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Destruct Fire
A outdated poster for the film.
A outdated poster for the film.
Release Date June-July 2012 (Original)

December 15, 2013 (Remastered)

Director Brisingric
Film Company Captain Pictures
Running Time 25 mins. (Original)

22:59 (Remastered)

Main Actors Buddy17474, Zilex1000, Rachelmay1, and Harry131291
Genre Action, Drama, Suspense
Movie Rating Rank E-13.png

Destruct Fire is a 2012 film written and directed by Brisingric.


Rick Darren is an ordinary man, trying to survive in the apocalypse. This all changes when the rulers of the world known as The Knox begin to hunt him, killing his two best friends in the process. He gains the support of the Resistance as a battle for control begins.


Name Role
Buddy17474 Rick Darren
Zilex1000 General Tike
Rachelmay1 Colonel Ryan
Harry131291 Agent Carson
Major Cast
Name Role
Penguinman653 Jack Reynolds
Superpenguin55 Ryan Corral
█████████ Don Reynolds
Minor Cast
Name Role
Shadow1550 Agent Edison, Officer Eddie
Gutiotyu William Henderburg
Kindcdog09 Knox Advisor
Knoxer Knox Soldier, Johnny Whitman, Officer Ken
Brisingric Private Weddor, Knox Soldier, Assassin
MrWizza Lloyd999
Kasert Joniarty98
Imacooldude222 Gunmaster707


The film was greenlighted on May 15, 2012. Filming for all four parts began on May 19th and ended on June 10th. Editing took place from May 25th to June 13th. The film was originally released in four parts over May and June, and it was taken down after the closure of the YouTube account. It was considered lost until Poppleworks told Olympus he had recorded the film off of YouTube before it was removed. After re-editing pieces of the film, Olympus re-released it as a "Remastered" edition on December 15, 2013.


The film had a mixed reception.

Review Reviewer
"By far the best Brisingric production, the film still suffered quite a bit of aging for a relatively new film. However, it makes up for that with a well structured plot, good sets and a few unexpected twists and turns that earn Destruct Fire last place on this top ten." Zilex1000
"The best film Brisingric has ever made is getting the #9 spot for its satisfactory storyline and the in-depth detail that was put into the visaul effects for the title cards and subtitles. The movie was overall very good and was well strctured in terms of developement of the plot. The canceled reboot would have also be ranked on how much it does this old film justice." DonCurrency
"This film proves to any naysayers that Olympus can create an awesome film. A story of a kid trying to find his friends murders, it combines great action and a great plot, Destruct Fire is no doubt Olympus' best film." Tompengu
"I liked it. It definitely would have been good for it's time. In a couple of scenes the cropping could have been better, and sometimes I couldn't see what the person was saying. But overall I liked it :)." Routess


  • Rick Darren was played by six different actors. They were Zilex1000, Penguinman653, MrWizza, Harry131291, DonCurrency and Buddy17474.
  • The film was originally released in four parts, and was released as soon as editing was finished.
  • There was originally no script for the film -- it was made up as Olympus went along.
  • Tompengu put the film at #6 on his top ten list, DonCurrency put the film at #9 on his top ten list and Zilex1000 put the film on his top ten list at #10, as mentioned in 'Reception' above.
  • The film has one finished sequel, Roaring Fire, and had a planned sequel that was never made, Raging Fire.
  • The logo from the opening credits.

    Superpenguin55 put the opening sequence at number 2 in his top three worst opening sequences due to the lag and the unfitting titles and fire in the background. He said: "Ick. Not a very good intro. Sorry Olympus. Firstly, the colour text is unprofessional and hard to read. I think he tried to spice it up with the flames, it was a good try but no. It was laggy. I hate laggy. Period."
  • Private Weddor's backstory is not explained at all during the movie and he is barely even featured in the film, he's only in it for about 20-30 seconds. He was added in to add a bit more drama.
  • The IMDB page caused much controversy among several people in the film against Olympus and even caused him to quit ROBLOX for two months, just after the release of The Stalker: Part One.
  • The remastered edition of the film was made possible by Poppleworks. While going through files on his computer, he found files of both Destruct Fire and 2 minutes of Roaring Fire he used as inspiration for the now-cancelled Raging Fire.


After several unsuccessful attempts, Brisingric finally rebooted the film as a series named Defiance. The series was going to have the same concept, but would expand the universe. It was cancelled after Brisingric lost interest in the project, and the rights went to TheFallen123.



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