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Release Date
March 29, 2016
Directed By
Series Run
March 29, 2016 (Start)
Film Company
Legit Productions

Decimation is a 2016 series written and directed by BenIsLegit. The series was discontinued, leaving only one episode released.


A teenaged boy named Brayden is ending his senior year at high school. As his older brother owns an online Hitman service, a conflict arises when a friend of Brayden's shows up as a target.


In 2013, BenIsLegit planned on making a film called Psychosis, which followed a homicidal high school boy named Brayden with schizophrenia losing his grip with humanity. The script was co-written with Brisingric and had over 30 pages of screenwriting. After 40 minutes of footage was lost due to a virus, Brisingric cancelling his movie Taylor (which connected the two films), and controversy questioning the use of mental disorders, the movie was cancelled. The cancellation was announced on a blog post found here.

In 2014, Ben had interest in rebooting the project under the name Decimation. The film was different completely on story aspect and had been planned for a release in December, but also was cancelled due to him planning on leaving Roblox and deleting his YouTube channel as a result of arguments with other memebers.

In June of 2015, Ben had reconnected with members and decided to return to ROBLOXiwood and finally attempt to make Decimation. The script for the first season was started in July completed in September. Revisions of the script were being made and filming began in August 2015.

For all of 2015, Ben filmed Decimation out of order based on what he felt like filming. Episodes from the entire season ended up being filmed, causing the release date to be longer than expected. In March 2016, Ben finished the episode and offered early viewings and reviews. The general response was mostly positive and averaged around 8/10.

On March 29, 2016, BenIsLegit released the first episode to Decimation.

Decimation was soon discontinued after Ben retired from ROBLOXiwood.




Season 1
Episode Title Description Release
1 Helping Hand After Brayden's friend Candice ends up in danger, he helps her get back on her feet. March 29, 2016


The reception for the series is mostly positive. The first episode didn't receive negative reviews, but was criticized for awkward C-Framing, lagging, and character designs. Most criticized for clunky and unnatural dialogue, although some praised it. Others praised it for smooth animation, set designs, and twist ending. Though there haven't been negative reviews, most agree that the series has room for improvement.



I think anything I can say has already been said. Animation, sets, character designs, etc... flawless. And my performance as the diner waitress stole the show!!! Batman Approves, 8.5/10. BATMAN21005 for Episode 1: Helping Hand
Decimation is off to a good start. I really liked the first episode, the writing was nice, the animation was great. I did have a few problems with the short though. There were also some weird stop motion poses so you definitely need to work on that. Overall though, I really liked this episode. The rain effect was nice and the animation was superb, and I was not expecting that ending, good job. 7/10, I see a lot of potential in this series. coollegodude1 for Episode 1: Helping Hand
I will begin with the pros then the cons. What I loved about this episode was definitely the music choice, sound effects and the animations. I thought those were beyond spot on. The set design was also spot on as well. Though some things that set me back was the clunky dialogue, lighting, and it was really hard to keep track of all these characters. I found myself asking who was this character and why do they have any importance to the scene. I also found the sudden jump into a conflict we had no clue about was a little weird, instead of a build up to it. But that's just me. Overall I rate this a 7/10. Routess
This definitely has a 'first' production feel to it. Not that it's a bad thing, it's definitely a good semi-debut. In some scenes this episode went full on Darkvalk: Season 2; I couldn't see anything. However, the animation in this was incredible, there was obviously hard work put into it. I cringe just thinking of all the frames he would've had to do. It's also a little weird how Brayden is so calm around a guy who, you know, killed someone else. The dialogue is choppy, too, but there is undeniable potential in this series. 7/10.
ThecapcomFreak for Episode 1: Helping Hand
As this is only the first episode to the series, I will review the series once it is completed. As for this episode, I will dish out some feedback. Eh #### it, I might as well review this thing while I'm at it. First and foremost, the animation to this episode was... well how do I put it? Amazing. The attention to detail, the sets, clothing, everything was great. My only critique would be the necks being awkwardly C-framed and Brayden glitching through his seat in the beginning of the show. There is not much to comment on when it comes to the characters due to this only being the first episode. However, I will say that there should have been a bit more background between Candice and Brayden. While her death was shocking and hit home a little bit, you could've really hit a home run if you gave the audience some background between Brayden and Candice.

Why are they such close friends?, Why is Brayden willing to do what he does in the show for Candice?, Giving her money, sticking up for her? If we as the audience witness their roots together, then that makes their relationship strong, and it makes her death even more heartfelt and meaningful towards us. The same goes for Mason. His death was shocking, yes, however if we just had a little bit more of him we would've probably felt sorry for Candice. Overall, the character development is looking pretty nice. Animation and set design is terrific. Music is average, (One song was on loop.) Dialogue is nice. Although there were times where I questioned where the story was going, I like the direction it's taking- very interesting. The pilot to Decimation is a 7.2/10. Good, but could've been better.

Endpoint for Episode 1: Helping Hand
As of right now, this is Ben's best work so far. Let me start off by saying this episode was just great. A very good way to start off the series. The acting was amazing (especially by the amazing littlegreen1.) The animation's you had in this episode were top-notch, looked very smooth. When we see the waitress/cook at the beginning of the episode, and then we don't see her or hear anything about her for the rest of the episode was a bit odd. I think that when you introduce a character you should find out at least a little about them. But we got nothing. Something that annoyed me was the rain in this episode. I have literally NEVER seen rain that hard. I actually doubt that anyone has seen rain like that. It looked like someone was pouring a giant bucket completely full of water that didn't empty.Lastly, when Candice presumably gets shot at the end of this episode, it brought out the woah factor out in the first episode. We already are left with a cliffhanger, and I think when something that could impact the show should be saved for an episode like the finale at the end of a season. But overall, this was a really good way to start off a series. Some things could have been done better, but there were much more positives. The animation, the dialogue, the pacing, the soundtrack, the acting, and just in general this whole episode was done amazingly. 8.5/10.
littlegreen1 for Episode 1: Helping Hand
The first episode of Decimation was a very thrilling ride for me, the entire time I was worried something was going to happen, which it did. Considering the fast introduction of Candice I truly did not think she would have been brutally murdered in the first episode because of how important she seemed to be to Brayden. After seeing the one hitman drag Mason's body across the floor I thought that would be the only death of the episode, but a few seconds later, ripperoni in pepperonis. (Gotta keep some memes in this here serious review) Since I've been focusing mainly on the ending sequence of the episode, it's time to focus on other parts of it too. First, I want to start off with my favorite thing to work on in films, the costume design. The costume design honestly wasn't that great, and I've seen better from other directors. Moving on, there are the sets, which personally I thought all of them were amazing choices and the addition of the rain really made the scene seem more realistic even though there is some minor lag from how heavy it is. For me, reading the dialogue of the episode made me feel that future episodes will do very well with including details in the story. But now, I want to review the characters that appeared in the episode. Brayden - Brayden seems like he will be a great choice for a main character for Decimation, and I can't wait to see what happens after he discovers the death of Candice and Mason. His dialogue and actions helped in showing his personality. Dave - He seems like a raging cunt that I hope gets killed off eventually, good writing though. Candice - I was really looking forward to see more of her and Brayden's relationship, but after the ending, that dream was cut short. Mason - We didn't really see much from Mason, but what I could see from the moments he did appear alive, I'd say he was a pretty cool dude. The Hitmen - I'm not entirely sure if the hitmen at the Quikmart were both major characters in the story, but as a whole I'd like to see them and their group as a whole later. Overall, I really enjoyed the first episode, and I think that future episodes will just slowly improve at what the first episode did. With reviewing the episode, I would have to give episode one an 8/10. Good luck with the production of future episodes Ben.
ArcticFox001 for Episode 1: Helping Hand
It was most indeed anticipated, at least by myself after having seen a few post production screen shots. And it didn't, at the slightest, disappoint. If I were to have any sort of setback with this, it would happen to be the minimal lag in some of the frames seen. That dialogue moved at a solid pace so as to give the viewers enough time to read unless they're in the 1st grade special readers class, the soundtrack was definitely a good one. Even the scenes with no ambient tracks kept me captivated. As far as the story goes, it's also very intriguing. I honestly did not see Candice taking a #### round to her head, but hey, whatcha gonna do? Ben's writing traits really shine here as the dialogues seemed very natural. So I'm at full Loin certainty he can justify killing two characters in one episode. So far I'm really digging what's being put out here, and anticipate the next episode. Minus my shitty minimal nitpicking, this is a solid 8.5/10. Just a tad more music next time, Ben. ;33
BugaMeister for Episode 1: Helping Hand



  • The name Decimation was suggested by Brisingric.
  • Decimation was originally going to be a film called "Psychosis". It originally followed a boy with schizophrenia who is a homicidal maniac who kills people for just simply annoying him. After cancelling the film, it has had some major script reworks and is almost completely different.
  • The series takes place after Moses747's series Deadly SinsRoutess's cancelled short film Jaded also takes place during Decimation.
  • A scene in the series takes place in a restaurant called Clemente's Diner, which is also seen in Moses747's The Crook.
  • Originally, BenIsLegit estimated that each episode of Decimation would be 30-60 minutes long and have Decimation contain less episodes. However, he decided to shorten the episode length, release each episode earlier than originally planned, and split up scenes into multiple episodes to have a larger season.



Decimation 2016 Ep 1 Helping Hand - A ROBLOX Series By BenIsLegit (REUPLOAD)