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The teaser poster for the film.
The teaser poster for the film.
Release Date August 10th, 2016
Director Endpoint
Film Company Stopmotion101 Studios
Running Time 32 Minutes
Main Actors Wholesaleryan56
Genre Drama, Action
Movie Rating Rank M.png

Ember is a 2016 superhero action film directed by Endpoint. The film serves as a sequel to the Frost series by Endpoint, and is an installment of the Time Heroes Cinematic Universe (THCU).


As the peak of the Cold War nears, Mitchell and Nancy, with the help of Malcolm and a team of supers, attempt to put an end to the usage of children as weapons of war.


After the completion of Frost (Series), Endpoint took to focusing all production on the upcoming Moon Wars: The Future Soldier. When asked about a second season to the well acclaimed "Frost", he announced that the second season would be formatted into a film, as the events are able to be compressed in that manner. A teaser poster was uploaded on March 21st, and production isn't set to begin until late May.

Later on in the summer of 2016, Endpoint decided to format production into a film

The film was released on August 10th, 2016.


Reception to the film was generally mixed. It had many gripes of it being underdeveloped, along with not fulfilling its true potential.



Along with everybody I was excited to see this. I wanted to see the conclusion to the Frost series. In my opinion, Frost started off great, but I enjoyed it less as the series went on. The finale was a little better, but nothing was as good as the first two episodes.

Now, how does Ember rank? Well, if I were to rate every episode of Frost including Ember, from best to worst, it would be...

Frost - Episode Two; Frost - Episode One; Frost - Episode Five; Ember; Frost - Episode Three; Frost - Episode Four

Ember, at least for me, was a big disappointment. For starters, it was way too cluttered. There were way too many characters in a very short amount of time. Nobody received a time to shine or had a character moment save for a couple. In my opinion, because of this, all of the characters were expendable. I didn't really care for any of the side characters. The Warden, was a smart villain in Frost, but in Ember, his potential is wasted due to the very short run time. Frost was okay. He was the hero. Mitchell was a wasted opportunity. Nancy was, in my opinion, the best character, but I didn't really care about her towards the end of the film. She was just...there. Served no real purpose other than providing a motive for Frost.

The soundtrack was okay. Nowhere near as cool as Frost. The special effects were as you'd expect from Endpoint. Really good. However, there were moments where I could see the edge of the green screen.

The action was fun, but dragged down due to my lack of interest in the characters. I didn't really care who lived or died during the final action scene. The end of Ismis' story was very underwhelming and his change was not explained very well. Really disappointing since his introduction in Frost - Episode Five was really cool.

Overall, I'd say Ember had great potential. It would have been best to have Ember be a whole series, rather than just one 30 minute one-off. As a whole series (or at least an hour and a half long movie), Endpoint could have created better characters and developed two very intense villains. Ember gets a 5.5/10. Nowhere near as good as it could have been.

Ember started off really promising, in fact I found myself really getting into it during the first 10 to 15 Minutes, which is partly the reason I find this particular installment to the THCU rather disappointing- not bad... but disappointing. The characters and story I found extremely weak, which could partly be due to the short running time of the movie- pretty much everyone except for Frost was as disposable as soaked toilet paper, which is a shame because I really wanted to get to know them, learn more about them all that sort of thing- I'd say the only thing I'll ever remember about them would be their designs which is great, but I want more than that.

On a positive note, the set design left me grumbling in envy, the acting- especially with the scene of them walking out the front door in sync (Good shit there mate!) and for the most part- as always with one of these movie, the visual aesthetic looks fantastic- maybe a few spots here or there, but they're very minor- same with the occasional typo (but let's be honest, we're all guilty of it!).

Overall... Ember was okay, but definitely a step down compared to it's predecessor, Frost, my final score will be 6/10.

Okay, so the good parts were the (as usual) impressive effects, action, really on-spot animation, and some dialogue snippets. That's pretty much it. For around 20 of the 30 minutes I propped my feet on the desk, took a ####, and didn't miss anything. For one thing, there were a lot of characters right off, and I still can't exactly put my finger on all of them. And they all died, except for Mitchell and Ismis (I'm not going to ask why they survived). Even with their complete overpowered stuff, they couldn't defeat some everyday soldiers.

As for the non-super characters, Nancy was completely useless and didn't have any significance except to encourage Mitchell to partake on this journey and tell him some star science. Wow. Amazing. The Warden was also insignificant, yes, he told Mitchell the truth about his parents, but that was already a decade before and didn't matter, since they're dead. We will never know what happened to the parents of Mitchell and Malcolm (dead probably), Andrea (probably also dead), Mika, or any of the other supporting characters that played a big role in Frost.

I mean, technically, it was superb, but the plot supporting it had plotholes and issues.





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