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Batman poster.png
Poster made by BenIsLegit.
Release Date
August 24, 2014 (Part 1)
Directed By
Route 66 Productions
RobloxDC Studios
15:08 (Part 1)

Batman is a cancelled film directed by Routess. The film is co-produced by Route 66 Productions and RobloxDC Studios. The film is based on the DC Comics character Batman. The first of two parts were released on August 24, 2014.


The Joker has escaped from Arkham Asylum yet again and is headed to Lebanon with missiles in tow, as Robin goes searching for the truth about his mother, and Batman is caught in the middle, having to make an impossible decision.


The idea to create a Batman movie started when RDC was made by MarioDude0123. Popsfootloose949 signed on to direct a Batman adaptation for the (now defunct) RobloxDC Shared Universe, with plans for multiple sequels and series spinoffs. On November 5, 2013, BenIsLegit entered RDC and arguments broke out between Pops's plans for his Batman and Ben's Batman in World's Finest. When TMF took over leadership, Pops was let go from the project and Moses747 was hired to take control of the project. Later, Moses stepped away from the movie and BenIsLegit was hired to direct, before a falling out that caused TMF to fire BenIsLegit from the project.

On June 6, 2014, hired Routess to develop the project, and renamed the film to "Batman". Production began soon after Routess was given the rights. Script writing finished in late June. Filming began on July 12th, and so did editing. After RobloxDC was taken control of by new leadership, Routess attached Olliekins and BenIsLegit to the film as co-directors. After nearly a month of work, Part 1 of the film was released to a mostly positive reception. On August 25, Routess removed the film from RDC and made it independent, and on October 14, Routess agreed to have the film back in RobloxDC Studios. On December 26th, 2014 Routess has dropped Olliekins and BenIsLegit as co-directors for the film.

It's likely that the film is discontinued, and no news has been made about part 2 or 3. 


The first part of the film had a mostly positive reception, with critics praising the character design, the visuals, the good pacing, the good story, the good script and the great music choices. The critics, however, did dislike some of the inconsistencies (no cape for Batman) and the lighting in some scenes.

The movie had overall positive reviews and was seen as one (if not the best) RobloxDC movie of it's time..



The outfits, morphs, setting, and especially the music and the nice Batman Intro were overall very impressive. I think this deserved a 9.7/10. TEDOG1232
Routess's first film is shaping up to be a great one, with great visuals, a great story, fantastic music choices, and it is well acted. I am eagerly awaiting the second part to this film. I'll give this a 9.5/10. Well done.  Olliekins
I felt good watching this because it so closely tied to a certain comic, which I won't mention (like pops) because it's a spoiler. The soundtrack was better than Maxydroid, infact anything is I believe. It was a good story, and the scenes didn't pace too fast after on another. My overall rating is 9.1/10 Dreen Four Productions
Here's my review. The morphs for this film were great, the soundtrack chosen was a good choice, the writing was good, and the sets were well made.  I really think part 2 will be just as good as this one and I can't wait to see Part 2 being worked on. I would give part 1 a 8.5/10.  Spiderboy9
Pretty good film, and have to admit, one of my favourite comic to ROBLOX adaption films. Only real problems are that I feel some of the film's (especially Bruce's) dialogue is a bit cliche, and the fact the video lacked certain sound effects killed the mood a bit for me. But other than that, this is an interesting film you've got going! Can't wait for Part 2! 8.5/10 Canadian Infernape
Battacular. Good story, great music choices, exceptional acting, etc. I read the comic to which this movie is adapting and I felt as though I was reading it through Roblox. The feel of Routess's Batman is far superior to what I would've done. Though there were things that need to be improved. For one, don't forget to add the cape. And maybe fix up the lighting in scenes. Also, the transitioning is a bit too quick but that's not too important. Overall, I give Batman Part 1 an 8/10. BenIsLegit
Well done Route. Loved the music, awesome script and story and the acting was really good. I like the idea of tis Joker's character and the next film being set abroad sure will add to the diversity in it.


This film takes after a certain comic that I will not say anything about due to spoilers, but in the long run this is shaping up to be a great film. The music choice didn't really fit the scenes well, but there were moments when it was perfectly put into the film. The costumes were great, and I like that there's finally a decent film with Robin in it. Overall, I give this film a 7.9/10. I really liked it, but some things offset me from the genius of its plot. Poppleworks



Name Role
Spiderboy9 Bruce Wayne (Batman)
Tokyodrift7 Jason Todd (Robin)
AlmightyNoob Joker
Kingjonas42 Superman
Merv3090 Ayatollah Khoemeini
Princesman00 Mrs. Walker
WintersFlower Lady Shiva
Kyrenic Shelia Haywood
Chezburger13 Alfred
Combatance Commissioner Gordon
RainbowCakeMustache Barbara
Olliekins Ralph Bundy
N/A Sharmin Rosen
CheeseBoy64 Gasper
N/A Rupert


  • The film was split in two parts due to Routess wanting to work on other projects before finishing Batman.

Awards & Nominations

At the 2014 BLOX Awards, the film was nominated for five awards including Best Picture, but won none.

2014 BLOX Awards
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Picture Routess & Olliekins Nominated
Best Actor in a Leading Role TEDOG1232 Nominated
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Tokyodrift7 Nominated
Best Storyline Routess Nominated
Best Screenplay Routess Nominated



Batman Part 1