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60 mins.
Action, Drama

Misfits is a 2018 Unstoppables spin-off film directed and produced by Jackiepwners.


Years after the events of Unstoppables 2, Mitch Finley struggles to live with his recently divorced mother in the crime-ridden cities of Ontario. Meanwhile, the Unstoppables discover a disturbing prophecy from Gwen's powers, causing them to work to prevent it.


During the writing of both Misfits and Squad 41, Misfits was finished last and was read over by 2 writers before planning the sets. It is expected to be released in early 2018. Filming began on September 12th, 2017 and finished on March 30th 2018. The film was released on April 1st.


Reviews Reviewers
Oh boy, when you announced this awhile ago man everyone was hyped. The hype delivered. Misfits is a great film with superb animation and story telling. You've really come a long way Jackie and it's probably gonna take me awhile to catch up (I'm attempting pretty basic fight scenes as of now) and you have inspired me to do better. The particle effects look great for the powers and the teleportation effect too. And the music is really fitting. The only real gripe I have about Misfits is that we didn't really see any backstory of Bloodfenth but that should be expanded upon on your later movies. The fights like always were kick ass and really had me pumped up. Keep doing what you do Jackie! I give Misfits a 9.5/10 -Dare Dare102102
Misfits is the most significant installment of the Unstoppables Cinematic Universe (UCU) yet, and delivers on every single premise. From the cinematography, set pieces, dialogue, soundtracks, and characters - every single moment of the film shows how far Jackie has come in his filmmaking journey. Each character has their own individual personality, and their interactions with one another are where the film shines. The action, animations, and effects are some of the best seen yet in the Roblox filmmaking community, and flow incredibly well with one another - aiding in making the characters feel and look like actual, living people. Jackie's cinematography has vastly improved here, and my only real gripe is just a little too much headspace in several of your shots, but that's pretty minor and I don't really have any major criticisms - beyond a couple of spelling errors and dialogue choices throughout the film, and perhaps Bloodfenth could have been developed a bit more - but I think you were just trying to set him up for future installments. Overall, Misfits is a must-see for fans of the Roblox superhero genre, and an action-packed ride that establishes the truly menacing antagonist of the UCU going forward, and a thrill for movie-goers. I'm giving Misfits a 9/10 - excellent job Jackie! Wholesaleryan56


Actor Role
Didikong23 Mitch Finley
Zuyikuu William
MagicMaker555 Gwenneth
Jackiepwners Johnny
Gamemaster387 Aiden
Kvng_North Billy
N/A Gwen
WhatLolz Prime Minister Harold Stevenson


  • Misfits is considered by Jackiepwners to be among the most difficult scripts he's created.
  • Misfits is the first film of the UCU to be a spinoff of the Unstoppables.
  • The film has the 2nd longest runtime in the UCU, behind Raiden: Rogue Unit.


Misfits 2018
The full film. Misfits 2018
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