Captain Pictures
YouTube Channel CaptainPictures
Established 2012
Founder Brisingric
Owner (FORMER) Brisingric

(FORMER) Lou222

Notable Films Destruct Fire, ROBLOX's Dark Ages

Captain Pictures was a ROBLOX movie company run by Brisingric. While the company was open, they produced films such as: Destruct Fire, Roaring Fire, Avenge and ROBLOX's Dark Ages. The original versions of Roaring Fire and Avenge are now lost. ROBLOX's Dark Ages was never finished and barely filmed the first two scenes of Part One.

The company started in early April and closed down in July.


In April of 2012, Brisingric wanted to open his first company on his new account. B0ZY created the group and gave ownership to Brisingric.

After the company was made, their first film was put into production: a trilogy that would be called: ROBLOX's Dark Ages. Unfortunately, after only some filming, the film was called off due to, as Brisingric said, "Not able to be made by an amateur filmmaker such as myself." The company did not make another film until May, when filming commenced for what would soon be a hit, Destruct Fire. The film was an immediate success and garnered quite a few followers for Brisingric' company. He followed this film up with a sequel, Roaring Fire, which opened to highly negative reviews.

Later in June, a short appeared named Avenge. The film was not well recieved.

In mid-July of 2012, Brisingric finally closed the doors of the company. The company had another owner, lou222, who gave it up shortly after.

Films Directed

Cancelled Projects

  • ROBLOX's Dark Ages
  • House of Darkness