Release Date 2015
Creator Coollegodude1
YouTube Channel The Unknown Productions
Main Actors Unknown
Genre Psychological, Fantasy
Movie Rating Rank E-13

Dreamer is a 2015 short written and directed by Coollegodude1 and distributed by The Unknown Productions. The short is an entry to a Monthly Challenge. The short was released May 24, 2015 to mixed reviews.


A man wakes up to a mysterious and compelling woman. He rides with her on a dragon to a castle. Together they attempt to take over the castle.


Coollegodude1 immediately started writing for the short once ChildOfGiotto announced that the Monthly Challenge will be back, May 7, 2015. Writing wrapped up on the same day and filming started the day after. Filming ended May 10, 2015 but the files were lost and Cool had to refilm everything. Filming started again May 13 and ended May 27. Post-Production began on May 24 and wrapped up May 25 and the short was uploaded the same day.


Dreamer had mainly mixed reception. Many thought it was an improvement from his previous short, The Closet, and liked the soundtrack and twist ending but were negative against the lag and found the short confusing up until the end.



This was cool, it was definitely an improvement from your last short. Some major concerns for me is that I was a bit lost at the beginning of the short, not really sure what was going on. Also I'm not sure if the laggy camera work was on purpose or by accident. I say this because yes the character is in a mental asylum which could mean laggy camera work and whatever, but idk. Another thing that bugged me is that with Spiders character that was used, he didn't give you permission and yet you go on making his character be psychotic, and some people can find that really insulting and make them mad. But anyways, I rate this a 6/10. Good improvements, and good soundtracks overall. Routess
Obviously going for a more psychological-type of short that makes you think (sort of like An Ordinary Job Interview), this short succeeds in that aspect. It makes you think about how much potential it could have had. The music works, and the stopmotion looked pretty cool. My only issues were that nothing was really explained very well, until the end, which is when I got it, and that the footage was laggy, and the editing looked very choppy. Overall, though, it was a decent short, better than The Closet, but I hoped for better. 6/10. Olliekins
A definite improvement from his last film/short, 'Dreamer' improves on several aspects featured in coollegodude1's 'The Closet'. The film features less lag, a psychological element, and an interesting twist ending. Although the film suffers from a hard to follow introduction and a poor dragon model, 'Dreamer' is different enough from other productions that it is a must watch for ROBLOXiwood'ers. Batman Approves. 7.5/10. BATMAN21005



  • The short is an entry to a Monthly Challenge.