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Gary Bush III: Dark Days (2013)
Official poster by KrisBush15.
Official poster by KrisBush15.
Release Date June 21, 2013
Director KrisBush15
Film Company WRS Corporation
Running Time 34 mins.
Main Actors KrisBush15, RuthlessWarbeast, & ██████████
Genre Action/Adventure
Movie Rating Rank E-13.png

Gary Bush III: Dark Days is a 2013 film written and directed by KrisBush15. It is the third installment in the Gary Bush Saga.


After the death of his father and General Rick120, Gary has a plan to completely get rid of VAK once and for all. But on his journey to finish them, he finds love, and old family members. A new threat rises as he is on his quest, and he finds out that the old family enemy, Instead, is back in action and he is currently running VAK, who are currently plotting to destroy Vortex Security and Gary. The final battle between Gary and Instead is something you won't want to miss, but who will win the battle that will decide the winner of the war?


  • ██████████


The film began filming in April or May, and completed filming on June 20, 2013, one day before the scheduled release date.


The film has had a mixed reception.



Best conclusion for the Gary Bush series. 96/100 Slime2345FORreal
Is is flawed? Yes, definatley... but in my oppinion, while not perfect, its a more... OK-ish film in my oppinion. A guilty pleasure I suppose... 6.5/10 Rick120
I'm sorry, Kris, but you seem to not have improved very much. There are a surprising amount grammatical errors and somewhat unorganized plot. There were also very cliche moments. The dynamic lighting was also unpleasing to the eye. But I must say, you did try. But there were a lot of plot holes. So, I give this a 4/10. ThecapcomFreak



Full Film


Gary Bush III Dark Days (2013)

The full version of the 2013 American action film, Gary Bush III: Dark Days.



-Gary Bush III Dark Days- Official Trailer 2

The second and final trailer for Gary Bush III.


-Gary Bush III Dark Days- Official Trailer

The first official trailer for Gary Bush III.



-Gary Bush III Dark Days- Official Preview clip 1

The first preview clip for Gary Bush III