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Darkvalk: Finale
Darkvalk Justice.png
Release Date
Director ThecapcomFreak, CosimoValuta, Rick120
Film Company Neverwakening Productions, The Mafia Films, ArcMedia, Throwback Studios
Running Time N/A
Main Actors CosimoValuta, MisterThrowback, Arclordrpg
Genre Superhero, Drama
Movie Rating Rank M.png

Darkvalk: Finale was a superhero film which is set to be directed by ThecapcomFreak, CosimoValuta, Rick120, MisterThrowback , and Zilex1000 and produced by ThecapcomFreak and Arclordrpg.


Salvator will lead their militia against the anarchy, and Noak will put on his mask, become Darkvalk, and take down the lead terrorists himself in combat.


  • The film has undergone four rewrites in scriptwriting.
  • Mr44, Arclordrpg, and CosimoValuta are working on the script for the movie, as well as ThecapcomFreak.
  • Darkvalk: Finale is to be the first movie of ThecapcomFreak's to not only have co-directing, but 3D animation and voice acting.





  • The film started production (scriptwriting) before Season 2 of Darkvalk began.

Main Characters

Cast of Characters
Name Basic Description

The protagonist of the movie, faced with killing the omegas.

Salvator The leader of the milita Morning Star, leading the revolt against the Anarchy.
Nick Hylton The second in command of Morning Star, sent to aid Darkvalk in fights.
Divinum The lead terrorist in the series as well as the movie; wields the ultimate power among fellow terrorists; Alpha.
Vindictim Divinum's second in command as well as Darkvalk's rival. Posseses bloodlust. Beta.


Divinum's third in command. Posseses bloodlust. Uses limbs as weapons as well as decor. Beta-Omega.
Proditorem (Pro) An outcast of the terrorists, however very skilled in areas that are not revealed until much later in the movie. Omega.
Visum Bloodlusted terrorist, along with Vindictim and Mortem. Blind. Omega.
Emma Darkvalk's Mother.

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