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Fire Vs Ice
Release Date November 10th, 2010 - December 10th, 2010
Director TheFallen123
Film Company Stopmotion101 STUDIOS
Running Time 7 min, 44 sec.
Main Actors TheFallen123, TheHariKool, mikki, ODSTtrooper, thefallen124
Genre Action, Sci/Fi
Movie Rating Rank UC.png

Fire vs Ice is a five part 2010 American action Sci-Fi film produced and directed by TheFallen123, released on November 10, 2010.


A war between two elemental species is taken to earth, thrusting Sam, Jessica, and Jerry into the midst, with the military tight on them all.


Reception for the film was both positive and negative.

Quote Reviewer
A little too short, Practice makes best." TheCrazyTeamRoblox
"Make a part 5!" Sagitario
"Hmm. Well what i didnt like about this is there is no ACTUAL characters, no storyline, no nothing.." Justinoko67

Discontiuation & Reboot

TheFallen123 cancelled the production of Fire VS Ice due to the failure of the film.