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Currency final poster.jpg
Release Date December 24, 2013
Director Rick120
Film Company Rick Roll'd Productions
Running Time 37:49
Main Actors Lazyjtac1301, Brisingric, ThecapcomFreak, Absenthiya
Genre Autobiography, Drama
Movie Rating Rank EC.png

Currency is a 2013 drama film written and directed by Rick120. It is a loose Biopic based upon the career of former director DonCurrency.

The film was released on December 24, 2013, to a generally positive reception.


The film follows the life of former director DonCurrency, and covers various stages of his career beginning with the filming of December 21, 2012: The End of Roblox, covering the alliance with Rick Roll'd Productions to his downfall at the hands of The Black Walkers.


Filming commenced on November 23, 2013, after a last-minute casting change. On November 27, Rick120 released via Twitter and Facebook, a screenshot from the movie, announcing that it will go under a 1970s Film Look, despite the trailer looking modern.

Filming was finally completed on December 22, 2013.

A Premiere took place on December 23, 2013, the day before the films release, however due to an unknown fault with the Livestreaming software, the film couldn't be played. The film was released to YouTube the following day.


Currency recieved generally mixed-to-positive reviews..



I enjoyed this movie alot, Rick. A round of applause to you, I actually got attached to these characters, specifically Cos and Don, and you ultimately pulled off the ending incredibly. I give it a solid 9.5/10 ThecapcomFreak
The movie was great, no doubt. The film portrayed Don accurately, at least from my point of view, and the ending was sad as hell. The one gripe I do have is that it didn't really portray other people's relationships with Don, but that's minor. Easily a solid 9/10. Great work, Rick. Olliekins
That was a great film, it was cleverly written and the editing was great. 9/10 Madformerspro
Though it suffers from historical inconsistency and a lack of depth behind the legend of it's distinguished director, the message of respect continues to shine through. Currency is a touching tribute to a film legend. 8/10 Zilex1000
The ending was very touching. R.I.P. DonCurrency. I give it a 7/10 Christian F
While I liked the beginning of the film, I cannot get over how many historically inaccurate scenes there are. For one thing, Zilex1000 was never present during the fights between RRP and TMF. Secondly, DonCurrency would NEVER admit that he was wrong and those fights were spreading to every other major Robloxiwood company. While I appreciate the effort Rick, I felt at times this was a propaganda film for RRP and in the end that felt like half of the Don that was real. Rating: 5.7/10 CosimoValuta
Defiantly on of the weaker works of Rick120. Though the writing was fantastic along with the cinematography. Also the score fit perfectly really enhancing the movie. But it started to run dry in the middle. The ending picked things up but i didn't make up for it. Also the vignette and old film overlay got a tad annoying. And little things like morphs and the roblox cursor really took away from the film. 5/10 TheDivergentTribute Robloxian



Name Role
Lazyjtac1301 DonCurrency
Panthermaster47 CosimoValuta
Brisingric Revenger123
ThecapcomFreak Zilex1000
AbsentHiya Rick120

Production Screenshot #1

DonCurrency (Lazyjtac) and CosimoValuta (popsfootloose949) at Rick Roll'd HQ

Production Screenshot #2

DonCurrency (Lazyjtac) talking to Revenger123 (MisterThrowback) outside of a Movie theatre


  • Currency was the first film, by Rick120 since Day of Destruction to be rated EC (PG)
  • The film's release included the first trailer for Vortex Security: The Common Enemy.
  • Currency was the first released Biopic movie from ROBLOXiwood.
  • Currency was Lazyjtac1301's last movie with Rick120, before he quit on March 30, 2014.
  • Though panthermaster47 plays at CosimoValuta, popsfootloose949 is credited, even though he was never actually part of the film.

Historical Inaccuracies

  • Zilex1000 was never present during the confrontaion between TMF and RRP.
  • The other major ZZR companies at the time all agreed that RRP needed to be purged of argumentative actors during a corporation-wide meeting to all the other movie corporations.
  • DonCurrency wasn't the only person in RRP's group exiling members. Headlesshorseman12 and another Roblox user were sent in too.
  • RE Studios abstained from discussions of controlling RRP. In the movie, it says that they would be ashamed at what was happening, when in real life they raised no objections.
  • DonCurrency didn't ask for permission to "remake" Revenger123's 2012. The original 2012 film Don created was lost and the current version today is a remake of Don's lost film.
  • During the filming of Dec. 21, 2012, those characters never appeared in the actual movie.
  • The motto for TMF back then was "The True Pictures, of Respect." The film uses the more modern version of the motto, without the comma.


2014 BLOX Awards

Awards Awarded to... Result
Best Actor (In a support role) Olliekins Nominated
Best Score Rick120 Nominated
Best Costume Design Rick120 Nominated


Following the release, Rick120 has repeatidly stated he will not make another biopic film again, or continue the film, despite mostly positive opinions toward the film. However, many people had been requesting a sequel to the film in the form of a biopic film on CosimoValuta or ConFilms.

On December 31, 2013, CosimoValuta (who is now the main account for DonCurrency), released an official tie-in short story titled The Real Currency Story that gave detailed events from the TMF perspective.

Main Characters

Name Basic Description
DonCurrency The president of The Mafia Films, which is his filming company. Don is considered a highly acclaimed filmmaker to many.
CosimoValuta The vice president of The Mafia Films.
Revenger123 A currently retired Robloxiwood director, who was good friends with Don.
Zilex1000 President and Owner of Zilex1000 Productions, and also an award-winning director, he has been a loyal ally to Don since 2012.
Rick120 The President of Rick Roll'd Productions, he is a director with goodwill and great respect for Don.