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Brisingric (formerly Austin4ever, Olympus23, Olliekins) is a ROBLOXiwood director and actor.


On June 13, 2011, Olliekins (then Austin4ever) joined ROBLOX. Due to his love of films and video-making, he quickly began working on several projects that were either lost or fell through. In July, he met Zilex1000 and they teamed up in several projects as director and actor including North by Northwest and Destruct Fire. In September, Olliekins partnered with Poppleworks (then Popsfootloose949) to create Robloxify Studios after a dispute concerning their adaptations of Back to the Future was resolved. In early 2012, Robloxify Studios was shut down due to several of the company's projects failing. Several months later, in June, he released his first proper film, Destruct Fire, recieving mostly positive reviews. However, the sequel, Roaring Fire, was a box-office bomb and effectively ended any sequels to the franchise.

In December 2012, Olliekins returned to ROBLOXiwood after a two month absence and announced he was merging into ConFilms and was beginning work on a film called The Revolver. However, several weeks later, Olliekins left ConFilms after disputes over how the company was run. In May 2013, part one of The Revolver was released but part two was never finished.

Olympus changed his name to 'Olliekins' on December 30th and also cancelled one of his film projects that he had been co-directing with Routess named Michael. He was also working on Arrow, a film for RobloxDC Studios, but was fired from the project after controversy erupted due to accusations of him creating a video that mocked the community.

In February 2014, after starting a new company named Altitude, he began working on a short trilogy entitled The Friendship Trilogy which consists of Dance, Finale and Au Revoir, which were released on February 9th, March 1st, and March 10th, respectively. The trilogy got mixed reviews.

After this, he worked on the first episode of the reboot of The Stalker, which he released on April 20th. He also became a part of the JDCU with Routess and BenIsLegit, which later fell through. Ben and Ollie were collaborating on Psychosis, which was to be directed by Ben, and Taylor, which was to be directed by Ollie, before both were cancelled in June.

He abandoned most of his projects in August, and gave Altitude to TEDOG1232. Ollie announced he would not be quitting, but he would be doing less as a director. He went on a hiatus until early 2015, when he announced Shadows as a series. A prologue to the series was released on April 3, 2015. In late May, Ollie changed his identity to be known as Brisingric, because he lost the information to his Olliekins account. When he did this, he announced a new company known as Grayscale Productions. On June 19, 2015, Bris released a short entitled The Weight.

On June 29, 2015, Bris released a blog post in which he explained that he was going to leave. He gave the rights to Hello to Coollegodude1, and gave Defiance to TheFallen123. For two months, Bris was silent after his last short recieved a mixed reception. However, on August 16th, he returned and announced an untitled project due for release by the end of the year.

After a year of no updates regarding the project, he returned on August 31, 2016, and announced the project to still be in development.

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
Destruct Fire 2012 Brisingric Film Released
Roaring Fire 2012 Brisingric Film Lost
Apocalypse Rising 2012 Brisingric Series Lost
Avenge 2012 Brisingric Short Lost
The Stalker: Part One 2012 Brisingric Film Lost
Tiptoe 2013 Brisingric Short Lost
Michael 2014 Routess, Brisingric Film Cancelled
Dance 2014 Brisingric Short Released
Finale 2014 Brisingric Short Released
Au Revoir 2014 Brisingric Short Released
The Stalker 2014 Brisingric Series Released
Taylor 2014 Brisingric Film Cancelled
Shard 2014 Brisingric Short Released
Batman: Part One 2014 Routess, Brisingric Film Released
Shadows 2015 Brisingric Series Lost
The Weight 2015 Brisingric Short Released
Untitled 2016 Brisingric Film Upcoming

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
Moon Wars: Return of the Zombie Prince 2011-2012 TheFallen123 Film Zombie Released
North by Northwest 2011 Zilex1000 Short N/A Released
December 21, 2012: The End of Roblox 2012 CosimoValuta Film Salvation Arc Passenger Lost
Married to a Murderer 2012 Zilex1000 Film N/A Cancelled
Destruct Fire 2012 Brisingric Film Knox Soldier #1-2, Colonel Ryan, Assassin, Agent Carson Released
Mike Hike V: The Final Chapter 2012 ThecapcomFreak Film Bystander Lost
Moon Wars: Zombie Planet 2012 TheFallen123 Film N/A Released
Roaring Fire 2012 Brisingric Film N/A Lost
Revengance 2012 CosimoValuta Film Extra Cancelled
Tales From The House 2012 Zilex1000 Film N/A Released
The House 2 2012 Harry131291 Film Mary Jeckins Released
War for ROBLOXia 2012-2013 TheFallen123 Series Soldier Released
Rescind II: Birth of Evil 2013 ThecapcomFreak Film Lucas, Extra Released
Rescind III: Armageddon 2013 ThecapcomFreak Film Extra Lost
The Story of The House 2013 CosimoValuta Film Extra Released
Through Frosted Glass 2013 Zilex1000 Film Officer Grant, Extra Released
Gary Bush III: Dark Days 2013 KrisBush15 Film Instead, Vakataii Lost
The House 3 2013 Harry131291 Film N/A Cancelled
Bandon Bush 2013 KrisBush15 Film Jazz Lost
Currency 2013 Rick120 Film Revenger123 Released
Tiptoe 2013 Brisingric Short The Killer Lost
Darkvalk 2013-2014 ThecapcomFreak Series Vindictum, Soldier Released
Michael 2014 Routess, Brisingric Film Police Officer Cancelled
Dance 2014 Brisingric Short Leo Released
The Dark Knight: Knightfall 2014 TheFallen123 Film N/A Released
The Walking Dead 2014 BenIsLegit Series Extra Lost
Dream Clouds 2014 Rick120 Film Tyler Ridgewell Cancelled
The Shadow 2014 Littlegreen1 Series Chief Miller Cancelled
Psychosis 2014 BenIsLegit Film N/A Cancelled
World's Finest 2014 BenIsLegit Film Dick Grayson/Nightwing Cancelled
Darkvalk: Dissonance 2014 ThecapcomFreak Film Extra Released
Batman: Part One 2014 Routess Film Ralph Bundy Released
Teen Titans 2014 Spiderboy9 Series Slade Wilson/Deathstroke Cancelled
Void 2014 Spiderboy9 Film N/A Cancelled
Blind Justice 2015 TheFallen123 Film N/A Released
The Weight 2015 Brisingric Short Adam Released
Truth 2015 Routess Film Judge Sebastian Wilson Cancelled
The Renegade 2015 TheFallen123 Film Extra Released

Awards and Nominations

The BLOX Awards
Year Category Result Recipient Work
2014 Best Picture Nominated Routess, Brisingric Batman