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Cthulhu Poster.png
Release Date December 31, 2013
Director ThecapcomFreak
Film Company Neverwakening Productions
Running Time 29:04
Main Actors N/A
Genre Psychodrama
Movie Rating Rank M.png

Cthulhu is a 2013 film featuring Lovecraftian monster Cthulhu. It is directed by ThecapcomFreak and AlmightyNoob. It follows a man named Garrett as he investigate recent suicide spikes and finds that there is a monster with the power to strike terror into the hearts of the Great Old Ones. It was released on New Year's Eve 2013.


Suicide rates across the world skyrocket due to startling dreams consisting of random murmurs with the occasional phrase "Cthulhu." Garrett begins to investigate and discovers a monster with the power to strike terror into the hearts of even the Great Old Ones.


After Capcom took interest in making a monster film, he began to discuss production on a Cthulhu film with Zilex1000, Zilex stated they should collab, however his career was put on hiatus shortly thereafter. The film became a ThecapcomFreak & AlmightyNoob production.


Actor Role
Routess Peowtah
BenIsLegit Moses747
XOsirusX Backstop99
Blitzen Superpenguin55
3027474 DustytheNascar
Nicecat9009 Twister956
RyanA17 Popsfootloose949


The film recieved a mostly positive reception. The sets, plot, themes, and characters were all given praise, but criticism was given to the lack of Cthulhu action.



It was a great film, Cap. The sets were nice, the plot was solid and all in all it was a great film. My only gripes are with a few little noticeable mistakes but they aren't that bad. I'll give it a 9.5/10. Olliekins
While it is definitely not my favorite Capcom movie. It was a movie that deserved to end 2013. I enjoyed the movie very much so and the themes portrayed in the film. I'm honored for this technically being my directional debut. The final rating I give Cthulhu is 8.45/10 AlmightyNoob
I expected more Cthulhu action. 7/10. ██████████



  • The movie was released on December 31st, making it the last film of 2013.
  • The film was originally planned to be a monster movie, but due to the content, it was reasoned to be a psychological drama.



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