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Papers is an upcoming 2018 Comedy/Drama series written and directed by TrueBlueLuke.


Jordan Summers is an unpretentious man who works for a popular newspaper office, Central South Office, in 2005. Taking the business by storm, Jordan is satisfied with life until he gets promoted with a new team: the unrestrained CEO, a retarded typer who is fluent in writing, a gang-member CFO and a workaholic journalist.


Papers is a plot in which TrueBlueLuke has kept over a few years. Inspired from meshing the American version of "The Office" and the 2011 movie "Horrible Bosses", "Papers" was initially a Vintage Productions short, but he scrapped it, and later revived it as a series; character design and the pilot screenplay are complete, though the trailer still needs to be released.


Actor Role
Dare102102 Jordan Summers
KayleeRL33 Madison O'Connor
StephenGaming1231 Rory Farmer
NetFreakAdi Peter Richards
Hydrow Charlie Lane
TrueBlueLuke Frank Reynolds


Episode Title Description Director Release
1 "Pilot" After encouraging the release of the Senior Vice President, Jordan Summers is determined to murder his new superior, Peter Richards. TrueBlueLuke Fall/Winter 2017
2 "Lend Me Your Ears" Being abused in the workroom, Jordan tries to make himself a hero in the eyes of the public, while exposing the CEO, Frank Kelly, for who he really is. TrueBlueLuke TBA
3 "Memory 5" Unbeknownst to the team, strange events start occurring which interfere their fate where more than just ordinary happens, and perhaps leaves people confused. TrueBlueLuke TBA
4 "Golden Rule" Jordan finds a loophole in the rules of the central branch, and uses the exploit to become more popular and more hated by his fellow workmates. TrueBlueLuke TBA
5 "I-Spy" Season Finale: After a giant argument, Rory and Jordan find themselves forced into a giant road trip to mend their friendship. TrueBlueLuke TBA


  • Most of the main character hairs are not official ROBLOX hats.
  • Many of the "Easter Eggs" in the series will reference "Horrible Bosses".
  • The main characters' personalities are all loosely based off random friends in the creator's life.
  • The initial script was about time travel to the 1920's.
  • It is rumored that one of the main characters will be killed off.