Bandon Bush

Bandon Bush
Poster made by Producer Rick120
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15 January, 2014
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Bandon Bush is an American action/superhero film that was written and directed by KrisBush15. The film was co-produced by Rick120. The film was originalled due to kick off the Bush Cinematic Universe (BCU).

The film was broadcasted live to VIPs on the 12th of December, 2013, at 7PM EST. Due to the highly negative reception of the film at the VIP screening, the film was never released on the January 15, 2014 planned release date.


Tragedy strikes the Bush family - as Gary and Lule's son Bandon is born, Lule tragically dies after giving birth. 18 years later, Bandon, Gary and Gregory are just living out normal lives, but on one fateful day, a crash was heard from the sky.

The Krotex Empire has arrived to the planet of Robloxia, threatening the entire planet by saying that they will take over the planet, and harvest Robloxia's resorces for their race to survive. Bandon discovers the powers of the late evil mastermind; Instead. Gary teaches him how to use his powers for good, but Bandon's youth also gives him something; more than anything, than even his father has.


Production began on September 12, 2013 with KrisBush15 filming the first scenes of the movie. With help from Rick120, Kris is currently working on the production, stating that it is going 'grand'.

On the 5th of November, 2013, Act 1 of Bandon Bush was completed. Kris stated "It is production month for WRS Corporation, and now that Act 1 is done, BB Is already about 28 minutes long. Act 2 will begin soon and hopfully we will have it done by the date I have set" 

On the 4th of December, 2013, Half of Act II was completed and the premiere tickets were released. Kris stated "We will have this done before the party, This will be the first time anyone has done anything like this, And this is how WRS is going to produce its movies from now on. This will give us a bit of a profit for the hardwork that we've done, and this is also giving a close to life experence with theaters. Everyone can watch it at the same time and give there opinions afterwords, so that we may change some things before its official release in January."

On the 9th and 10th of December, 2013, filming and editing was completed. The premiere was held on the 12th of December, 2013, from 7pm and 9pm (EST), at Rick120's Robloxiwood IMAX Theater. Approximately 25-30 attended.


The full cast list 


Bandon Bush recieved a incredibly negative reception.



The film was an absolute mess. The dialogue, the acting, the writing, the editing, the filming, everything. And most of us, had very high hopes for this being a return to form for the Bush series, but that did not happen. I wish that this film would have been good and would have been a great film, but sadly, this did not happen. I'm going to give this a 2/10 for some effort being made on the part of the writing by Rick120. Brisingric
Wow. The film was awful, and one of the worst I've ever seen come from Kris or WRS Studios. The BCU will not have a bright future if this is the path it will take. Final Rating: 2/10. CosimoValuta
I'm sorry Kris, but the Directing was Horrendous, the Editing is Terrible, the shots were nauseating, the Story flew out of the window before the film was Half-way through. While some of the Action Sequences were kind of cool, most of them were shoddily done, the Characters were not interesting, the film was Badly Written, even as your Producer I have to confess to that. The movie had potential, and it was all wasted with this. I'm sorry, but that's the truth... 3/10 Rick120



-Bandon Bush- Official Trailer
The first official trailer for the final movie of The Bush Series "Bandon Bush". -Bandon Bush- Official Trailer
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