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December 24, 2015
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77 min.
Romance, Drama

Annabelle is a 2015 romance drama film directed by somekiryu.


After moving to Maryland, Annabelle attempts to balance her life between dealing with an abusive mother, bickering friends, falling for a quiet boy, and acute cluster headaches.


When searching for topics to cover in The Dolor Collection, somekiryu decided to go with a more physical yet invisible illness at this point, whilst displaying the difficulties of anxiety in a second character. He later proposed to Zilex1000 the opportunity to co-write the script, to which he agreed. Filming was difficult and strenuous, and ultimately cancelled when somekiryu took an extended leave from ROBLOXiwood. Upon his return, the film was uploaded, but soon removed to be worked on again. Production began again on December 14th, 2014.

On November 14, 2015, somekiryu released a trailer for an Annabelle movie on his channel. The continuation of the film did not have Zilex1000 as a writer by his request. The production of the latter half of Annabelle spanned from August to December, with the film being released on December 24, 2015.


Actor Role
OriginalLSummerS Annabelle
Ahache123 Wyden
JenniferHartson Ella
TealKitten Miranda
BlokBlobber Brianna


Annabelle was released to mixed reception, yet generally positive. Some felt they connected with the characters and praised the realism, but others criticized Annabelle for a slow pace and unnecessary dialogue.



Finally got to watching this and I'm so glad I did. This is one of the best ROBLOXiwood productions I have ever seen. The dialogue and emotions in this film were just so raw, it felt like real life. The characters were so relatable to me and I found that this film reminded me of my own life at times. The visuals in Annabelle were great aswell, apparently it broke some cinematography rules but honestly I was so invested in the writing that I didn't notice. Overall, Annabelle is one of the most realistic and most well made ROBLOXiwood films I have ever seen. 9/10 Coollegodude1
Great film. Definitely a Capcom production. The entirety of the film was next to flawless. Great cinematography, great framerate, great plot, great characters (and character development, which many other films do not magnify as much as Annabelle did) and an overall great movie.


The film itself was pretty good itself, but some things weren't. But I feel it didn't live up to it's full potential. Characters did not really get any development at all, which did not give me a chance to connect with them. The soundtrack was half decent, some songs really didn't fit the feeling of the scene, in my opinion. Dialogue felt a little bland at some times, but I have seen worse. The set's in this film though we're VERY good, one of the best I've ever seen. Some scenes in the film however, I just wondered why they were there, they didn't really advance the plot, at all. Although I'm not one for romance in films, like I said it was pretty good. Overall: 6.5/10 littlegreen1

This film's first 10-15 minutes I felt were good, it kept me entertained and my almost non-existent attention span wasn't fidgety at all. But when I say that every single moment after that not only exceeded any expectations that I had for the film, it also allowed me to feel things that little to no ROBLOXiwood films have let me feel. I admit the dialogue wasn't always the most exciting, but one thing it did do great was create this atmosphere of reliability. These characters felt human, which is one of the reasons why I feel like I was able to have to emotions I did. I also applaud Capcom for allowing this film to be serious, but not overwhelmingly gloomy and heavy like some of his past work. This film is also very interesting visually, setting a calm tone but also allowing some color and not being too dark - it doesn't distract or bore me. The only problem that I have with this film really is that I wish that there was more to the ending, it feels like everything stopped so abruptly. I guess that's intentional as I imagine that's how Annabelle feels, and it's really not a bad thing to complain about really.

So really, I loved this film. It created a nice atmosphere with the music and visuals, and it allowed me to feel actual non-forced emotion in a ROBLOXIWOOD production! It's a game for heaven's sake and I felt like these characters were actual humans with actual emotions for some reason. And for that and the other reasons stated above I give this film a 9.5/10, one of my new favorites and I can't wait to see more from you.

Annabelle is a great film to mark Cap's return to Robloxiwood. It is a great contribution to Cap's collection of creation. I really enjoyed this movie because it had characters I can very much associate to people I know in real life, and the soundtrack suited the film in ways to move your emotions left and right. What I really enjoyed most about this movie is how well you can identify that each character has their own personal problems, as it is in real life. I give this film 9.5/10. Moses747

Among alone his peers, somekiryu appears genuine. That isn't to say he's without affectation or avoids the artifice common to the image of directors in film making. He utilizes both when it suits him, as any real auteur would -- and if her 2015 effort 'Annabelle' intends to do anything, it's to prove Capcom is a genuine filmmaker with the passion and love for cinema that his successors lack, the kind who transcends genre, the kind who can be referred to by a single name. Uneven as it is -- and it is, running a tad too long as it sprints along in its quest to be everything to everyone -- 'Annabelle' accomplishes this goal with ease, establishing somekiryu as perhaps the only genuine cross-platform director of his time. Whilst usually acclaimed, Capcom's films have been criticized for treating his films with an overbearing seriousness that deprives them of enjoyment, but his personability has always managed to avoid that and made them affecting. If anything, Capcom ramps up the confessions on his latest effort 'Annabelle', but circumstances have changed: in the past, few audience members, if any, would have been exposed to films outside the admittedly narrow variety of ROBLOXiwood films during the period of 2012 to 2014. But as the community has grown and new directors have come to define the current landscape of cinema, it presents Capcom with a new challenge. His films, style and status as a public figure must remain relevant in a playing field where he does not have the advantage. Not that he seems bothered by it -- not when he unapologetically drags the audience head first into an all too familiar realm of teenage angst and struggle, depicted with stark realism through both visuals and dialogue. Such topics have become titillating but fleeting in ROBLOXiwood, suggesting that the charms of 'Annabelle' are insubstantial, but Capcom's ability to set the troubled mind of an awkward age in stone prevails. He writes from the perspective of the moment yet has the skill of a screenwriter far more experienced, articulating contradictions and confessions with keen detail and strong characterization. 'Annabelle' only falters when it refuses to try on the latest trends and becomes stagnant as the style, once distinctive to Capcom, has ignited a raging pursuit of copycats, who have worn the once distinctive and unique style into a cliche. At times, its resistance almost feels deliberate, making the film feel more like a laborious statement than a genuine confessional film from a director who has no issue being vulnerable and honest within his films. There are scenes that feel manufactured, and their absence would have only benefited the film as it is unable to hold viewer interest. Its problems lie in the details, not the big picture. Undoubtedly, Capcom has the charisma and chops to deliver a charming and convincing film, but 'Annabelle' represents something else entirely: a cold, pristine and somewhat distant celebration of all the transient transparencies of modern cinema has eclipsed the hallmark warmth and messiness of past ROBLOXiwood productions, making 'Annabelle' feel out of place in the current film landscape. For better or for worse, it is hard to tell. Overall, 'Annabelle' is a heartfelt and sincere confessional film that's bolstered by strong character development and Capcom's uncanny penchant for articulating the sentiments and pain many of us wish we could state in such an elegant yet relevant manner.

Rating: 8/10

This film... Literally made me tear up. NO OTHER ROBLOXIWOOD FILM THAT I HAVE EVER WATCHED HAS EVER DONE THAT TO ME! This. Film. Was. SOOOOOOOO. Amazing! The characters, themes, symbolism, EVERYTHING I JUST LOVED! LOVED! LOVED! Honestly, every time Annabelle and Wyden would talk to each other it always reminded me of how me and my girlfriend first met, started talking, and how our relationship stands right now. The more I thought about the ending of the film too, the more I just began to feel sorrow and sadness. Truly feel sorry for Annabelle and I just can't explain how great this is. I give this a 9.9/10 :). Routess
I went in not expecting much based off of my initial reaction to the trailer. That is one of the many reasons I enjoyed this movie. The soundtrack was good. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself liking it. The direction as always is great, though, coming from capcom, that isn't surprising. The pacing was good, although the first 15 or so minutes are pretty slow. After that, however, the story kicks into gear and becomes entertaining. I thought the dialogue was good. The relationship between Annabelle and Wyden was well executed and their characters were well developed. However, the supporting characters felt tacked on a bit, especially Miranda, whom I felt served little to no purpose. Now let's talk about someone whom everyone will refer to as the main antagonist...Annabelle's mother. I hate her with a passion. Though that isn't necessarily a bad thing. She did seem to be annoying at times, however. For some reason, like a lot of roblox films I've seen, the swearing seemed somewhat out of place, especially with this film. That's just a minor nitpick. Normally, films like this don't interest me all that much, but for some reason, this one did. For that reason, I give it a 7/10. A good film, but some flaws hold it back from being a great one. EpitomeOfInfamy

The reception for Annabelle is, whether reviewers like it or not, a prime example of a lack of ethics in ROBLOXiwood criticism. Reviews on this very page are riddled with personal gripes that are used to mark down points; they are accompanied with reviews filled with praises on personal taste. Nobody has managed to observe and analyze the film objectively. "I really liked the movie, it made me sad." and "I did not like the music choice, 0/10" do not help a potential viewer decide whether or not this would be a film to their likings. It is common knowledge that the majority of reviews copied and pasted into these pages are just initial responses. Nobody will even place the effort to give the film a second watch. And this isn't just a problem for Annabelle. A person who really cares about helping people prioritize which movies they should watch will place the effort to make sure they missed nothing. That there wasn't an oversight in their judgement. In your first viewing you may dismiss the importance of a side character, as they weren't directly involved with the central conflict, but on repeated viewings can find subtle forshadowing details in their dialogue and allusions that help the viewer greater connect events to others. Nobody's asking for perfection, nobody will be able to consider everything, after all we're still human. The least you can do is try to be objective. Try to be informed. Sure, it's easy for anybody to get on anybody about RULE OF THIRDS and 180 DEGREE RULES. And while those are crucial rules of Cinematography 101, breaking those rules doesn't mean that the film automatically looks like garbage. There are times where breaking the 180 Degree Rule actually brings more to the experience than just playing it safe. But I mean, what director would possibly break something as crucial as the 180 rule? Oh wait, Stanley Kubrick. The most famous example probably being the bathroom scene in The Shining. He did it to create disorientation and confusion in his audience, making them uncomfortable. Placing them out of their comfort zone. You know what ROBLOXiwood films really have a problem with? Framing in Depth. A basic rule of cinematography that I'm sure many of you have never heard of. In films that we would consider "the greats", you have actors walk parallel to/or stand right in front of a wall. But nobody points this out.

The gist of this is to quickly point out that these movies are not "high art", and you shouldn't pretend that you're a master of the high arts and that your word is law. Heaven forbid, somebody contradicts you and tries to *gasp* change your opinion! Criticism should create dialogue, not shut it down. If you think a film felt awkward, atleast explain how/why it felt that way.

Anyways, Annabelle was a 7/10, compared to the films of this year it stands strong, but not above other gems like Obligation and Transparancy. It's a very genuine and cute teenage romance movie with elements of real teenage problems. While maintaining a level of charm, it falters in weak scenes that appear to waste time more than they progress plot. It had cinematography glitches here and there that could take audience members out. Quality variates depending on which act of the movie you're in, with the first act being directed a year ago, the second act in the summer, and the third act recently. If you're looking for a film that'll get you some feels, Annabelle is definetly worth a shot.

First off, very late in my review of this movie; I had been planning an analyzed discussion video and review but have not been able to get the time to do so- so I'll go with a basic word review.

So just to get a quick rant out of the way; Annabelle is great- with notable flaws without a doubt; but nothing like early reviews have been depicting it as- too much filler? Get the #### out! This apparent "filler" is actually from my own perspective a positive that really aids the movie, and there is a name for it... Character Development; they interact with our main heroine during which we get a great impression of them- who they are as people and a basic understanding of each and everyone of their personalities. I understand that for some people, following basic cinematography rules can yield the best results, but it's not always a necessity, the whole, 180 degree rule only really applies when its during conversation scenes. So that's my quick rant out of the way now onto my review; Annabelle is a 9/10 again the flaws are not something I can ignore, like there are pacing issues towards the last 20 minutes or so, like the whole element with Wyden cutting himself felt a bit force and to a degree tacked on- now there were good intentions I'm positive, heck Capcom did have a much longer version of this which I'm sure would've tackled it a lot better. Again i find the CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT well executed, the friendship of the group and the romance between our leads was really sweet and realistically handled in my opinion; going from my relationship history. Annabelle was simple and sweet, it's story easy to follow and enjoy with good elements sprinkled throughout to really think about, excellent score and real emotion makes this movie a nostalgic ride. 9/10.




  • Each character went under 3 different revisions on design, except Annabelle.
  • In the film, numerous cameos can be seen. These cameos include: Rick120, Endpoint, somekiryu, AlmightyNoob, Zilex1000, Routess, and more.
  • The reviews on Annabelle have been a punchline in many of somekiryu's satirical shorts.

Annabelle: The Alternative Cut

After the reviews on the original version of Annabelle, somekiryu had originally planned to release a Director's Cut of the film, which expanded on Annabelle's relationship with Wyden along with a previous one. However, due to his work on Rescind: Elegies, many of the scenes did not make it into the cut. As a result, somekiryu instead released the Director's Cut as "Annabelle: The Alternative Cut", with merely two scenes added and one removed. It was released on July 6, 2016.



Annabelle 2015 - Full Film


Annabelle -2016- - Alternative Cut- Full Movie