ROBLOX Film Wiki
Join Date December 22, 2007 (as Blabmovies)
Years Active 5
Nationality N/A
YouTube Channel RExplosionStudios (Personal)
Company Affiliation Explosive Multimedia
Notable Works RoWar: Reboot
Preferred Genre Sci-Fi

BlabVoid is a director known for the RoWar: Reboot project.  He does not personally make ROBLOX videos, although he works very closely with SharpTH on his videos.  On his personal channel what you most likely will find is experimentation, work-in-progress videos which mostly have not been finished or never will be.


BlabVoid joined ROBLOX in August 2007, although he did not play until December. When he registered as blabmovies, this username stuck until his account was deleted in early 2011.

Blab left the game, only occasionally returning under his new pseudonym BlabVoid.  He then officially came back to the game once RoWar: Reboot was announced, sticking to production rather than building or playing games.


  • RoWar: Reboot


  • The name 'BlabVoid' existed for about a year before he began using it on ROBLOX, as he felt 'blabmovies' had lost its original meaning which was to coincide with his old idea of "Blab Studios" being the name of his company. The name didn't last long.