally began with MarioDude0123, as he was developing a short story (which he posted on the Movies/TV/Books forum) that would eventually be given over to DonValuta on October 4, 2013. Cosimo agreed to take on the project and began developing a screenplay for the film. Initial scriptwriting was done on October 30th. On November 18, 2013, the script was completely finished editing and production on the actual film began. Casting began shortly afterwards.

On November 24, the promotional campaign had started. On December 2, the film was pushed back to early 2014 due to the director not having a computer nor editing software capable to make the film. On December 12, the film received a recast, and on December 14, the script received a rewrite. On January 19, 2014, the official title card for the film was released, as well as Principal Photography beginning. On January 21. Filming had ended and the film went into the Post-Production phase, and on the 25th, the film was released.


Main Cast
Actor Role
Gamerwalk Smith Smithson
Xcalibur Carl Fetter
Blitzen The Receptionist
TEDOG1232 Taxi Driver
Agentmeap Driver
Minor Cast
Actor Role
Zilex1000 Donnie Franklinson
Enchantedtruffles Police Officer
XxthejasonkillerxX Firefighter
ThecapcomFreak The Man
OriginalLSummerS The Woman

Main Characters

Name Basic Description Image
Smith Smithson A hard working employee at Carl's Coffee and Tea Shop who aspires to a higher calling, and is willing to be bold in order to accomplish those goals.
Smith Smithson Character Poster.png
Carl Fetter Owner of Carl's Coffee and Tea Shop. A major in Philosophy, Carl took over his family's coffeehouse chain in the city. However, new economic difficulties put him in a depressing situation for both him and his business.
Carl Fetter Character Poster.png
Donnie Franklinson Successful owner of the multi-conglomerate Excitement Corporation. Due to special government laws, the company goes about its day to day business virtually unnoticed, and the backstory to Donnie is unknown.
Donnie Franklinson Character Poster.png


The 2014 BLOX Awards
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Actor in a Leading Role Gamerwalk as Smith Smithson Nominated
Best Storyline DonValuta Nominated


Link to The Short Story

  • Although the original story by MarioDude0123 left open the potential for sequels, DonValuta stated there will not be any continuations of the short. The original script was also more comedic.
  • Carl's last name "Fetter" is a term that means to restrict or restrain (someone) in an unfair or undesirable fashion.
  • Smith's last name was changed from "Smithon" to "Smithson"



An Ordinary Job Interview (2014 Film)