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Neverwakening Productions
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July 2013
Years Active
2013 - Present
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Neverwakening Productions is a film company run by somekiryu.


Neverwakening Productions was started shortly after Breathtaker was created, due to Somekiryu needing a new company name to film under, and better organization. However, he did not have Builders Club. In result, the group was made by BenIsLegit in his place. Ben however left the group without an owner, and Gamerwalk took his place. Some time later, Somekiryu became the owner again. 

After controversy involving shutting down and reopening, Neverwakening productions officially went back into business on July 30th, 2017, with a new logo and a new prime minister, AlmightyNoob. The Vice President became A_Deer. In late 2017, BenIsLegit became the company's Vice President.

Company Information

Name Position
Fans I
Actors II
Legacy Actors III
Directorial Guests IV
Admins V
Prime Minister PM
Vice President VP
Alternatives ALT
Directorial President TCF


Name Year Director Type Status
Breathtaker 2013 Somekiryu Film Released

Mike Hike: Accession

2013 Somekiryu Film Series Released

Eyeless Jack

2013 Somekiryu Film Released
Penance 2013 Somekiryu Film Cancelled
Darkvalk (Series) 2013-2014 Somekiryu Series Released
Cthulhu 2013 Somekiryu Film Released
Hyperblue (Part 1) 2014 Somekiryu Film Released
Static 2014 Somekiryu Film Released
Days 2014 Somekiryu Film Released
Darkvalk: Dissonance 2014 Somekiryu Film Released
White Crows 2015 Somekiryu Series Cancelled
Annabelle 2015 Somekiryu Film Released
Earthmover 2016 Somekiryu Short Film Released
Bloodhail 2016 Somekiryu Short Released
Anhedonia 2016 Somekiryu Short Released
The Ghost of Aokigahara 2016 Somekiryu Short In-Production
Rescind: Elegies 2017 Somekiryu, AlmightyNoob Film In-Production
Aphelion 2017 Somekiryu Film Released


Title Release Date Companies Reason Type
Criminal July 1, 2014 The Mafia Films Story Film
Synods 2017 Stopmotion101 Studios Producer Film