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Hero's Pride
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Release Date
May 12th 2015
Directed By

Hero's Pride is a short that was based off of the cancelled series, Hero's Pride. It was directed and written by Routess. The film recieved mainly positive reviews.


When an unknown hero from an unknown guild comes to town, word spreads quickly. He came for one reason, and one reason only, to regain his pride! This hero's name is Mysterium. On his journey meeting many of his old allies and friends, but also discovering a true, new evil with his mysterious fighting abilities, will he beat this greater evil? Or will his "other side" make him unable to do so.


The short had a good reception. The fight sequences, music choices, voice acting, and the look of the film was praised. Criticism came from the sound mixing, the character design, and a few editing and recording errors.



But seriously this was good. I only disliked one thing about it really, the character design. The design of the clothes worn by the characters looked a bit noobish minus Dean and Mysterium. Other than that I think the entire thing was done very well, including the voice acting. Overall, I think this deserves a 9/10. Spiderboy9
Routess is back! This is a good short, with some great fight scenes (something Routess does well), great music choices and some really good voice acting. My only issue is with the sound mixing, the voice actors were sometimes hard to hear over the music, which made it difficult to know what exactly was going on at some points. Other than that, excellent job! 9/10. Olliekins
I'd give it a 9/10 because the quality the music and also the way it was story lined and the transitions were great they were used at the right time and the effects were epic keep up the good work routess. zZR3ALD3ALZz (YouTube)
An interesting, action packed, greatly shot short that leaves you wanting more. In a bad and good way, I don't know if this was intended but the short is interdependent with the series. The voice acting while almost always on point needs to be equalized so some actors aren't as quiet as a mouse and others semi-yelling. Other than those two things the short is pretty solid. Marking the return of Route 66 Productions and doing so greatly, I am excited for future productions! 8.5/10 ChildOfGiotto
Interesting, I enjoyed the story. I did however find some mistakes. In the first few scenes there were cropping errors and a bit lag coming from the actors. They were teleporting which was a bit strange. There were a lot of cropping errors but that's ok. Overall this is a good short and can't wait for more Hero's Pride to come. My rating is 8.5/10. Keep up the good work. Godsavenger
I liked it, the fight scenes were awesome. The voice acting was good, but it was unbalanced, some where really loud while others were to quiet and I couldn't hear some of them over the music. I'm so glad you're back, Routess and I can't wait for your upcoming stuff. 8/10 Coollegodude1



Actor Role
TheFallen123 Mysterium
Kady22 Veneficus
Nicco890 Dean
Ambamby Melody
Ultrazz Flare
Jul1e Axel
Faave Mr. Zeto


  • Short is based off of the cancelled series
  • First completed production Routess has done with voice acting
  • First production since Routess has came back from retirement. 



Hero's Pride Short