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Noob vs Boon
Director TheFallen123
Main Actors TheFallen123, RainbowChew, AlmightyNoob, Brisingric
Series Run December 1, 2012 - July 21st, 2014
Seasons 1 (aired) 1 (planned)
No. of Shows 7 (aired) 12 (planned)
Genre Action/Adventure, Comedy
Movie Rating Rank UC.png

Noob vs Boon was a 2012/2014 ROBLOX comedy series released and directed by TheFallen123.


A noob named Noobly, who must battle his opposite by the name of Boon, whom is a totally professional cool guy who is out to kill him.


The first season was released, and the first episode for the second season has been released, but was eventually cancelled due to scheduling issues with the Time Heroes films.


Season 1
Episode Title Description Release
1 Long Time, No See Noob is at his home, relaxing, when a man appears outside by the name of Boon. They begin to fight until they are both teleported away to different places. December 1, 2012
2 A Place to Stay The series continues as Noob tries to lay low in order to not be found by Boon.He finds himself in a small western town and he tries to fit in. December 24, 2012
3 Showdown in the West In this chapter, Noob's location is discovered by Boon which leads to a showdown, and some shocking events. January 20, 2013
4 Meeting the Master In this chapter, Noob awakens in a strange place.. and meets a strange old man.. Oh yeah. Did I mention ninjas? March 31, 2013
5 A Storm is Coming Noob is mentored by the master in order to become a better fighter for his eventual battle with Boon. Boon is also training with another master to fuel his anger and be able to fight Noob with his rage. Noob also finds out a part of why Boon has been hunting him. June 22, 2013
6 Secrets & Decesions Noob and Boon fight for the final time in an epic showdown with ninjas, ninja masters, and Boon reveals some interesting information that could impact on the two. September 6, 2013
Season 2
Episode Title Description Release
1 teh stawk3r The series picks up with a new title: Noob & Boon, and takes place in their small home, with Noob and Boon living their normal lives with their pet Doge. However, something is lurking around the house - watching them... July 21, 2014






Noob and Boon first meet!

It's a draw!

Who is the man in the shadows?

Ninja Noob!