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December 31, 2013
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Poppleworks Media is a joint group formed between Appleworks and Popsfootloose949. The duo began working together after meeting during conflicts between their respective bosses, Way245 and austin5ever, in 2012, and lasted until Apple quit due to personal business. Pops currently runs the group with assistance from VP coollegodude1 and his Board of Directors.


Poppleworks Media began when Pops was seeking a new company, and Apple and Pops became friends again after a long argument with both Olliekins and Pops, and Way245 and Apple. At Superpenguin55's ROBLOX Museum, they officially began the company. The partnership between the two lasted into 2013, when Apple quit due to real life business.

The company became a TMF subsidary on December 31, 2013, and lasted under this title until mid-2014. In June 2014, Pops began doing his own subsidaries: Poppleworks Theatrical Productions and Flaming Films, formed by RyanA17. Another subsidary was later added from MarioDude0123, entitled Nin23 Films. Co-ownership of the group was given to Ryan, Mario and HilariousCoolkat.

In late December to early January, Pops worked with ally Coollegodude1 to expand the company into the motor vehicle business by forming Car-Toon Motor Vehicles, a pop culture-inspired car company.

When multiple schedules for projects started to interfere, Pops decided to split his projects up. Poppleworks Media Broadcasting was formed to specialize in the company's series and miniseries while the main branch produced films and shorts.

Pops and VP ███████████ ran into complications. ████ was downgraded from VP to a member on the Board of Directors, and he was replaced by coollegodude1.

The company's film roster was rebooted entirely in June 2016.

Company Filmography

Poppleworks Media

Name Year Director Subsidiary (if applicable) Type Status
The Express 2013 appleworks Series Cancelled
ROBLOXiwood's Death 2013 Popsfootloose949 Short Released
OZ: The ROBLOXian Series (S1:E1) 2013 Popsfootloose949 Series Released
Meet the ROBLOXians (S1:E1) 2013 Popsfootloose949 Series Released
Wonderland 2013 Popsfootloose949 Film Cancelled
Tales of Suspense (S1:E1) 2013 Popsfootloose949 Series Released
Urinetown 2013 Popsfootloose949 Film Cancelled
Infinite 2014 Popsfootloose949 Film Cancelled
Chilling with RyanA17 2014 Popsfootloose949 and RyanA17 Flaming Films Series Cancelled
Let's Talk: Roblox (in syndication) 2014-2015 Littlegreen1 and TEDOG1232 Poppleworks Media Broadcasting Series Released
Smoked Lines 2015 Popsfootloose949 and Assassain25 Series Cancelled
Dead of Night 2016 Poppleworks and ███████████ Poppleworks Media Broadcasting Series Cancelled
Variations 2017 2017 Poppleworks Film Upcoming
BATMAN21005's A Mercenary in New York 2017 Poppleworks Film Upcoming

Transferred From Past Companies

Name Year Director Company Type Status
The Cops and Pops Show (S1:E5) 2011 Popsfootloose949 Pops Productions Series Lost
The Storm Chasers of ROBLOXia (S1:E1) 2011 Popsfootloose949 Pops Productions Series Lost
Off The Radar (S1:E3) 2011-2012 appleworks and Way245 Independent Series Lost
Dead Call 2012 Popsfootloose949 Pops Productions Short Released
Holiday 2012 Popsfootloose949 Pops Productions Short Released
A Day At Chuck E. Cheese's Where A Kid Can Be A Kid! 2013 Popsfootloose949 Pops Productions Short Released


Name Year Director Associates Type Status
Wonder Woman 2015 Poppleworks ROBLOX Detective Comics Film Cancelled
Assortments (S1:E?) 2015 Poppleworks and CosimoValuta The Neo-Avant Institution Series Cancelled
The Glass Menagerie 2016 Poppleworks The Unknown Productions Film In-Production
Dreams 2016 Poppleworks, Coollegodude1, and ThecapcomFreak The Unknown Productions Series In-Production
The 21005 Awards 2016 2016 Coollegodude1 and Poppleworks The Unknown Productions Live Event In-Production