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November 16th 2015 - Present
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Frost is a 2015 series directed by Endpoint. It is the first Time Heroes series, and will feature two heroes from the Time Heroes Cinematic Universe (THCU).


During the Cold War of the 1900's, adopted orphan Mitchell Broussard and his sister attempt to put an end to a secret society who intend to use children as weapons of war.


During the production of Knightfall Part 2, directors Zilex1000 and Endpoint spent a night brainstorming for a new series. After coming up with an outline and characters, Zilex eventually quit; the project remained a secret until later on that year. After the release of The Renegade, Endpoint, AlmightyNoob, ThecapcomFreak, and Routess aided in polishing up the story and characters, and the script began to be written September 19th, 2015. A teaser trailer for the series was uploaded September 20th the following day, which has received positive reactions. The first episode of Frost was released on November 15, 2015. The series took a month hiatus after 2015, and production began once more in February, with Season 1 expected to finish in March 2016. The series finished in March 2016, and the second season was released through a short entitled "Ember" in August 2016.




Season 1
Episode Title Description Release
1 Acquaintances Mitchell finds himself held inside and experimented on in a weird facility, that also seems to house other kids. He quickly makes friends, who create a plan to escape. November 16, 2015
2 Sacrifices Mitchell and Malcolm find themselves in a dilemma as they debate on whether to continue furthering their escape plans with or without Lynna, following her capture. November 27th, 2015
3 Wanderers Mitchell and Malcolm attempt to survive in the cold cruel wilderness. December 20th, 2015
4 Tension As Mitchell and Malcolm become accustomed to life at the orphanage, things begin to take a sour turn as adoption day approaches, and Malcolm makes a new friend whom Mitchell dislikes. Meanwhile back at the facility, The Warden continues his experiments. February 14th, 2016
5 Separation (Season 1 Finale) As adoption day arrives, events take a twisted turn, leaving Malcolm and Mitchell to part ways, perhaps permanently. Meanwhile, Ismis quickly becomes a militarized weapon as he aids the UN Command in the Korean War. March 13th,2016


The first four episodes received generally positive reviews.

Reviews Reviewers
"Wow" Is all that can be explained with this. I was really into this throughout the entire episode. The visuals and tone are absolutely amazing. My one and only complaint is that in one scene Lynnes faced looked stretched. That was about it. Other than that. I can't wait for the rest. Great job man. 8.5/10 LordCrossfire82 for Episode 1: "Acquaintances"
Really like the dynamic hair styles in the background, kudos to the designer. Better spellchecking, minimal errors. Experimenting with more positioning of body parts and more facial features. I like it, new hype for 2015-2016 9/10 twister956 for Episode 1: "Acquaintances"
Hook: 5/5, Great, encourages you to keep watching. Character Diversity: 4/5, Good diversity, main characters have different personalities. Plot: 4/5, Exciting plot to take a map and escape. Ending: 5/5, A great cliffhanger to make sure everyone watches the next episode when it comes out. 9/10. Awesome! TallEspanol for Episode 1: "Acquaintances"
This had to be one of the best film series on Roblox I've laid my eyes on. I think this is even one of the best Stopmotion101 films I've ever seen. The begining was full of fright and terror. In the middle of the film I would just ask myself questions like: Where did Lynaa's dad go? I love the series. I would give this film a well deserved 10/10. You've earned it! LargeVid3osHD for Episode 1: "Acquaintances"
Starts off a little slow, but picks up near the middle. A fun episode filled with great cinematography and hilarious (even if not intentional) sound effects. 8/10 EpitomeOfInfamy for Episode 2: "Sacrifices"
DEFINITELY the best episode to ever come out from Stopmotion101 Studios! Great audio, great cinematography, epic fight scenes, and literally only one letter out of place! Also, badass powers from the characters! A well deserved 10/10 twister956 for Episode 2: "Sacrifices"
The visuals, tone, and characters are amazing! I loved the character development in this episode, and I hope the series maintains its amazing qualities! 10/10 Wholesaleryan56 for Episode 3: "Wanderers"
This might possibly be the weakest entry to date. Is it bad? No. Is it good? Not necessarily. Very little story-wise goes on in its 23 minute run-time. Not much conflict, not really much of anything. It was more of a Frost Ep. 5: Part One than anything. All it did was set up for the finale. Because of this, I feel it couldn't really focus on being its own episode. The dialogue was a bit cheesy too at some parts, which took me out of it for a bit. Especially when Mitchell says "Golly, that smells so swell!" The sound effects at the beginning were subpar at best, but they eventually were improved. Like all the other episodes, Ep. 4: "Tension" has a great soundtrack which really helps. This episode may have faults, but it also has some good things about it. The introduction of Mika was good. Overall, I feel the episode could've been a lot better. I wanted to see more of the story develop, but sadly I wasn't able to. 5/10 EpitomeOfInfamy for Episode 4: "Tension"




Frost 2015 Ep. 1 "Acquaintances"