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BenIsLegitRBLX BenIsLegitRBLX 9 January

Creating the "ROBLOX Filmmaker's Archive"

Hey guys! Long time time no see. It's been a while😳

I've decided to finally bite the bullet and create an online archive for all of our content from over the years. I am extremely remiss that I didn't start this sooner and that there's a lot of lost media now, but better now than never, I guess!

I'm using as the host for the website. When visiting the archive, you'll find the videos will be organized by channel name.

For a specific film, you can also use the search bar. The description, video metadata, comments, thumbnail, and url link are all be archived as well.

It's pretty neat! We can even stream our films directly from MEGA.

I've gone through YouTube and tried to download everyt…

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WalkerMage102 WalkerMage102 7 August 2014

Following In Capcom's Footsteps

Hey guys, some of you may know me as Mage102 from Roblox. I'm been involved in the industry for almost 3 years now in acting. For the most part, I've been in Capcom's movies. You know, Rescind, Darkvalk, Mike Hike, and so on. I have an interest in ttelling darker stories in Roblox, kind of like Capcom's films. His films are different from other roblox films, touching on things like mental illness, depression, and schizophrenia. This type of film making creates a very dark atmosphere with suspense while feeling attached to the characters. Many of Capcom's films (Hell, pretty much all of Capcom's films) are very sad. Those are the kind of stories I would like to tell.

I'll have to learn a lot to eventually make an actual decent film, but I'll t…

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Themariodude Themariodude 12 July 2013

ROBLOX Recorder: The Controversy

Hello and welcome back to THE MARIO DUDE'S BLOG! We hope you had fun with the last one and now we're going to discuss what's been on everyone's minds, the ROBLOX Recorder. It is very easy to use, however many complain that it's too laggy and too low of a quality. I will address those complaints in this post.

1. "Too laggy"

I have never experienced this.

2. "Low quality"

Eh, fair enough.

3. "You can't choose what part of the screen to record!"

You can easily crop out what you don't want in some editing program that allows you to do this.

4. "The films made with it are usually crap!"

That doesn't make it inherently bad. If poems wrote with pencils were usually bad, that wouldn't make the pencil bad, would it.

Aaaand that's all.


The Mario Dud…

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DonCurrency-fduser DonCurrency-fduser 24 July 2013

The Problems with Complaining about Robloxiwood

I've noticed in the past few weeks a phenominon I can only describe as...well I can't describe it. WHY ARE YOU GUYS COMPLAINING?!!!

Seriously, within the past few weeks I have seen NOTHING but constant complaining and whinining and pouting and quitting! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!

If you don't know why this is happening then you've clearly never seen the following posts:


Again, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Is it a matter of Pr…

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MarksofCain MarksofCain 15 July 2014

Comedy Directors and ROBLOXiwood, what's going on?

Hello, all, I apologize for the incredibly large amount of blog posts coming up but this is a subject I felt I needed to write about. Comedy directors in ROBLOXiwood are often seen in a very, very negative light. While, for some, this is well-deserved, but not for all. Recently, CosimoValuta, AlmightyNoob, and myself had a talk with IceTarus. I also made a blog post previously about them, and I talked with Dayren and PhireFox on the post.

These are reasonable people. Sure, we don't have the same directing style, but they're just people. ROBLOXiwood has been hardwired to have an angry disposition on comedy directors because we had only major exposure to one (who shan't be named,) who wrecked our community at the time. However, this is prejudi…

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BenIsLegitRBLX BenIsLegitRBLX 4 August 2017

Public ROBLOXiwood Skype Chat

Since no one seems to like Discord, we're going to start a public ROBLOXiwood chat that anyone can join. Just click this link and you can join the chat:

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BugaMeister BugaMeister 9 November 2017

The Whereabouts of Inside ROBLOXiwood

Good evening, community! It's been a long while since my last blog post, but after being asked by Madformers where Inside ROBLOXiwood was, I felt it neccessitated a blog post. I've got a couple of projects going on, being Inside ROBLOXiwood and Antediluvian, however, they're on hiatus until I can do something about my computer. 

See you when it's fixed!

- Buga

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Mega0968 Mega0968 11 November 2017

Quantum Combo + A Noob Documentary..ish like movie


Quantum Combo is a new production that I'm working on for 2018 that will expand The Noob Multiverse, and like you mostly know I am quite known for creating productions and scrapping them due to a change in mood. (Usually what happens is I get a surge of creativity that gets me tons of great ideas, this usually lasts for a few hours or days and then days later I feel like there's no point in creating what I thought up because I lack the creativity and my mind goes completely dull and during this point I scrap the production)

This is why I don't get things done alot, because I can't make my mind up. So how will Quantum Combo be made if you have bad mood swings? Easy, I just need to wait for when the time is right. This is what worked fo…

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Rick120 Rick120 26 July 2016

The end is nigh...

EDIT: I have made some alterations to this plan, I intend to base this decision on how well Injustice does, since after a bit of thinking- I've realised I simply have too much more I need to do. Evening Folks!

Rick120 here, now I'm certain you've seen the title and have clicked the blog with either fear of my, quite clearly inevitable depature announcement- or maybe you're just eating toast or something right now, because I don't know... to each their own I guess.

Well, unfortunatley yes- that is the case. I am announcing my depature from ROBLOXiwood...

(Sad violin)

But wait- I'm not done yet...!

(Record player scratch)

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RoadstoJudah RoadstoJudah 14 February 2019

Reviews; The Unwelcome Present

Reviews have, obviously, been a major part of the culture of ROBLOX Film making for years now. In fact, they're one of our staples. But I think we've been looking at them wrong; I had a late night discussion with Raven_Akira recently, and I think I can pinpoint two reasons why reviews have been so controversial since the inception of any of our communities, and what we can do to rectify that. 

This is one that has been around forever. In fact, it started with people like me, so this is partially my fault. It's seeped so deep, we almost had a rule barring people like KrisBush15/LordCrossfire (I do not remember what his new name is for the life of me) from the wiki. The implementation was too close for comfort. Basically, it is the idea that …

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RoadstoJudah RoadstoJudah 16 January 2019

The Official ROBLOXiwood Discord

Here's the link: We've got rules and all set up but anyone is welcome.

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RoadstoJudah RoadstoJudah 16 January 2019

Writing the Elephant in the Room: No, Not Literally (Tortured Characters)

So let's talk about the elephant in the room. 

Everybody in ROBLOXiwood wanted to write sad and tortured characters, to the point they've got a negative connotation almost. You want to know why? Because for the longest, nobody (my included) did it right. New and young writers alike tend to make a few common mistakes when writing tortured characters. For the sake of this discussion, imagine there's a character named Todd. Let's discuss 'em.

  • Your character cannot be a tortured character because they are tortured. That is a simple fact. I don't want Edgy McEdge who hates life because... because. That's not good writing, in fact, it's just annoying. That's not to say a character can't be depressed because of a backstory that happened off-film, I…

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TigerJelly TigerJelly 9 January 2019


so after a 4-5 year leave from ROBLOXiwood and ROBLOX, i've decided that i still have a passion for films and filmmaking within ROBLOX. over the last couple of years i've been making a lot of music, infact it's what i left ROBLOXiwood to do. i feel like now I can balance the two, maybe even incorporate some of my own music into my productions. i've also grown over the last couple of years - i'm no longer the little 12 year old who was responsible for The Flash :) 

i wanna try and get into the writing side of filmmaking, since i lack the energy and computer space to direct, film and edit films.  feel free to get in contact regarding anything :)

- Jason

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RavenAkira RavenAkira 8 November 2017

ROBLOXiwood, we need to talk...

Hey guys, Rick here.

So as you've guesses from the title, this is a post- and to be completely honest, it's going to be rather serious and direct. I feel the need to be honest with you guys about this, as I believe it'll be the best thing for us right now.

I am, from finishing this post, going to be taking an indefinate hiatus, all of my projects are going to be put on hold! Yes, even Nominal Scale. Now I don't want people going insane, or come up with ideas or narratives as to why I've done this- I'm sure you guys will want answers, since I am aware I have been slacking off on this particular production for the last couple of months.

Now it is true, I am close to finishing the movie, which is currently clocking in at an hour and 20 minutes, wi…

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BenIsLegitRBLX BenIsLegitRBLX 16 September 2015

ROBLOXiwood Productions Ranked by Average Rating

Since Olympus223's account got banned for a year, I will be continuing this. Credits to him for the idea. He basically took all of the shorts and films in ROBLOXiwood that have at least two ratings and averaged them all out. Go ahead and bookmark this and I'll try to update these often.

  1. Rescind II: Birth Of Evil - ThecapcomFreak (10/10)
  2. Rescind - ThecapcomFreak (10/10)
  3. A Diamond A Dozen - TheFallen123 (10/10)
  4. Static - ThecapcomFreak (9.8/10)
  5. Vortex Security: Endgame - Rick120 (9.6/10)
  6. Days (Reboot) - ThecapcomFreak (9.5/10)
  7. Transparency - Rick120 (9.5/10)
  8. Through Frosted Glass - Zilex1000 (9.4/10)
  9. Rescind III: Armageddon - ThecapcomFreak (9.4/10)
  10. Transition - Rick120 (9.4/10)
  11. Nancy's Memories - Zilex1000 (9.2/10)
  12. The Renegade - TheFallen123 (9.2/10)
  13. Or…
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Whats Next for Alicion?

Hay everyone, Mad here!

So as you can guess from the title, I shall be answering the question of what is the future of Alicion at this moment in time.

For starters, I shall not release any new trailer or footage for rest of 2017 and early 2018 to instead finish off the script. The first three trailers where made before the script was even complete, which I should mention is still in the works. What was shown within the first 3 trailers may not be an accurate representation of the final film, the trailers where made to give an example of what the film might look like.

I plan to finishing Alicion's script by late November, which I should tell you right now that Alicion shall begin full production in January 2018. I shall make sure to keep you g…

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RoadstoJudah RoadstoJudah 11 August 2017

How to Write Dialogue: Another Long Piece

This might become a morning thing now, if the admins are alright with it. I usually have a nice big glass of coffee and lots to talk about, so why not? I was gonna tackle criticism yesterday, but that would've started an enourmous storm of unyielding chaos that I did not feel like dealing with. So, today, we'll be talking about what I consider the best part (and maybe the only thing I really apperciate) about my writing. Dialogue. Dialogue's a little hard to write sometimes because depending on the character, setting, and age, everyone can sound so different.

There's a few tricks I use that make it kinda easy, and I'll go over them. To be honest, this can be used outside of ROBLOXiwood, as it's more of a writing thing in general, but I thin…

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RoadstoJudah RoadstoJudah 11 August 2017

Story Structure and Concepts

I would've made this a forum post too, but this might end up being a little longer and require more formatting than a forum post. Anyways, Story Structure is the foundation of every story. Usually, one would start off making a very simple, rigid, story. After a little writing, you can drift away from this, as it can end up being really reptitive and boring. Here, I'll teach you different ways to structure your story, so they aren't all the same.

  • 1 The Starter's Method
    • 1.1 The Start
    • 1.2 The Middle: The Antagonist and Development
    • 1.3 The Climax
  • 2 Drop-in, Drop-out Method
  • 3 The Oyster Method
  • 4 Concept Levels
    • 4.1 High Concept
    • 4.2 Low Concept
  • 5 In Conclusion

This one is the most common method of all. Let's throw a random idea out there: a superhero with explosive p…

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RoadstoJudah RoadstoJudah 11 August 2017

Rescind: Elegies - Your Guide

The Rescind Universe: Genesis What is this? Not another blog post, dangit!


First of all, I made this a blog post because it is extremely relevant to the series; it's more than just film advice. I'd prefer not to post it in the forum, as the blog post formatting is kinda necessary here, as well as the fact it involves Elegies so much. Consider this part-announcement, part-explanation. There are no spoilers. I don't explain any symbolism. But I feel like the importance of some things are undermined solely because references aren't understood - this has been told to be by multiple people as well as my co-writer.

Before we begin, I'd like to say that everything in this blog post is explained in the prologues: either Earthmover or Bloodhail. This…

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BATMAN21005 BATMAN21005 10 August 2017

New Bureaucrats!

Hi there ROBLOXiwood!

As a bureaucrat here in the community, the results of a recent poll have convinced me to promote film making veterans BenIsLegit and ThecapcomFreak as colleagues to myself and Bugameister! Lets give them both a big warm welcome as they make great contributions to the Wikia!


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BenIsLegitRBLX BenIsLegitRBLX 1 August 2017

(TUTORIAL) New Infoboxes

Hi, you might have noticed that a few pages got a new, revamped box for their film and director/actor information. I'm going to be working on updating as many pages as I can find with these.

These boxes are cleaner looking, easier to edit with, and more efficient. I believe that it will benefit our wiki's aesthetic and hopefully you all agree.


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Popsfootloose10169 Popsfootloose10169 21 July 2017

Pops Here.


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OTJokesBot OTJokesBot 18 July 2017

Andrew167890's message.

Hello, and most of you don't know me, but I was a director of bad movies I did when I was young such as Suicide Bridge. I would like to say I might come back to make a movie or short, but assuming I just visited this, it looks inactive. I now am a game developer, not on ROBLOX but real games. I would like to say that I would make better things on my films and try my best in order to make them. But ROBLOX nowadays is very bad due to updates and that might increase the chances of my quitting. I hope that my next movie ( if I produce another one ) is good enough it doesn't deserve a 0. All of my other films are lost forever and I will not bring them back because of how embarrassing it is to me now. I hate all my films and I regret making all …

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JustAFriendlyNeighbor10 JustAFriendlyNeighbor10 16 July 2017

Z Soldiers - Fire.

Hi there, i want you to know that i am BoringBigBaconFlakes announcing that "Sound Bender" (the original second film of the inter hero verse) and Zombie Galaxy. (The third) are actually going to merge into one film called. Z-Soldiers - Fire. This will be 110 minutes to 130 minutes long, and the estimated release date is probably December or even Jan, since production for the film isn't going to start until September or late August.

Some contents from RIFT will be put into Z-Soldiers also, however, 127 minutes is long. So i'll split it into 4-5 parts. Now i know you dont want to here alot of this put let me introduce you to the plot and character slots.

It is 6 years after the events of "Rift." Ultra matter is gone, Jack is relaxing and now 2…

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Route66Productions Route66Productions 15 July 2017

The good bye I never got to say.

The one good bye I never got to say.

The good bye to ROBLOXiwood, and all of its community. Although I may not be remembered as much, I still remember every one of you. Though my life is filled with nonsense, I still sometimes think about would anything be different if I were to still be at my parents place.

Would I still be making movies?

Would I still be in touch with those who are still here?

Would I have ever left?

I don't know. But for what it's worth, everything happens for a reason. I miss all of you and I wish you all luck for your future productions. Make me proud, and I hope to see all of you on the big screen in real life one day. You savey directors you.

Good livings ROBLOXiwood, from the not so memorable director - Routess.

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RavenAkira RavenAkira 15 July 2017

Rick Roll'd Productions at MediaCon 2017

Hello everyone!

Rick120 here, back again with his first Blog post in a very long time... well maybe not that long, but you get the idea. Anywho, you've read the title of this post- and yes, MediaCon is upon us once again.

*Heavenly Angel Choir*

So what does that mean? Well it's simple, Rick Roll'd Productions will have a couple of booths. One of which is being run by Madformerspro for his upcoming production Alicion.

More info here:

Myself on the other hand will be running my own one, for a fair amount of other things... but mostly my upcoming film Nominal Scale... also I believe BugaMeister will be there too (and that blonde weeb he likes dragging aro…

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Alicion and MEDIACON

Hello fellow ROBLOXiwood people, it is I Madformers, here to inform you about what you can expect from Alicion within MediaCon 2017.

First off, I will be releasing a new trailer for the film on the 22nd of July, 5:30 pm est time zone.

Secondly, I shall be attending the ROBLOXiwood Q&A panel on the 21st July, this Friday. If you have any questions in regards to Alicion or other stuff.

Finally, just check out the Alicion booth when you can, there is quite a few things that might grab your attention.

I know this was short but I hope you all have a great time at MediaCon!


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AwesomeGavent AwesomeGavent 14 July 2017

Overtime Studios MediaCon Information

Hey guys,

I'm AGavent, head of Overtime Studios. As some of you may know, RTNG MediaCon ( is approaching, and I have information to inform the public about regarding Overtime's precense at the event.


We will have a booth the entire weekend in the general booth area. Check us out for more info about the group!


On Saturday night at 8PM EST, we will be holding an RTNG-approved panel to talk about our future projects, from upcoming ROBLOX TV shows, to officially announcing future projects in ROBLOXiwood. The panel will have myself as the host, along with special guest BugaMeister to help me announce some of the future projects.

We hope to see you guys at our panel, our booth, and at MediaCon, and I hope you guys…

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BugaMeister BugaMeister 14 June 2017

Fandom's Wikia UI Update

Good evening, ROBLOXiwood! It is I, Buga! As a lot of you may know, or may have noticed, the front page of the Wiki here looks more margenalized. This being due to the fact that Fandom, the people that run Wikias, (I think), updated their UI on all Wikis. Without warning. So I fixed our header so it didn't hinder the logo, and I hope it looks up to par again. Anywho, just thought I'd share that tidbit of information for anyone who may have been wigged out by this sudden change. Major props to Jackiepwners for bringing this to my attention at 12 in the morning so I could hurry to the computer to fix it. Our front page appeal is very important! Thank you all for your time, and have a very good evening!

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RMP Film Studios RMP Film Studios 4 June 2017

Co-Owner Kicked everyone out of group

Dear People of ROBLOXiwood,

On June 3, 2017, between the period of 4:51 and 5:51, our co-owner, SystemFellAsleep, kicked everyone out of the group without my knowledge.

What are we going to do about it? Everything we can. I will work hard to restore the group to its former state, and I am asking for the support of my fellow ROBLOXiwood to help us as we try to recover from this incident. If you could, please join my group, it would help us greatly.


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Mega0968 Mega0968 14 May 2017

How to make film-making less overwhelming + Noob updates!

Hey, haven't posted in a while so I'm going to be making this blog to help film makers with there projects. 

First I would like to thank the entire community for bearing with me as I slowly produce episodes for my last noob film installment Final Adventure. I have 5 EPISODES on youtube so far and soon I will start the 6th episode which will mark the halfway point in the project. I'm predicting that the film will hit near the 1 hour mark in this episode, if it does it mean's I'll probably get to the 2 hour mark by the end of the movie. 

There are some idea's being thrown around to up the ante including some new songs (I have a new autotune recorder which has better quality than the previous) it was used in the I Love You Darling and Back To The…

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BugaMeister BugaMeister 28 April 2017

Community Changes and Future Plans!

Hello folks of ROBLOXiwood! Buga here! Today I'm making a blog post to unveil our new logo for ROBLOXiwood to further coincide it with the ROBLOX platform. That's one major change a lot of you will notice from the previous one. Many of us felt it was outdated, and was in need of an update, so I thought, "What better way to give an updated look to ROBLOXiwood than having it coincide with the platform on which we make our films?"

So that's what I did. This is the old logo next to new logo.

 This plan came shortly after ROBLOX rolled out their new logo to the masses, and I got the idea to do up a new logo for the Wiki. Just as something to do, with no real intentions of adding it to our Wiki. But after discussing it heavily with directors, and …

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TemporalNeptune TemporalNeptune 18 April 2017

New Tools for Public Use

Hey everybody, it's ArcticFox001 here and I have created some new, updated tools that'll help with the creation of films.

The following is a list of items the pack contains;

  • New, Improved Morph Template
    • The old morphs contained an old script for hat removal, and since ROBLOX changed hats to accessories, the script had to be changed.
  • Accessory Remover [For New Morphs]
  • Hat Remover [For Old Morphs]

Enjoy you guys!


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Joshua R. T. Reed Joshua R. T. Reed 2 April 2017

Hello to Everyone

Hello, a few of you might remember me when I made a film article, but was deleted later on.

I have a production now named Joshua World Productions and it also has its own wiki. I don't think I have permission to give you guys a link to that wiki.

I'll try to think of some roblox film I could start making soon.

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Coollegodude1 Coollegodude1 11 March 2017

Regarding My Absence and Future - Moving On

Hi everyone, 

Coollegodude1 here. As a member of this community for a little over five years and an admin for a little less than two, let me just say that I've found a lot of joy and comfort in our little corner of the internet here. I've really enjoyed getting to know the members of our community and getting to watch the films they've created, as well as even being part of some of them. Now, although ROBLOXiwood has brought me much enjoyment over the years it is unfortunately time for me to move on.

Growing up ROBLOXiwood was always a home away from home for me. When life brought me down, which was very often, ROBLOXiwood would bring me comfort. I used it as a coping mechanism of sorts. As a way to put my emotions and creativity into someth…

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TheMagRBLX TheMagRBLX 22 January 2017



DonVaulta wants his movies pulled off the RMC, so it's starting to get tough. If anyone wants their movies on RMC please comment down below.


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TheMagRBLX TheMagRBLX 21 January 2017


I am the new owner of RMC as DragonDipperBlossom has recently quit ROBLOX. Does anybody have the films listed below?

PayDay for you and me (2014)

An Ordinary Job Interview

The Discrepancy (2015)

The Great Darkness (2014)

Assortments (2014)

The Story of the House (2013)

Criminal (2014)

and Testament (2015)

If you're wondering why I need them I'm making a trailer for the newly made lineup for RMC. I could just download it from Livestream Studio but it would be a FLV and not a MP4.

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DCFan100 DCFan100 23 November 2016

Robloxifilm Awards

My new award show:

Best film of the year:



Soldier of Fortune

The Dark Knight: Acopalypse 

Superman Begins

Best Series:

Rescend: Elegies

Star Wars: The New Wars


Hostage [2016]

Best Director:






Voting will open in december, You may vote as much times as you want, Previews will be released there, come down to the theaters in december! 

(Pls don't delete this)

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Mega0968 Mega0968 15 November 2016

My Retirement

Some of you may be wondering why I might be retiring and in this blog post I will be justifying why.

When I was little I used to love making movies, I had nothing to do and most days I would be wondering what could be the next noob episode plot or something like that. I used to do alot of acting on top that, I used to show up at filmings for this series called space stories created by densle12. (You can find it on youtube, just look up keywords space stories and densle, go figure). 

This year there has been alot of changes that I have made to my lifestyle, because of this it has lowered my interest in the idea of roblox movies, better things have popped up and have got my attention instead. This is the reason for alot of cancellations of pro…

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ZexalDiamond ZexalDiamond 14 November 2016

NEXX Awards (Pushed to 2017)

In 2017 there will be another NEXX awards. The nominations are

Best film of the year:


Henry Elliot's Body

The House (Reboot)



Best Series:


Aiden Zayne


Doctor Who (ROBLOX)



Voting will open in 2017, along with seat purchasing. Most of the seats other than the first 2 rows are free, the 2nd row is paid for 10R$, and the first row is reserved for the people of the industry.

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TheBenz TheBenz 10 November 2016

Announcing RTNG MediaCon Winter 2017

Last January, the first-ever RTNG MediaCon redefined Robloxian media, setting new bars and higher standards about what these industries could achieve.

Now, it's time to raise those bars again.

RTNG MediaCon Winter 2017 is coming.

And that means another opportunity for Robloxian media to truly shine; a showcase of the best and brightest, old and new, TV and film. RTNG MediaCon is a place to come together, to share, and to celebrate. For those of you who came last year, you already know what to expect and what it feels like; I hope for an even bigger, better event this year.

But of course, RTNG MediaCon isn't a great event without you; your content, your projects, your work. And it's that time of year where it's time to get ready for Robloxian m…

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Mega0968 Mega0968 6 November 2016

Creating a production is like trying to hit gold

Through all my years of being a director (of mostly the noob) I can say that productions are alot like digging for gold. You will only be creating a hole and pulling nothing up but dirt but after a while you hit something that is gold. Right now this is currently happening to me, Destroy That Planet!, Midnight Murphy and Roviewer is like the dirt while this new production that I have come up with is the gold.

I like this idea, it works well because it's very much like the noob but much more darker in terms of humour. I have 6 episode idea's which I think are comedy gold. I am of course talking about my new series

Behind The Scenes

Robloxiwood, city of the media and home to summer blockbusters. However for some it's quite difficult to push a m…

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ThisIsStupid101 ThisIsStupid101 17 October 2016

Last chance! OctoberFest

Hey guys. Just letting you know its the last chance for booths. There is plenty of space left. Get them in before the 20th! 


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Mega0968 Mega0968 12 October 2016

Brand New Film And What Happened To Ben?

First thing I would like to say is that I am making a new film! It is going to be called Midnight Murphy and will be a sequel to The Noob Movie III: Descent Into Eternal Darkness. It will be like the 4th noob movie as it will focus on an entirely different character while at the time having some backstory with The Noob involved. 

Currently I'm trying to find out how to make The Noob a plot device for later on in the movie, not as in bringing him back from the dead. It's canon that the 4th movie was all a coma all along. What we want is that the character is used to determine what happens to Midnight in his adventure. This movie will be a superhero movie and will introduce new character's in the Shared Fictional Universe.

The second thing I w…

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Mega0968 Mega0968 28 September 2016

Aftermath Of Shedletskys Mighty Castle

I hope you all enjoyed the new noob release. I bet you're all shocked to see me actually releasing something instead of cancelling it. The episode got a 50/50 rating but in all honestly that doesn't really de-motivate me in anyway, Thoughts on roblox movies are entirely subjective, one person might give something a low score while an other might give it a higher score. You can't please everybody, there is always going to be that one person.

I don't see negativity as something that stops directors from making movies, if anything it inspires directors to improve and give them desire to do better. 

Regarding the short, I can say that production was really fun. There was so much energy that I had in me when I made the short that I couldn't stop,…

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Mega0968 Mega0968 11 September 2016

The Noob will be returning w/ a catch / possible octoberfest meet and greet?

So as the title states, The Noob will be returning in some way to small screens. What's going to happen is that instead of the normal seasons with a stack of episodes there will be instead mini film shorts. Kinda of like the wallace and gromit episodes, not in a series but instead stand-a-lone, if you get what I mean. 

Since there is no stress on getting a season complete by the end of each year or month, there is no pressure on me. This means all episodes can be worked on to get a quality that I'm happy with. You have all the stop motion / effects/ footage happening, so the editing process can take a while.

One of the biigest challenges with the series is keeping it interesting and fresh, obviously with a series started in 2009 there is som…

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ThisIsStupid101 ThisIsStupid101 9 September 2016

OctoberFest 2016 And What You Need To Know

Hello there, Thanks for stoping by. OctoberFest 2016 will be going on in the new UltraZZ Centre 2.0. So here are just a few things you'll need to know. 

  • 1 New Layout
  • 2 New Rules
  • 3 Challenges
  • 4 Awards: The Golden Pumpkins
  • 5 Closing

The new building is massive. Much bigger than the old UltraZZ centre. The old centre could only fit 20 spaces. This one can fit 22 and more if needed. Make your selections with caution, for once you make your selection you cannot back out for another spot. Booths will be accepted from September 20th until October 15th.

Last year we tried letting some people have music in their booths. This obviously backfired. With that said. No booth is to have any music player in it whatsoever, unless it can be contained for audiences insi…

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OnePunchNoob2016 OnePunchNoob2016 3 September 2016

Reminder - This is not used for any Important information and is just used for fun

One Punch Noob Part.

PART 1: Oscar Gabby and Nick are chilling, until the B.K.I (Roblox and Builderman) Take away Nick for Making a Antidote To Start a Rebellion./ Oscar starts his training

PART 2: 3 years later, Oscar is Proficent and Is About to go to the HQ to end B.K.I, but is met by a Mysterious Rebellious Admin (Shedletsky) And Guides him to destroying B.K.I/ Oscar Fights off Matt Dusek, ReeseMcBlox 1dued1

PART 3: After Shedlestky Being Arrested, He is Caged and Noob Has to Sacrifice Himself to Builderman and Roblox's Greatest Creation Yet: 10XGPO0 Ment to Ban Oscar Forever./ Oscar Fights Builderman

PART 4: The Epic Battle for Nick Concludes with Shedlesky, Oscar and Gabby VS Roblox 10XGPO0 And 201X0.

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Mega0968 Mega0968 24 August 2016

Decision Time

With the path undecided it's really unknown what comes next, so to get my head together I'm going to sort this out the way it should be. Movies are a gift from directors to the world. I feel the best movies are the movies the audience WANT to see. And since I'm a guy who goes by majority this can only mean one thing, a poll.

Yes Robloxiwood, it's make or break time for the noob. You decide his fate. Whichever option gets more votes than the other will be the direction that I will go down.

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Mega0968 Mega0968 14 August 2016

An honest blog post

Okay, there have been a couple of things that I need to get of my chest wth these last few years. As many of you know, The Noob has been through alot with burnouts and cancellations and recently Renoobed WAS me coming back to my old routes and reviving the series. With that Night For Murder was being made, alot of people liked the premise so I picked it up and begun working on it. However these last couple fo days I haven't really found that tick to make the film really. 

I think it due to the nature of the film, it's all serious, and that's what makes a film for me not fun to make. This is because all through these years I'm trying to be what robloxiwood wants me to be instead of what I want myself. I feel like most robloxiwood stories nowad…

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