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Henry Elliot's Body
Release Date March 31, 2016
Director Coollegodude1
Film Company The Unknown Productions
Running Time N/A
Main Actors Ultrazz, Routess, Zilex1000
Genre Mystery
Movie Rating Rank EC.png

Henry Elliot's Body is a 2016 mystery short written by Coollegodude1, Zilex1000, and Ultrazz and directed by Coollegodude1. The short was be distributed by The Unknown Productions and produced by Mayhem Entertainment.


A stranger enters a bar and the patrons discuss a murder.


Writing for the short started January 2nd, the day after ChildOfGiotto released info on a contest. Filming for the short later started and ended however when ChildOfGiotto left ROBLOXiwood the contest was cancelled. The script was soon rewritten and Cool plans on reshooting the short after showing it early to a test audience.

On March 30, 2016, BenIsLegit was asked to re-edit Henry Elliot's body by adding music and extending certain shots. He did most of the edits all in one night, but Coollegodude1 and Ben ran into multiple technical difficulties.

The short was released on March 31, 2016.


Name Role
Ultrazz The Stranger
Routess The Bartender
Zilex1000 The Man


Though the short didn't recieve negative reviews, it was heavily criticized for awkward dialogue, lighting issues, generic character designs, grammatical errors, and lack of details in the set. However, others enjoyed the short's characters having distinct personalities, decent soundtrack, unexpected ending, and overall tone.



Henry Elliot's Body is above average, but really just that. Not great, not bad, but above average. The lighting made the short hard to see, but it wasn't too hard to see (but then again that's coming from me). The dialogue was awkward and clunky, but that didn't prevent each character from having a distinct personality. After that, there's not much to say. 6/10. ThecapcomFreak
Henry Elliot's Body was an alright film from Coollegodude1 and the various cast members. The lighting for the film was a bit off (Not talking about the darkness, I know YouTube kept screwing that up for you.) as it was yellow in some shots and blue in others, which honestly just felt weird to me. The dialogue wasn't that great but it did not fail to make each character feel different in their own ways. The costume design was actually pretty decent minus the Bartender's face when you could have used the Andrew's Beard hat to give him a beard while maintaining a visually pleasing face. The set wasn't that great due to the lack of details in it, but it's still a lot better than some sets I've seen in the past. Overall, I think the short film was around average for me, but I still enjoyed watching it. 6.5/10. ArcticFox001
Good short, story was easy to follow. Choppy dialogue, but completely understandable in its flow. Easy to read due to the text's color contrasting from the dark lighting. Multiple graphical errors where the next shot would flash in a single frame a few seconds before it was shown (ex. 2:39). Good unexpected and mysterious twist at the end. 7/10 twister956






Henry Elliot's Body 2016 - Short Film