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Dead Call
Dead Call.png
Release Date Early 2012; December 27, 2012 (Re-Uploaded)
Director Poppleworks
Film Company Pops Productions
Running Time 3:07
Main Actors Poppleworks
Genre Horror
Movie Rating Rank PG.png

Dead Call is a short by Poppleworks and his directorial debut. The film was distributed under Pops Productions


Josh receives a phone call from his old friend Len Goodman. It's a routine phone call, not taking into account the fact that Len died in a car crash 5 months ago. When the ghost of his friend calls with disturbing news that could break his family apart, what shall happen as a man's life is taken into the hands of the dead?


Dead Call is based off of a short story by William F. Nolan that was read in a short story compilation by Pops. He originally tested his recorder with an earlier version of this story, When Death Calls. It was in black-and-white and was based on what he remembered from the story. The next version, Dead Call, was in color and followed the story almost exactly.

The short was to be rebooted by Pops and director CosimoValuta as a part of the now-cancelled series Assortments, an anthology show with a theme to each season. The first season was filled with reboots of various ROBLOXiwood shorts and films, including Cos's The Heist and Brisingric's Avenge. Due to a lack of interest, the show was discontinued after the first episode, which was later renamed and turned into the short Avenge (Reboot).


Actor Role
Poppleworks Josh


The film received mixed to positive reviews. The main criticisms came from the length of the short and some of the set pieces. However, the short was re-uploaded from its original channel to a new one, thereby erasing all previous reviews. During a conflict with another director sometime after the re-upload, the short got a small increase in negative reaction, which is where it currently stands.


  • It took over a year after the release of the short for Poppleworks to find out who wrote the original story.



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