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Moon Wars: The Future Soldier
The official poster for the film by Endpoint
The official poster for the film by Endpoint
Release Date July 18th, 2016
Director Endpoint
Film Company Stopmotion101 Studios
Running Time 1:32:40
Main Actors Juzzy4, Wholesaleryan56, happysupercooldude99, zPrinceBreezy
Genre Action, War, Drama, Sci-Fi
Movie Rating Rank M.png

Moon Wars: The Future Soldier (also known as Moon Wars 6), is a 2016 action drama directed and written by Endpoint, and co-written by AlmightyNoob. The film is produced by Stopmotion101 Studios. The film is the 10th film in the Time Heroes franchise, and concludes the story of Skull. The film mainly focuses on Zane, who is the main protagonist of the film and the son of Skull. It serves as a sequel to Synods, as well as a partial reboot to the franchise.

The film serves as a remake/sequel to the Moon Wars franchise, remaking minor events in the previous film, while continuing the edited story line.


Years after the events of Synods, Zane Pellicer follows in his fathers footsteps, serving as an officer in the new Earth defense unit known as the Terra Legion. All is well until a new terroristic threat arrives, threatening the safety of all mankind.


Actor Role
Wholesaleryan56 Zane Pellicer
ZPrinceBreezy Zadkiel
Juzzy4 Seth "Skull" Pellicer
Labyrinthsnap Dueseqit
Happysupercooldude99 Bucky Sellers
IvyPoison Amy Pellicer
King_Meeseeks Gill Wilder
RigbyTheRacoon Marcus Wright


In early 2014, Endpoint had plans to do a film based around the 7th Time Hero, Zane. However he decided as ways of throwback, to add this film to the Moon Wars (Film Series), as well as have it be its own standalone film. Script writing began a year later during production of The Renegade, and production began in spring 2016. it was released on July 18th, 2016.


Moon Wars: The Future Soldier received critical acclaim, with critics praising the action, visuals, characters and soundtrack.

Reviews Reviewers
My Review: After watching the film, I just loved the cinematics you put into this film, from what I know is that this isn't a low quality Moon Wars film anymore. You got the new skills, and you made this film look amazing. The action, the soundtracks, everything fits perfectly into this film alot. I am really looking foward to your upcoming films. You have my respect. 10/10 Jackiepwners
Moon Wars: The Future Soldier is a well developed story, and the best from Endpoint thus far, with astonishing cinematic quality, flowing action sequences, and a developed cast of characters, the film proves itself to be an exemplary action film, and the best Moon Wars film yet. Besides minor pacing issues during the final battle, the film was great. My final score for Moon Wars: The Future Soldier, is an 8/10. Wholesaleryan56
Out of all of the Moon War films, this one tops the list for me. They were all awesome, but something about them felt all over the place. This one has a smooth plotline, along with great new effects and animation (of course, I plan on going back to rewatch the other films for a refresher). I love the development Zane has been given this movie over top War for Robloxia. While I also loved that series (while it lasted), Zane felt far more fitting and better overall as a character in this movie and I'm glad the reset button was pushed for it. Atop it all, it really does have a plot that, like I said before, is very smooth and keeps me wanting to watch to find out more, up until the very end where we find it isn't a happy ending like what I expected. My only real complaints with this film are many of the subtitles are difficult to read and with a little bit of another color prevents them from being completely camouflaged by the background, and occasional spelling/grammatical errors and sound effect glitches/inconsistencies. So, for a final rating, I give it a 9.3/10. Johnairways8
MW: TFS Review: So as I understand it, Moon Wars 6 is the final installment in the saga. But for it being the dramatic conclusion to a space-faring sci-fi series several years in the making, it's surprisingly earthbound. Now this movie is enjoyable from start to finish, there where times when things would grind to a halt, or when certain characters felt like cannon fodder, but generally a good time. My gripe with this film is this: this is a world that's been put together piece by piece over the course of 11 films. This film doesn't bring much new to the table. By that I mean, we don't explore the lore. If there was any film to you'd want to use to bring a big bad from deep space, it'd be Moon Wars. But instead we got a staying character from the classic series. This isn't necessarily a problem as Zarns past drives some essential plot points, but we've had 5 other Moon Wars films so far and it would've been nice to see something we haven't seen before. All in all, this does feel like a fitting end to Skulls story (until Time Heroes). In coming films, I want to see our understanding of this world that's been built turned completely on its head. As we reach the crux of this series, I think now is the time to start introducing some endgame ideas and characters in the one-off films. I don't care to put a number rating on this, but I'll give it an 8/10. It's got the heart, charm, and dedication to the characters that has come to be expected of this studio.
Robloxiwood Review



  • Moon Wars 6 is the last Time Heroes movie in the timeline.
  • The film takes place 20 years after the events of Moon Wars: Zombie Planet, which in the rebooted saga, happens a couple of years after The Renegade.
  • ThecapcomFreak and Endpoint worked together to create some of the antagonists names, which are a mashup of Latin names, and angel names.



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