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Blitzen is a Robloxiwood Actor. He has worked in Poppleworks Media, The Knights of Hell, Neverwakening Productions, Zilex1000 Productions, The Mafia Films, and ExplodingNova Productions.


Blitzen joined Roblox on December 16, 2007. In October 31, 2008, he debuted in an official video called Where is Blitzen? Retal casted Blitzen in the short ROBLOX News: Hurricane Banhammer. In 2012, Blitzen was a new actor in The Mafia Films, but however, he later left the group, and rejoined some time later. On May 5, 2012, Blitzen attempted to direct his own film The Last One Alive with help from SectorT.

Blitzen had since that time has been in many films both with TMF and ExplodingNova Productions, being in both Rescind Films, and other superhero movies from the company. However, in late 2013, during the filming of The Heist, Blitzen stated it would be his last Robloxiwood film, however he later returned. ██████████ and Blitzen struck a deal for TMF to make his cancelled movie project, with Blitzen writing. Blitzen currently works as a Robloxiwood actor to numerous companies.

Writer Filmography

Name Year Director Rank Type Status
Blitzen's The Last One Alive 2014 N/A Writer Film Upcoming

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Role Type Status
Where is Blitzen? 2008 N/A N/A Short N/A
ROBLOX News: Hurricane Banhammer 2008 Retal Himself Short Released
Trick, Treat, or Die 2012 Buddy17474 Mom, Ghost Short Cancelled
The Revenger 2013 DonCurrency Mayor Greenberg, Armed Car Robber, Halo's Mother, Street Thug Film Cancelled
Eclipse 2013 ThecapcomFreak Scientist Equinox Film Released
Rescind II: Birth of Evil 2013 ThecapcomFreak Extra Film Released
Rescind III: Armageddon 2013 ThecapcomFreak Extra Film Released
Ender Dragon 2013 AmericanWarshipsFilm Gen. Patterson Film N/A
Breathtaker 2013 ThecapcomFreak SWAT Officer #2 Film Released
The Revolver 2013 Brisingric Shard Minion #3, Xander/The Revolver Film Cancelled
The Heist 2013 ██████████ Kato Film Released
Cthulhu 2013 ThecapcomFreak Extra Film Released
Batman: Escape From Arkham 2014 MarioDude0123 Doctor Light Film N/A
Call of Duty: Yuri's Origin 2014 AmericanWarshipsFilm Yuri Film N/A
PayDay For You and Me 2014 ██████████ Extra Film Released
Criminal 2014 ██████████ Lodge Manager Film In-Production
300: The Fall 2014 Tokyodrift7 Erthan IV Film Upcoming