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Dream Clouds (Reboot)
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Release Date
April 9th 2016
Directed By

Dream Clouds (Reboot) is a 2016 drama film written and directed by Rick120. The film is a reboot of the cancelled 2014 film of the same name.


An ambitious writer and blogger seeks answers to an unusually recurring dream, and in doing so, comes to learn that perhaps there's something he's not yet realised- something that's been happening right up to this very moment.


Production of the Dream Clouds reboot began as far back as the summer of 2014 after the official cancellation of the original film; which suffered from major production complications. The reboot was announced in October 2014, and had been in and out of Pre-production as far back as December 2014. Pre-production began again in June 2015, but was halted after director Rick120 decided to focus on Transparency, due to lack of original releases.

On September 3, 2015; Rick released the official announcement teaser for the film, slating for a 2016 release, and casting Ultrazz in the main lead. Production finally began in January 2016 and was finally finished on April 8, 2016.

The film was released April 9, 2016.


Actor Role
Ultrazz Tyler Ridgewell
Funnymellow171 Joyce Devine
PickachuGirl Dakota Polanski
Routess Prof. David Gregiss




An absolutely superb movie. While I do not watch ROBLOX films as much as I used to, this most certainly tops my list of films. It is admittedly a somewhat slow beginning, but aren't most real films of this type? Added to that, beautiful visuals, amazing animation and facial expression use, gorgeous film sets, truly great soundtrack, and even better acting. You really can't get a non-action film better than this! My only real complaint is the occasional grammatical error in dialogue. With that, I give it a 9.8/10. Great job! Johnairways8
As a film maker, freedom is limited. This goes twofold for ROBLOX. Lately, in ROBLOXiwood, we've been at a stalemate. If you're not making a movie that's about exploding planets, it's not good. Rick120 doesn't care. Here, we see what sets Rick120 apart; real experience. Dream Clouds reflects ideas that would pull heartstrings in real people with real experiences, and goes to show that you don't need to have alien invasions and blood-soaked floors to make an interesting movie.

During scenes of Dream Clouds, I found my eyes glued to the screen, not blinking. I was beyond interested in the girl with the black hair (to avoid spoilers,) and what exactly the Dream Clouds were. The pacing in Dream Clouds, as per usual with Rick120 movies, was spot on. As for the cinematography, it was nothing to sneeze at, and some scenes really stood out. But, with Dream Clouds, there is one striking thing that makes it stand above others.

Dream Clouds is a movie that pulls from real experiences. This much is evident, and this is what makes the movie different. While Transparency was largely fictional and simple (yet profound) storytelling, Dream Clouds is very personal, and it shows. From Tyler's relationship with Dakota to the subplot involving his blog, the movie time and time again earns it's title as the best ROBLOXiwood production, coming from the person who made Rescind II.

There's no such thing as a perfect movie. Dream Clouds isn't perfect, but that isn't what makes it good. Many will fail to see what the film aims to do, whether it be from lack of experience or a concern for minute details rather than thematic elements. It's almost journal entry from Rick120's life with the concepts of the Dream Clouds added in. And that is why I give this movie a 10/10.

And yeah, I know this review sounds a little pretentious. It's supposed to.

Dream Clouds was yet another great film to come out of director Rick120. I truly enjoyed watching it and it has been truthfully one of the only hour long films in ROBLOXiwood that I have sat through in it's entirety. But, even though there are some great things in it, there are also some bad. Starting off with the good, I really liked the writing for the dialogue and the story in general. There were some parts that got me worried like towards the end when he woke up. The change of hairstyle made me think, "Hey, was this whole thing apart of some coma dream? It better not be." but, luckily, it was not. Most of the sets were really good, but some of them just were a bit bland for me to look at. Being more specific, the town set which contained Tyler and Dakota's home just felt empty. It lacked in buildings and all there really was in it was a giant park, gas station, coffee shop, and their house. But, the set for the laboratory I thought was great. The dream sequence scenes were interesting, but I think some things could have been done to make it better. For example, when he was starting to cough up blood, I thought it would be a good idea to turn the white, glowing, blocks to red, to give more of an effect. One of my favorite things in the movie, and all movies in general had to be the costume design. There weren't any designs that made me cringe at the sight of them, which was a good thing. Overall, I give Dream Clouds a score of 8/10. Keep up the good work Rick. ArcticFox001
I'm... at a loss for words really. As I'm typing this, I struggle to come to figure out how to put this into coherent thoughts.

This has to be by far, my favorite Robloxiwood film ever. The cinematography, the characters, the dialogue, the soundtrack, the overall theme... just beautiful to me. The soundtrack really moved me during each and every scene, and the mystery behind the characters, especially the girl in Tyler's dream's really intrigued me and kept my eyes glued to the screen. I checked the time of the video every now and then-hoping that I had more time in the film. The dream sequences were jaw dropping to say the least, and despite a few flaws such as a grammar mistake (no seriously, there was literally one grammar mistake I counted), everything was perfect. I say to you this not as a friend, but as a fellow director in this community, Rick has to be one of my favorite directors, and this film proves why. Definitely something I recommend watching, and definitely something I intend to share. The final speech of the film was a quote I've heard of before, but to see it incorporated into this... masterpiece is just... amazing. I always knew Dream Clouds has potential to be a great film since it's debut in 2013, and despite all the trouble it went through in pre-production, I still crossed my fingers hoping. What I got in return I was not prepared for.

Dream Clouds is a 9.8/10 for me.

EDIT: (Censored) that, I'm giving this (censored) a 10/10.

Dream Clouds, director Rick120's latest venture into the field of drama, sets the ground stone for a truly great year in ROBLOXiwood. The highly anticipated reboot of the cancelled, dare I say cult-favorite, 2013 film, not only meets expectations, but exceeds my own. Unlike Rick's previous acclaimed films, the heart can truly be felt behind Dream Clouds, adding a personal connection from audiences to the film. On top of this, Dream Clouds has a lot going for it. Flawless cinematography, beautiful sets, and gorgeous effects, all build up to a truly excellent cinematic experience, something only Rick120 can pull off. Batman Approves, 9.25/10 BATMAN21005
I have to say. That was amazing. It seems like with every push there's a pull, in each scene. It was built to perfection. I'm glad you decided to reboot this after all. Overall it was amazing. The soundtrack was amazing and had me moving along with anticipation to see what was going to happen. So with that said. I give it a 9/10. Absolutely great! Can't wait to see what you come up with next, Rick! LordCrossfire82

I've watched this film, yet as I came back to it to do something, I couldn't contain myself and clicked on the play button, which was a very wise choice, as I was yet again hooked. This is a perfect definition of "Compelling", and I feel like everything from the dialogue, to the audio, to the soundtrack, to the effects were perfect. I'm a "rough" critic, which means i rate even the tiniest details. The only problems with the dialogue were the grammar or spelling errors, but that was it. Probably the best Roblox Film Yet. Keep up the good work! 9.5/10


Dream Clouds is honestly probably going to be the closest ROBLOXiwood will get to a perfect movie. What more can you say about a film that has nothing wrong with it? I mean sure if I was involved in the production, I would've done a thing or two different. But when watching movies we need to ask, do the nitpicks we see actually bring down the experience? Film is a technical art sure, but above all else it's an experience. Does the pixelation bring down the experience? Do the typos bring down the experience? Does the treatment of anesthesia bring down the experience? For me, the answer is no. Dream Clouds is an experience that everybody here should have. And while I'm still not honestly sure if Dream Clouds is 100% and completely flawless and perfect, does a movie have to be? Will we ever see that 10 film? I already believe that we have, both in real life and here in this community. Dream Clouds is that 10/10 movie. It's the new standard for ROBLOXiwood. It's the movie we should all aspire to and learn from. Dream Clouds is the gold standard of our community.




  • The film will be Rick's second film with an EC rating.
  • Rick considers this to be his most ambitious production to date.
  • Unlike the film's last incarnation, Madformerspro will not be returning to co-direct. He had originally be down to act in the film however he decided before production he wasn't interested.
  • Dream Clouds is Rick's longest film, a record previously held by Transparency.



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