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LordCrossfire82 (formerly KrisBush15) is a director and the owner and president of the ConFilm Studios. 


KrisBush15 joined Roblox on April 14, 2010. He began working with films when he joined Headless Films in 2011. KrisBush15 then founded the company WOW's Roblox Studios, which would later become the WRS Corporation.

During the production of "KrisBush15: Action Cop", KrisBush15 met DonCurrency and Revenger123. Throughout 2012, KrisBush15 left multiple times. During this time, KrisBush15 was planning to make Vortex Security: Evolution and a new slate of films under the BCU.

After the major merger on December 2nd, 2012, KrisBush15's old company, the WRS Corporation, became ConFilm Productions. At the end of March 2013, ConFilms split up and the old company was reopened. Under this re-opened company, the company began production of the BCU and made the first film in Phase 1, named Gary Bush III: Dark Days. The next film to be released was Bandon Bush. It recieved negative reviews, and Kris later changed his name to LordCrossfire82. He then opened a new company named Crossfire Studios.

He then planned to create a new film in the BCU, entitled Gary Bush IV: ShadowMoon. While he was working on this, he also reopened ConFilm. The film ended up never being released.

In 2014, Lord released multiple shorts but most weren't recieved well. He didn't announce anything new until October 2015, when he announced a short film called Testament to be made with BenIsLegit as an advisor. The short was released to mixed reception, although it was called by many Lord's best work. After this, he began working on Redemption. Part One was released on March 1, 2016, and recieved negative reviews. He then deleted his channel and announced his departure from the community.

On April 19, Lord announced his return to Robloxiwood after stating that he had overreacted. Two days later, Lord announced a new project entitled Broken Dreams.

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
KrisBush15: Action Cop - The Series 2011 KrisBush15 Series Lost
KrisBush15: Action Cop - The Movie 2011 KrisBush15 Film Lost
Gary Bush: The Voul 2011 KrisBush15 Film Lost
Gary Bush II: The Rise 2012 KrisBush15 Film Lost
Gary Bush III: Dark Days 2013 KrisBush15 Film Lost
The Headless Nightmare 2013 KrisBush15 Short Lost
Bandon Bush 2013 KrisBush15 Film Lost
Letter to Mother 2014 LordCrossfire82 Short Lost
Action Cop (Reboot) 2014 LordCrossfire82 Series Lost
The Headless Nightmare II: "Thou Shall Never Forget" 2014 LordCrossfire82 Short Lost
Testament 2015 LordCrossfire82 Short Lost
Redemption 2015 LordCrossfire82 Film Rereleased
The Fire Knight 2016 LordCrossfire82 Film Cancelled
Army of Brothers 2016 LordCrossfire82 Film Cancelled
Evolutionists 2016 LordCrossfire82 Film Cancelled
Everything Ends; Everything Begins 2016 LordCrossfire82 Short Cancelled
Broken Dreams 2016 LordCrossfire82 Film Upcoming

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Role Type Status
The Story of The House 2013 CosimoValuta Clinic Guard, Donald, Jacob and Mark Film Rereleased
Rescind 2013 ThecapcomFreak Mike Hike (Secondary) Film Rereleased
Rescind II 2013 ThecapcomFreak Extra Film Rereleased
The Revenger 2013 CosimoValuta Chief of Police Icee13, Pilot, FBI Agent #1, Prison Guard, Street Thug Film Cancelled
Breathtaker 2013 ThecapcomFreak N/A Film Rereleased
Vortex Security: Operation Sky Storm 2013 Rick120 Random VS Soldier Film Released
Static 2014 ThecapcomFreak Extra Film Rereleased
A Diamond A Dozen 2014 TheFallen123 Trevor Short Released
Assortments (Series) 2014 CosimoValuta WorldWide Series Cancelled
Free Fall 2015 Ultrazz Mark Collins [NTSB] Film Cancelled
Decimation (Series) 2016 BenIsLegit N/A Series Cancelled