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Orbital Providence
Release Date
August 22, 2014
Directed By

Orbital Providence is the fourth film by Zilex1000. It was released on August 22nd, 2014 and distributed by Zilex1000 Productions as the follow-up to his third film Through Frosted GlassThe film features extensive collaboration with Superpenguin55, who co-wrote and co-produced the film. The film won seven awards at the 2014 BLOX Awards


Following strange signals coming in from the depths of space, a mission crew sent out to locate the source of the signals mysteriously vanishes without warning. Fearing a technical failure, the organization in charge of the operation sends out a search and rescue team to the last spot where the mission crew made contact with Earth.


The original movie idea was created by KrisBush15 for a clan named "Orbital Province". However, after releasing the official trailer for the film, he left the project, and CosimoValuta managed to convince Zilex1000 to helm it. Agreeing to massively change the story line, Zilex entered the project as a director with a plan to start production in 2013. However, production was delayed in favor of other projects.

With the release of a teaser poster on Zilex1000's Twitter in 2014, it was confirmed that Orbital Providence would be the next production byZilex1000 Productions. On July 12th, Zilex unveiled the new cast for the film after revisions to the production led to a recall of the previous cast members. After the release of several teasers, Zilex1000 annouced a livestream to be held on the 16th of August at 7PM EST. It was at the livestream that Zilex unveiled the theaterical trailer for the film, and annouced the release date. The film was released just before midnight on the 22nd of August to mixed reviews.


Orbital Providence opened on August 22nd to mostly positive reviews. Some of the reviews noted Zilex's technical display, while others sharply criticized it for a lack of character development and poor writing. However, there has been mixed opinions about the quality of the film, with some prefering previous work by Zilex in his general style.



There are good movies, there are great movies, there are amazing movies, then there are Zilex1000 movies. Another incredible movie from the Zilex1000 franchise. The sound effects really brought those scenes to life, and how we see and know what the other characters feel was really well thought out. The character development was really something to behold in this movie as well! This was a 10/10 film, I absolutely enjoyed it. I'm excited to see what you can do next Zilex :). Routess
When I first saw this movie, I was incredibly underwhelmed, painfully so, but I said nothing as to fear backlash. I felt that I simply did not understand it, and like I was supposed to drop a 10/10. In rewatching? No. No. No. No. No.

Orbital Providence, while showing an understanding of technical aspects, falls flat in nearly every other area. The character development is almost minimal. The story is a clumped up, unapologetically overdramatic, and criminally lackluster mess. However, the set design and lighting, as with most Zilex1000 films, was immaculate -- but this can mostly be contributed to Superpenguin55.

It is obvious what Orbital Providence aims to do. It aims to be an allegorical film -- which is exactly it's problem. A film with an allegory should always stand on it's own first, with the allegory on the backburner. OP leans nearly entirely on this allegory, which ultimately bites the film. The main character was unlikable, and while she was developed slightly, you can't find yourself caring about her. She's rude to everyone. I get she's supposed to have this "cold" façade to her, but as the audience, we should see past that façade so we can actually like the character! Otherwise, what's to care?

The Lovecraftian lore is appreciated, but useless. In respects to the Lovecraftian universe, the entire message revolves around the insignificance of humans, causing the allegory to make absolutely no sense, and make it seem almost melodramatic. In fact, that's what this movie is lacking! A defined theme; it's gotten so caught up in being personal and convincing the viewer that it's better than everything else, that it forgot to actually be better than everything else, and this is obvious mostly in it's writing. It lacks an understanding on a near phantasmagoric level. There's little to no character development. The dialogue is nightmare inducing, and NOT in a good way; the characters essentially say "I am mean", "I am nice", and "I am anxious" and that's it. Is this truly what we considered a masterpiece in 2014? Is this what I honestly gave a 10? This could not be farther from memory! Maybe hype is what made everyone laud this movie, because as of now, it escapes me completely.

Ultimately, OP looks alright. And that's it. The movie should've been far longer than 30 minutes -- Zilex should've ended the movie at the 60 minute mark, not the 30 minute mark. There's just not enough time to develop the characters in that short time span, especially with such a personal message behind it.

One of the biggest bragging points of this movie was the cinematography. What cinematography? It's typical 2014 ROBLOXiwood mess. I usually put this on the backburner for older movies, but Orbital Providence parades itself as this example to follow for cinematography. I won't list of this rule or that rule, because it's all arbitrary, but the bottom line is the movie IS NOT shot well. It's horrendous, just like Darkvalk: Dissonance. It's nothing better.

I'm feeling a light, VERY light 2 out of 10 on Orbital Providence. The technical aspects are what make this movie a 2 -- as in, they are the only thing that gives it points. The writing is an absurd mess, and for a film that presents itself as the quintessence of filmmaking, it falls flat and becomes incredibly drab and tedious during a rewatching. This is not the foundation of Sci-Fi in ROBLOXiwood; if you're looking for that, go watch The Future Soldier. At least in that movie you'll find a single likable character.

Great movie. Lots of mystery and an eerie soundtrack to go with it. My only problem is the subtitles pop up and go away way too fast before I can finish them. 9.5/10. PegiGuardStudios (YouTube)
Zilex1000 once again amazes us with his amazing talent in filmmaking. Quite honestly, I thought that a project helmed by Zilex outside of his normal spectrum would be a risky business. However, I feel that he has once again proven himself to be a true ROBLOXiwood director. That's a 10/10 from me, Zilex. Your genius is extremely appreciated. Poppleworks
This was a masterpiece Zilex. I have never been able to see one of your films when it premiered but I am glad I did with this one. I felt that I had followed these characters after countless journey's though It was only a 30 film. One of your best works Zilex - It's only higher from here! 10/10 Tokyodrift7
A continuation of Zilex1000 talent which doesnt disappoint with Orbital Providence. Breathtaking visuals and audio with an eager plot which leaves us hanging until the very end. 10/10 Masterpiece. TheeDarkLord
One cannot understand the pure power of Zilex1000 except himself. Orbital Providence showed the lengths humans can go to get back their loved ones and it also shows the strength of the human brain. The script focused deeply on the ship's crew. Its like a Sci-fi Thriller mixed with Star Trek and Taken both films added together make Orbital Providence. I believe the film expanded the knowledge of Roblox Films, showing the limits and its capacity. I loved it - 10/10 NaughtyDogProductions (YouTube)
I had high expectations for Orbital Providence. The film ended up surpassing them by a long distance. This is a real masterpiece of film. It sounds cliche but, there are literally no words to describe the beauty of Orbital Providence. Superpenguin55
Another masterpiece in Zilex1000's gallery of fine art. With the breathtaking visuals, the excellent use of sound and audio, as well as expertly thought out characters, engaging storyline, and emotion; Orbital Providence is Zilex1000's greatest work yet. 9/10 AlmightyNoob
Amazing. Zilex1000 has created yet another work of art, although a step down from Through Frosted Glass, it gets its perfect blend of drama and its Sci-Fi theme and executes it to near perfection. 9/10 Canadian Infernape (YouTube)
Being the huge fan of Zilex I am, I have to say this wasn't his best film in my opinion. It's probably only the fact I dislike Sci-Fi. But otherwise, good story, nice visuals and generally an amazing film. 8/10. XxthejasonkillerXx
Despite having an unfocused script, unneeded romance and lack of character development. Orbital Providence proves that even a director like Zilex1000 can successfully create something that is worth ones time, outside of their preferred genre, and I would love to see where he might venture look to next. 7.5/10. Rick120
A film epic in technical scale, Orbital Providence features classic Zilex1000 cinematography and art direction. Though, I can't help but feel the film was grounded for soaring high. The story is original and many scenes are incredibly well written, but the love story between the three characters seemed as if it was worked in, and their motivations were not clear. I cannot help but wish that the script had focused on the characters back stories more, and followed Kubrick's rule of "showing, not telling". The personal relationship between the characters Joel and Lisa could have been turned into a great film on its own, but it misdirected this film. Still, Zilex1000 remains one of ROBLOXiwood's finest directors, and even this film is better than most created. 6/10. Robloxiwood Reviews (YouTube)



Actor Role
AlmightyNoob Commander Joel Warland
Rachelmay1 Flight Engineer Lisa Marshall
TEDOG1232 Pilot Callum Payton
Superpenguin55 Mission Specialist Blaise Lockett
Routess Commander Brodie Marshall


Some of these trivia points contain spoilers.

  • Zilex1000 has stated this was his most personal film at the time, in reference to the relationship between Lisa and Brodie. 
  • The heroine was made to look significantly different to prior leads in ZP films, to contrast their warmer and less flawed natures.
  • The city featured in the opening scene is actually a miniature; it was shot from certain angles to look life-size.
  • The film was shot in the month of August, with filming wrapping up only two days before release.
  • At the exact halfway point in the film (15:00), Callum asks, "Why is it as soon as we're halfway there another random missing ship pops up?". This was originally a joke in the script to comment about Zilex's precise timing, but it was thought to work well within the context and it was used.

Awards and Nominations

The film was nominated for twelve awards at the 2014 BLOX Awards, and of those twelve, the film won seven.

The 2014 BLOX Awards
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Picture Zilex1000 Nominated
Best Director Zilex1000 Won
Best Actress in a Leading Role Rachelmay1 (as Lisa Marshall) Nominated
Best Trailer Zilex1000 Nominated
Best Cinematography Zilex1000 Won
Best Film Editing Zilex1000 Won
Best Storyline Zilex1000 Won
Best Screenplay Zilex1000 Won
Best Score Zilex1000 Won
Best Production Design Zilex1000 Nominated
Best Visual Effects Zilex1000 Nominated
Best Special Effects Zilex1000 Won