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August 25th
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49:43 mins.

Aphelion is a 2017 film directed by somekiryu. It is a reboot of Eclipse. It is the first film in the Rescind Cinematic Universe, preceeding Numbers.


After Daniel's helicopter explodes, he finds himself with superpowers; skin hard enough to resist bullet wounds and concussive force. Shortly after, he's visited by an FBI agent, who informs him he may be in over his head.


Aphelion is a reboot Eclipse, one of the first films in the RCU. Production started on August 4th, 2017. Filming began the same day. Aphelion story-writing wrapped up on August 23rd, and the film was released on August 25th, 2017.


Aphelion received somewhat positive reviews, with praise toward the cinematography, action sequences, and character development. However, critics also had gripes with the pacing, character development, and the antagonist.



Aphelion is a cinematic masterpiece, combining both fast-paced action sequences, carried out with scenes that flush out the suspense and characters, such as the likes of Trevor and Daniel. Combined with several neat plot twists, Aphelion is another cinematic ride that Somekiryu invites you to join, with soundtracks that aid in the suspense and shock-factor of scenes, and a powerful villain that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Overall, I'm giving Aphelion a 9/10. Wholesaleryan56
Upon the aftermath of formerly thecapcomFreak (somekiryu) retirement, he returns to direct an action-drama film that many will find surprising. The opening starts with an uprising problem and ends with a shocking discovery with Daniel, and is shown in a way with many, and little details and visuals that most people will notice. During the lab, Daniel strives to keep in his motivation for freedom after another character, Lenzini, tests on him and experiment his feats. The final conclusion with a tragic moment, with many and continuous uses of animation may bring awe to the viewers attentions. Overall, the film shows a tragic story line with revenge and a small determined friendship between Daniel and Trevor. At some points, the film may seem to take time to remember key moments that build up to the conclusion. The film also views the new uses of animation and visual effects, making a great example of 'the perfect scene'. After viewing somekiryu's 'Aphelion', I'm giving this an 8. Jackiepwners
Aphelion by somekiryu, tackled very many emotions through this film, ranging from the heartfelt scenes, to devastatingly sad scenes. I liked the soundtrack a lot, the best part about Neverwakening Production's productions is the soundtrack. Each song captured perfectly every scenes, fitting the narrative. I enjoyed seeing the narrative be linear, however, in terms of telling the passage of time, beginning with first person shots on Daniel was very clever. Like the "What you drinking?" scene. This was a very cool movie to watch, and picked up new methods I'm sure directors will pick up on.

I rate this movie 9.5/10 (-.05 because of minimal errors.)

What a film. Not long after Cap's return, (now somekiryu,) he's pumping out films that are changing the way ROBLOX films can be made. That being said, I want to address the animation first. Using plug-ins, Cap has been able to express more emotion in scenes with stuff such as kneeling, falling, etc. It's all fluid, and allows for something to be expressed that just hasn't been able to be conveyed in, realistically, any ROBLOX film. Only once did I see the traditional walking animation. Major props for the animating.
Next up, the story. What a ride. Very seldom does a film come along that has major re-watch potential. This is one of them, as the story is very dark and gritty, and is filled with raw emotion. And I can't not write about that scene. If you watched all the way through before reading this, you probably know the scene. Daniel's family reunion. That was such a messed up scene, and it's perfect for it. Especially when he tries offing himself. It shows how far Daniel fell in just that short period of time; and the character of Daniel is just excellent. With the events that unfolded in Aphelion, I am certain we will see more of him and his grief in the future. I just wish that could've been fleshed out more in this film.

And then there's the soundtrack, which in most films is lack luster, but I'm a sucker for the soundtrack here. It had some artists I knew of like Johnny Cash, and Have A Nice Life, but that's not all that's in the soundtrack. There's also the score that sets the mood in a film, and it really worked here. Points for Dies Irae playing when Daniel is visited by Michael.

Overall, Aphelion in my book is a solid 8 out of 10.


In the credits, accompanied by one of Cash's most well known songs, is a horrid meme that will not die; that being my old username. We could have gone without that, me especially. I'm docking a point for that.

Final Score: 7/10. I look forward to what's to come.

Aphelion is beautiful movie, with great editing. Probably some of the best cinematography, and editing in a Robloxiwood film. While most of the action was good, there are a few scenes where the action got too shaky in a dark enviroment and I didn't know what I was witnessing, but that only happens about one or two times in a movie. The pacing and the runtime is where the film falters. It moves really fast, and it's hardly gives you time to process what just happened, which caused me to check out of the movie at some points. And it was because the runtime was too short. It didn't give the movie enough time to flesh out a few storylines and characters enough. There is one scene where you're supposed to be feeling sad, but due to that particular arc not being fleshed out enough, it didn't have the emotional impact it should've had. The villain wasn't really anything special either. He wasn't necessarily bad, and he certainly wasn't great, I just feel he could've been fleshed out some more as well, and it didn't really help that there is an obvious twist involving him. This movie is well shot, but I feel like it was too short. If the movie would have been at least 20 to 30 minutes longer, it would've been enough to flesh out characters and the story much better. 6.9/10 King Arts Studio
Aphelion is a masterfully edited and filmed movie that stumbles due to a seemingly rushed script and lack of character motivation.
The film started off strong with the helicopter crash at the beginning. That scene was really well done. After that, we see Daniel wakes up in what looks to be a hospital room and we soon realize it's actually a facility where they keep "Powered" people.

Sadly from this moment on, the script struggles to maintain footing and moves way too fast. Characters seem to be moving where the plot needs them to be without any real context. The villain, Equinox, could have potentially been a really menacing villain, however due to a clear lack of motivation he ends up being confusing. Equinox kills Daniel's family and when Daniel confronts him, he pulls the old "Why are you wasting your time with them?" spiel. It feels like the director had two different visions for the villain and neither one fully panned out. Overall I felt he was pretty weak.

There were constantly scenes that seemed to be great but then ended way too early. This movie was way too short at 44 minutes when it could have easily been stretched to 90 minutes. With the extra time, I have no doubt this movie would have been incredible.

Daniel felt like an Average Joe. Aside from his seemingly bullet proof skin, obviously. There was a line near the beginning where Lenzini hinted that stress causes Powered people's powers to activate. I may have misunderstood, but it would have been a good thing for Equinox to exploit later on in the story.

Michael seemed like he was forced into the story. I feel the film would have been unchanged if his scenes were excluded. Also ew...olde english (not actually a contributing factor in my score). It surprisingly works.

The end of the film was severely underwhelming with a final battle that seemed way too short at 1 minute 20 seconds. 35 seconds of which was spent in the air talking.

Where this film shines is its visual aspects. The film itself is visually stunning. I was taken aback about how amazing the crash at the beginning looked. The cinematography was excellent as well. Somekiryu has always been great at creating visually incredible films and this is no exception. The sound design was also excellent.

I don't hate this movie at all. However I don't see myself watching it again any time soon. I'm going to give it a 5/10. With time, it could have been a masterpiece. However due to its short run-time, it fell flat in a lot of places where a 90 minute run-time would have caused it to soar.




Name Role
Kasodus Daniel Brooks
BenIsLegit Trevor Lowell
Endpoint Equinox


  • The teaser poster and actual poster were released on the same day.
  • This movie had no script written, unlike many of somekiryu's other titles.



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