Template:Infobox ActressOrginalLSummerS was an actress and an Executive Monarch of Neverwakening Productions.


OriginalLSummerS joined ROBLOXiwood after watching Eyeless Jack, and began to work for The Mafia Films. She later also began to work for Neverwakening Productions and became the prime minister.  She was later promoted to an Executive Monarch in Neverwakening.


Film Release Date Director Role Type Status
An Ordinary Job Interview January 25, 2014 █████████ The Woman Film Lost
PayDay For You and Me March 17, 2014 █████████ Harrietta Film Lost
Hyperblue 2014 somekiryu The One Film Lost (Part 1)
Criminal July 1, 2014 █████████ Officer Emily Brooke Film Lost
Static July 8, 2014 somekiryu Dustin Film Lost
Avenge (Reboot) 2014 █████████ Nurse Short (episode) Lost
Days (Reboot) July 22, 2014 somekiryu Jennifer Film Lost
Darkvalk: Dissonance July 30th, 2014 somekiryu Amber Film Lost
Annabelle 2014 somekiryu Annabelle Film Cancelled