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Moon Wars: Revenge of the Zombie King
The official remastered poster for the film.
The official remastered poster for the film.
Release Date November 7, 2010 - March 20, 2011
Director TheFallen123
Film Company Stopmotion101 Studios
Running Time 4:45
Main Actors TheFallen123
Genre Action, Sci-Fi
Movie Rating Rank EC.png

Moon Wars: Revenge of the Zombie King (or Moon Wars II) is a 2010/2011 American action film written and directed by TheFallen123 and distributed by Stopmotion101studios.


The heroes from the first movie are sent to a ceremony awarding and thanking them for their efforts against the zombies on the moon. Suddenly, the ceremony is bombed, and almost everyone is killed. With the heroes escaping, they learn that the zombie king is taking revenge on Earth. They now must go and fight him, for the fate of the world rests in their hands.


After the sucess of Moon Wars, TheFallen123 decided to continue the franchise with Revenge of The Zombie King. The film is set in the year 2027. The plot follows the heroes from the first movie as they are awarded medals two years after the moon expedition. At the ceremony, the zombies return and the zombie king demands they come to him. 


The film had a positive reception.