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Let's Talk: Roblox (Show)
Poster for LTR.
Poster for LTR.
Hosted By Littlegreen1
Show Run March 8, 2015 - Present
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 21
Genre Talk Show


Let's Talk: Roblox (also known as LTR) is a talk show released every Saturday and Sunday Directed by Littlegreen1, TEDOG1232, and Juniorwafflelover that has guests on various episodes.


TEDOG1232, Littlegreen1, and Juniorwafflelover talking about various events around the world, Roblox, etc.


Juniorwafflelover and Littlegreen1 conceived the idea for a Roblox talk show on March 1, 2015, and on March 3rd, 2015 the set was completed. The show premiered on March 8th, 2015. On March 15th, 2015, Juniorwafflelover was replaced with TEDOG1232. The first special episode was released late March 16th titled Happy St. Patricks Day Special. On March 18th, Littlegreen1 and Juniorwafflelover made a deal that he would come back onto the cast and have 3 cast members. On March 29th, 2015, the show was half done with its first season. On March 29th, it was also confirmed that season one will have 20 episodes and that Let's Talk: Roblox will get renewed for a second season that will premiere 3 weeks after the season one finale. On April 1st, they uploaded an april fools video saying that LTR was ending.


Season 1

Episode Title Release
1 Roblox Games (Contest) March 8th, 2015
2 Possible Egg Hunt Hints? March 14, 2015
3 How we'll do we know Robloxiwood? March 15, 2015
4 St. Patrick's Day Special March 16, 2015
5 Talking with Ultrazz March 19, 2015
6 On A Cruise March 21, 2015
7 Egg Hunt Talk March 22, 2015
8 Egg Hunt In-Game video! March 26, 2015
9 We're proud of our eggs March 28, 2015
10 Little is an exploiter! March 29, 2015
11 The Final episode of LTR... April 1, 2015
12 Talking with Coollegodude1 April 11, 2015
13 Roblox Updates April 12, 2015
14 Innovation Vacation April 18, 2015
15 Ted Get's Picked First in RNFL Draft! April 19, 2015
16 Egg Hunt Recap April 25, 2015
17 iFreezingCreations and bugativeron111 April 26, 2015
18 Interviewing Ternous May 23, 2015
19 Ro Football May 24, 2015
20 Let's Talk Awards June 12, 2015
21 Interviewing Poppleworks June 25, 2015


  • Littlegreen1, director of the show, has never watched a full episode of LTR.
  • LTR was originally supposed to be a different concept, and all the cast members weren't even in it.
  • The show was supposed to be called "Good Morning ROBLOX" until juniorwafflelover gave little the idea for the name Let's Talk ROBLOX.
  • TEDOG1232 always watches every LTR episode immediately when it comes out to spot errors or any mistakes in the episode.
  • The show took almost a near month long hiatus, due to the lack of filming episodes and uploading them. They then came back on May 23, 2015.
  • On May 23, in episode 18 "Interviewing Ternous", it was revealed that LTR had been renewed for a second season and that it will have 40 episodes.
  • "Interviewing Ternous" is the longest Episode of the series.