OctoberFest Film Festival

The Octoberfest Film Festival
Date Held
2013, 2014, 2015 (Anual)
No. of Award Winners

The OctoberFest Film Festival is an annual celebration hosted by LordCrossfire82 that is usually held at the end of October. The Festival also has their own set of awards, called the Golden Pumpkin Awards. The Festival has grown tremendously over the past four years, and for the past 2 years has been held inside The UltraZZ Centre. OctoberFest Film Festival 2014 marked the return of Ultrazz.


The first OctoberFest was held in 2012 and has been held annually since then.

The 2015 Schedule

October 23rd. Friday.

  • The Doors open to The UltraZZ Centre, and tickets go free to the public at 12AM EST.
  • The DC Cosplay day, at 10PM EST, who ever cosplays that day, would have to send me pictures to determine who wins the cosplay day award of R$150.

October 24th. Saturday.

  • Marvel Cosplay Day, 10PM EST person with best costume wins R$150.
  • 6pm EST The All Directors Panel.
  • 7:30pm EST The Short and Booth Contest Viewing and Awards. 1st place in the short contest wins R$1000, 1st place in the booth contest wins R$500
  • 8:30pm EST The Golden Pumpkin Award Ceremony.
  • 10:00pm EST Hide From The Headless Nightmare Hide and seek event. Who ever survives wins R$200 each.

October 25th. Sunday.

  • Robloxiwood Cosplay Day, 10PM EST person with best costume wins R$150.
  • Doors close to The UltraZZ Centre at 11:59pm EST.



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