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Hyperblue (Reboot)
Hyperblue Teaser Poster
Hyperblue Teaser Poster
Release Date Summer 2014
Director ThecapcomFreak
Film Company Neverwakening Productions, Stopmotion101 Studios
Running Time 30 min(Part 1)
Main Actors Spiderboy9, OriginalLSummerS, Tripcord
Genre Superhero, Horror, Psychological, Paranoid
Movie Rating Rank I-16.png

Hyperblue (Reboot) was a 2014 film directed by ThecapcomFreak. The film was a reboot of Thefallen123's Hyperblue, but was later cancelled after Part 1 was released.


After a serious increase in worldwide casulties, a failed experiment codenamed Hyperblue works with a long lost friend in order to cease the deaths.

Production History

After a filming session for an undisclosed film failed on Thecapcomfreak's set, he was offered to reboot Hyperblue by Thefallen123. He agreed, and the film turned into Hyperblue instead of the film that was being shot off the cuff. Part 1 was later released, but the project was cancelled soon after, Part 2 was never released. Part 1 was soon re-uploaded a year later by TheFallen123. However, ThecapcomFreak requested he take it down, and he reuploaded his own.


Main Cast
Name Role
Spiderboy9 Hyperblue
BlueValkKitty Undisclosed Character
OriginalLSummerS The One



Hyperblue Reboot 2014 - Part 1 (Reupload)