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Blind Justice
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May 17th 2015
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Super Hero
Crime Thriller
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Blind Justice is a 2015 crime drama film directed by TheFallen123, and written by Breezymilk, TheFallen123, and AlmightyNoob. The film is the 8th Time Heroes film in the franchise, and establishes that The Dark Knight series and this film takes place before Moon Wars begins.


In the crime-rampant city of Detroit, detectives Riko Delio & Jason Stone are assigned to dive deep into a vital case to put an end to the war on organized crime lead by a notorious gangster known all across the city as The Kingpin.


In early 2014, TheFallen123 received a plot line from a fan, BreezyMilk. TheFallen123 was intrigued by the plot line. AlmightyNoob soon joined the project in December, and the three began working together to create the script. In early 2015, AlmightyNoob retired from Roblox, and TheFallen123 took upon the writing himself. Filming finished on May 4th, and the film was uploaded on May 17th, with the premiere hosted at the 21005 Theatre.


The film recieved positive reviews. 



"I'm actually really impressed. And I'd say the 'Daredevil'/'Criminal' comparison is pretty dead on. This is a major improvement on TheFallen's part, directorial and writing wise. I regret putting it on my top ten least anticipated list, cause this is gosh-darned great. 10/10. Batman Approves." BATMAN21005
"Fantastic. Marvelous. Spectacular. Every other adjective describing utter brilliance. This film was AMAZING! The plot, the genre, the overall execution; probably one of the best ROBLOXiwood films I've ever seen. The soundtrack was beautiful. The only problems I had with the film were the comical blood splashes in the scenes where Mystic kills the secretary, and where they raid the SG Corp in the final scenes. Otherwise, 9.5/10." Miru Iro (YouTube)
"Flaws, this movie had a fair few of them- from the seemingly rushed last 20 Minutes to presence of lag in places- and a couple of others. But despite of that, I actually enjoyed this movie a lot more than I originally thought I would, and probably more than I really should have... 8.8/10 from me and as always- I look forward to what comes next from the THCU." Rick120
"Blind Justice is a fascinating film, managing to, as Pops said, mix Daredevil with Criminal in a film that mostly works. I enjoyed the music, the plot, the characters and a lot of the writing. Perhaps my biggest issue is that the ending feels a bit anti-climatic. The 50 minutes before the ending really built up to this epic battle, but it ended up being finished rather quickly for my taste. Another thing I should mention, the fight scenes ended up looking odd at times (the last one with the police force is what comes to mind), but it worked most other times. Overall, this is a great film, and one that makes me more excited for the next installment in the THCU. 8.5/10." Olliekins
"This film and its plot impressed me greatly. The only thing I could ask for is more of it. It was underdeveloped in some aspects and seemed extremely basic in story. No backstories were explained or anything and it was kind of a letdown. However, I cannot lie and say that it was terrible. It was extremely well-made and a great summer blockbuster! 7.9/10." Poppleworks
"TheFallen123, super hero movie master of ROBLOXiwood. Or so they say. Now I'm gonna be honest with you here. This film was good, but not GREAT. I liked the visuals and the use of sound effects really brought the film to life. But what kinda made me drop the anvil into mehville was that the final scene where it's against the King Pin I feel like you could've added so much more to that. Made it more suspenseful, and a tougher task to get to him. The sound track I loved for this film though, I found that really stood out in each scene as it fit so perfectly. But I do wish that you had some stronger character developments with people like Riko and the doctor. I wish they had more screen time. Anyways, I rate this film a good 7.6/10. It was good, but not great." Routess
"The movie was great. However, the ending was not so great as the rest of the movie. The Kingpin was killed so quickly, I hardly felt like he was even a problem. Also, there was little backstory.  I enjoyed it, but the ending was not as great as everything else, the ending felt rushed. Overall, I give a 7/10." GamerzMain
Decent film generic. I have to say this is a great movie but it doesn't go with out flaws but I'm going to start with the positives. The main character was likable and relatable, he really connected with me on a personal level. The effects were amazing it really brought the movie to life and it had a daredevil kind of vibe to it. It was a fun interesting movie. Mystic was also great but It felt like she wasn't in the movie enough for me to connect with her like Jason. Now with the gripes Starting with The Kingpin. He wasn't even in the movie that much he had 6 minutes of screen time and he felt bland and generic. He wasn't at all intimidating not intriguing. He was just there to make a problem. You should've took queues from Gotham's crime bosses Maroni or Falcone. You shouldn't have made him into a superhero it felt awkwardly forced and there was no build up to it. One second he is having memories of his wife,the next he wants to be a hero in a costume. The run time was to short which hurt the movie, many of the characters were left underdeveloped. Riko,The Doctor guy,The Kingpin,The Commissioner and also you didn't touch on the city enough. You didn't show how bad the city was. This movie was alright but not terrible. It was a major disappointment on your half though. 6.9/10 TheMasterPhoenix
This was simply a masterpeice, no doubt. The plot is about Riko Delio and Jason Stone on a mission to end the mobs that is ruled by a ruthless gangster named The Kingpin. This was just great, loved the Stopmotion, the...well, actually everything! 9.4/10 EarthStoneStudios101
After watching the film, I felt most of the first half of the film was very slow and dialogue-heavy, it took me out of the film many times until things started getting much better in the second half.However, this film has a great soundtrack, visual look, and acting. The action was well-executed. The film has its flaws but it is a good film regardless, 7/10. DonValuta





  • A man shown in the poster, in a top hat, was presumably cut from the movie.
  • The after-credits scene confirms that The Dark Knight films and this film takes place before Moon Wars, and alludes towards TheFallen123's Time Heroes.


ROBLOX Blind Justice 2015
ROBLOX Blind Justice 2015
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