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Kvng_North (formerly EddieScellta) is a Canadian actor and director.


King joined ROBLOX 2014. He was cast in his first role as Kurtis Parker in Cryptic. He then later starred in The Great Darkness and Clans: Wartorn.While working on Clans: Wartorn, King befriended Coollegodude1, which would lead to him later be cast as the lead role in The Closet. Upon recommendation from Cool, Ultrazz later cast King in Free Fall. King was talking about releasing his very own film lately, a remake of "The Purge". Ultrazz also agreed to help him along with BATMAN21005. Later on it was cancelled due to inactivity and lost interest. Around Mid July of 2016 King has been working on his new series Deathcrow (Series).

Actor Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
Cryptic (Series) 2014 Tokyodrift7 Series Kurtis Parker Released
The Great Darkness 2014 ██████████ Film Asmodel Released
Clans: Wartorn 2014 Routess Film Marco Released
Corrupt Days 2015 Assassain25 Film David Attinger / - A Cancelled
The Closet 2015 Coollegodude1 Short Jeff Released
A Mercenary in New York 2015 BATMAN21005 Film Marcus Wright/Mercenary Cancelled
Stonecreek 2015 Coollegodude1 Film Harrison Hollistry Cancelled
Free Fall 2015 Ultrazz Film Noah Armstrong Cancelled
Ghosts (Series) 2017 EddieScellta Film N/A Upcoming