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Release Date
November 25, 2015
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46 Minutes

Obligation is a 2015 Dark-Romantic Drama film, written and directed by Rick120. The film was developed as part of a personal challenge of Rick's, as a way to release one more production of the year.

The film was released on November 25, 2015.


Things begin to get out of hand in Scott's romantic life, when his twin sister, Millie, begins to interfere in various ways. As he begins to uncover the reasons, Scott soon discovers the answer may not be a simple as he believed it to be.


After the success of Transparency, Rick opened his mind to going a step further with the idea of reality-like dark films and put forward an idea, which for a while he later put down due to his plans to work on Dream Clouds (Reboot). However he picked the plan back up again in early October 2015, mainly due to the lack of releases of the year.

After much consideration, Rick finally decided to put himself up to the challenge of, what he describes as capcom-ing a film and gave himself 3 weeks. Referring to an incomplete script from 2013 and after much revision; Obligation officially went into production, filming began on October 9, 2015. During Octoberfest 2015; Rick released a promotinal video in the form of a music video- which includes clips from the film as well as footage shot specifically for the it.

On October 27, Rick announced that the film was at the half-way mark of production, however also stated that the film would not meet the planned October 29, release date; meaning he'd failed the challenge. Inspite of this, Rick was still confident in getting the film released during November- ultimatley filming wrapped up on November 25 and was released that same evening.




Obligation is yet more proof that Rick120 is one of the best screenwriters and directors in Robloxiwood. It is a masterfully crafted and well executed drama that gets more intense as it progresses. The characters and dialogue were excellent, especially the antagonist. An evil girl named Millie (oooooh scary). The cinematography and the lighting were excellent as well. The sound effects were also top notch. All topped off with a beautiful soundtrack, this makes Obligation one of the most beautiful films ever in Robloxiwood. 10/10 EpitomeOfInfamy
Man, this movie, this movie's a trip... It's both intriguing and messed up in it's own special way. It's a twisted movie, and sick too, and I love it. The characters and plot is unique, different, interesting and fresh, and it's rather difficult to predict which direction the movie will take while you're watching it. The lighting and colors were great as well, helping with the mood for each scene, which is easy to see was taken with care. Pixelation and FPS problems are still there, along with the fact that you can't really see the faces in some parts, but it's easily overlooked by the spectacular dialogue and just the general atmosphere of the movie. While it gets a little... intense... at some parts, for those who have the stomach for it's dark and messed up themes, I highly recommend anyone to watch this neat gem of a movie. 9/10 PickachuGirl
This hands down is my favorite Rick120 film. An absolute tour de force, never did I expect Obligation to carry the dark themes and twists that it did with it's great character development and atmosphere. Ultimately a film that kept me invested thoroughly. Using my own movie to juxtapose the theme of manipulation was brilliant, although I'm pretty sure there is a wiki rule against that. 10/10 the best Rick120 film. DonValuta
Rick120 is perhaps one of the most solid directors still working today, keeping his films at a consistent tone and quality throughout his work. This film is no different. The cinematography, the music, the sets, and the general editing of the film all work and this is a very pretty film to look at. The dialogue was engaging and well-written, for the most part, and the characters were all well developed. I did feel, however, that parts of the film were unclear or needed better explanation. I don't know, perhaps it was just me, but aspects of this film were not well done, and that hindered my experience. Definitely my least favorite of Rick's darker works, but that doesn't mean it's a terrible movie. It just didn't meet expectations. 8/10. Brisingric
Noice. Ending was unexpected imo. I loved it, cinematography as always great, dialogue imo, was kinda cliche'd at some point but still amazing, sound track awesome and last but not least, the characters, I loved them all, even Millie. Final rating: 10/10 Supergoko98
After watching this film, I felt obligated to write a review about it. Obligation is... absolutely insane! It definitely earned it’s I-18 rating for sure. I thought the plot development was great, with the flashbacks and everything put together nicely so it’s not confusing. Character development was pretty great, and it was greatly filmed. Can’t say I don’t feel bad for Thomas in his screwed up family. 10/10 xxxNightBlade100xxx
Yet again Rick stands out with another piece of cinematic goodness. This time around we get to see our cast of Characters deal with some of the more dark themes. We are presented with incestuous themes when the main character's, (Scott), twin-sister interferes with his love life. Another thing that really brought this film to life was the soundtrack. Music is one of the key factors to making a film I'm told, and Rick hit it out of the ballpark. I thoroughly enjoyed Obligation and will return to it again as it has a lot of replay value. This film was evidence that Rick is one of the most brilliant cinematographers and I anticipate to see what his next release will be. For me it will have to be a 10/10.
Rick120's dark and twisted tale of love, incest, and rape was executed wonderfully. The lighting in this film was amazing apart from a weird bit at the ending, the film was well shot apart from some pixelation in a few scenes. The writing for this film was great and I was very invested in the story. Overall I don't think this film is better than Transparency but still a great watch. 8/10



Main Cast
Actor Role
Funnymellow171 Tasha
PickachuGirl Millie
BugaMeister Scott
Coollegodude1 Thomas


  • The film had an originally planned October 29 release date as part of a challenge Rick set for himself, however the release was delayed.
  • The promotional music video features the song "Writing's on the Wall" by Sam Smith, however the version used was a cover by Sofia Karlberg.
  • BugaMeister's username appears as Bugetiveron111 in both the opening and ending credits of the film. The reason for this is due to the actor changing his username during production; after the scene was rendered.



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