Release Date
April 7th, 2019
Directed By
Written By
2 Hrs 44 Mins (Standard Edition est.)
2 Hrs 48 Mins (Director's Edition est.)

Hostage is a heist thriller directed by Wholesaleryan56 and written by Endpoint. It is the prequel to Blind Justice. It is a THCU film.


One year before Blind Justice, the murder of a police officer sends the Detroit Police Department into a manhunt led by Jason Stone and Riko Delio, where they quickly uncover that there is more to the shooting than meets the eye.


In the middle of Summer 2016, shortly before the release of Moon Wars: The Future Soldier, Wholesaleryan56 was inspired to start a directing career of his own. He brainstormed a crime thriller story revolving around the main character of Blind Justice, Jason Stone, and was granted permission from Endpoint to create the film.

Whole collaborated with Endpoint to write the script afterward, and the original script was completed in August 2016, with filming beginning on August 14, 2016.

The film was completely rewritten and rebooted in November 2017 and is set to be released in January 2019.

Hostage features two different cuts of the film, the Director's Cut and the Rated Cut. The Director's Cut features around an additional 5 minutes of footage, while the Rated Cut censors certain elements from a scene in the film, and lacks the aforementioned footage. The Rated Cut is featured on 101stopmotion, while the Director's Cut is featured on Wholesaleryan56's Youtube channel, Red Productions.

After over a year in production, Hostage was finally completed and released on April 7, 2019.


Actor Role
Juzzy4 Jason Stone
Kvng_North Riko Delio
Jackiepwners Officer Jones
BugaMeister The Kingpin
OpticalRift Trey Royce
Endpoint Carl Robinson
Madformerspro Commissioner Baker
Dare102102 Smoke
TemporalNeptune Mystic


Hostage received critical acclaim, with praise going toward the story, animation, sequences, climax, and character development. Some critics noted that the pacing could have been improved upon at certain points, however. Many praised the film as the best in the Blind Justice saga, and one of the best in the THCU overall.


  • BenIsLegit helped with the rigging of a few different objects in the film.
  • The film has multiple cameos and callbacks to other THCU films for eagle-eyed viewers, ranging from noticeable to more subtle details.
  • Hostage is the first film in the THCU to feature voice acting, albeit in a limited capacity.
  • Hostage is the longest film in the THCU, beating out the previous record-holder, The Dark Knight: Apocalypse.
  • Three of the reporters in the film are voiced by Wholesaleryan56.
  • The track played at the start of the heist is a callback to the original Blind Justice film.


Hostage Unrated Cut ROBLOX Heist Movie
Hostage Unrated Cut ROBLOX Heist Movie
Hostage (Rated Cut) ROBLOX Heist Movie
Hostage (Rated Cut) ROBLOX Heist Movie
Hostage 2018 Official Theatrical Trailer - ROBLOX Crime Movie
Hostage 2018 Official Theatrical Trailer - ROBLOX Crime Movie
Hostage 2018 Official Theatrical Trailer 2 - ROBLOX Crime Movie
Hostage 2018 Official Theatrical Trailer 2 - ROBLOX Crime Movie
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