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Mike Hike: Accession
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Release Date July 18, 2013 - Cancelled
Director ThecapcomFreak
Film Company Neverwakening Productions
Running Time N/A
Main Actors BenIsLegit, CosimoValuta, Ahache123
Genre Superhero
Movie Rating Rank E-13.png

Mike Hike: Accession is a spin off of the series Mike Hike. The aim of the series is to tell the original and full story.


Mike is a superhuman who can manipulate fire. He, along with many others, have elemental powers that occured due to supernatural or preposterous events. However, when a demon named Zillga, Ekim, and Gail venture into Mike's life, events begin to occur that lead up to the endangerment of superhumans.

Production History

  • The film was split into five parts.
  • MH:A was originally planned to have Arclordrpg as a 3D animator, however the agreement was never made.
  • It was the second film to use Zilex1000's TruColor.


Actor Role
Mike Hike ThecapcomFreak

Clay Hay

Jon Hon Ahache123
Don Hon BenIsLegit


  • The film was originally supposed to be five parts, and 2 hours total, five parts due to the five comic books that were originally written.
  • The film would've featured originally charaters from the comic books, such as Duke Huke, Zilla, and more. 
  • The film would've featured hell, but not heaven.



Mike Hike Accession 2014 - Part 1 Full Film 1


Mike Hike Accession 2014 - Part 2 Full Film 2