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Meet the ROBLOXians
Release Date
April 27, 2013
Directed By
Written By
Series Run
April 27, 2013 (Start) - Discontinued

Meet the ROBLOXians is a cancelled talk show created and directed by popsfootloose949. The show interviews people who ask to be on the show, but do not do anything that would fit into ROBLOXiwood's limits.


When nukeluke12 asked popsfootloose949 to be interviewed about his RO-Football career, Pops decided to fulfill his request. However, Luke wanted the interview to take place immediately. Unable to provide a set in due time, Pops turned to a set already built for his other working title, ROBLOXiwood Insider, which was later cancelled due to unrelated reasons. Since he felt that the format of the two shows were separated by the idea of ROBLOXiwood, he decided to make a new series altogether. Unlike the mostly-scripted format of ROBLOXiwood Insider, the new show would have to be uncut, raw footage with cropping being the only editing. This was due to Luke's persistence to release it in a matter of hours.

With the set ready, Pops and Luke started the episode. It was a normal interview until fellow directors MisterThrowback and AmericanWarshipsfilm entered the game, running around with gear. The episode abruptly ended with an improvised chase of sorts, leaving Pops with a finished product. However, he felt it was not good enough upon release, which was the shared opinion of most critics who saw it. The series was put into development hell for almost two years before Pops finally decided to cancel the series on February 1, 2015.



Meet the ROBLOXians Ep 1 - lukenuke12