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The First Official Poster By LordCrossfire82
The First Official Poster By LordCrossfire82
Release Date March 1st 2016
Director LordCrossfire82
Film Company ConFilms
Running Time TBA
Main Actors BenIsLegit
Genre Action/Superhero
Movie Rating Rank M.png

Redemption is a 2016 superhero/action film directed by LordCrossfire82. The film is a reboot of the entire Gary Bush Saga. The film was intended to be the first of a new string of films coming from ConFilms in the new designed BCU.


On a quest to find his "Redemption" in life. Gary joins forces with the man who took his fathers life, Instead. Instead has one of his scientists, Dr.Nemesis, do tests on Gary. The first is a success and Gary becomes a superform. With his new abilities, Gary plans to bring down his foe once and for all. Will Garys plan succeed?


On October 5, 2015, LordCrossfire82 announced the wanted reboot of the Gary Bush saga. On October 20th, 2015, LordCrossfire82 began writing on the script after Testament had been completed.

On February 29, 2016, LordCrossfire82 released the first of four parts of Redemption. However, after many negative reviews, LordCrossfire82 deleted his channel and the film was lost.

On March 1, 2016, BenIsLegit reuploaded the film.




Redemption was released to negative reception. It was sharply criticized for lackluster writing, pacing, dialogue and character development.



Though Kris's visuals keep getting better and better(thanks to BenIsLegit), Redemption, like Testament, suffers from terrible writing. Other than good visuals and an okay story, I honestly have nothing good to say about Redemption. The dialogue was cringe-worthy and at some points laughable. The pacing was terrible and I couldn't connect with the characters at all. Overall, Redemption was for sure Kris's best film, but it's still not a very good film. 3/10 Coollegodude1
A terrible shame that Kris suddenly decided to back out of finishing this production. Of course staying unbiased in my review, I have to say this really comes of as one of Kris's biggest missed opportunity now that it's officially cancelled.

Be that as is may, unlike most other viewers my opinion is- like with Testament- more indifferent to mixed. As I said there was a lot of potential in this first 13 minutes which I believe if Kris has taken the criticism in the nut and had used that to aid him in the making of the rest of it, we could've seen a very different outcome- for better or worse.

Anyway, movie had stunning visuals to start with, and the stop-motion was easily the highlight of it! A great deal of time and, dare I say it, patience had clearly been put into it those regards. I especially like a majority of the ideas put forward here, like with Instead being this overlord who already has the world under his command when compared to the original films as well as the basic understanding of the type of world this film is meant to be set in- which clearly has some dystopian vibes- I just wish we could've gone more in-depth on that...

However the negatives are blatantly obvious- but again nothing that couldn't have been worked on. The dialogue is bleh... and is beyond exposition-y, the design of the villains come of as uninspired, things happen at break-neck speed and that may sound hypocritical considering I've complained about the slow pacing in Testament; but there has to be a balance. There is a real lack of character development for us to really get invested, because whatever character development we do get speeds by too fast- which again is something that could've been improved upon in subsequent parts. It is such a terrible shame that in the end this is all we're to be left with, Kris won't allow anymore reboots or films involving the characters which throws whatever the future could've held out of the question.

All in all, I am going to give Redemption Part 1 a 5.5/10 ... again not terrible, just not good, bit generic in-fact.

'Redemption', LordCrossfire82's latest effect filled venture into the Bush franchise, has been released incomplete after a short production to negative reviews. I myself have been quite merciful in my own reviews, and I think it's time that someone looks at the elements of the film that work. First let's get the bad stuff out of the way. From the start, viewers are given a rushed project that makes little sense, and is cursed with bad dialogue, bad villains, as well as an unnecessarily long shot of Gary hacking at a tree. Now what did I like in 'Redemption'? Gary Bush, the film's main character, is much younger than in previous incarnations, and is assumedly teenaged. This is not exactly necessary, but does take this film in a direction departing the original films. The effects are quite an upgrade from previous ConFilm productions, and paired with the cinematography are sometimes eye popping.    Music is well selected, but mismatched with scenes they take place in. In my opinion, people should credit Lord better with his taste in music. Finally, the story is remarkably different from the forgettable original series, changing from the popular Clan-genre to the more popular Superhero theme. This really does separate it from the past. If you want to pass by some time, check the film out. Despite the film being discontinued, it does display the potential for Gary Bush to grow as a character, and franchise overall. 6.5/10. BATMAN21005
In my book, Kris has not improved since his previous work, Testament. If not, he may have gotten worse. Many things went wrong with this film. When you make a film you're going to want to start it off with something that will hook the viewers, so they would stay tuned the whole movie. I don't think Kris did a good job at that. It was very confusing, and I didn't understand what was going on a good 80% of the movie. The soundtrack was very dramatic, when it really didn't have to be THAT dramatic, so that kinda annoyed me a little. On the bright side however, the visual effects were very good. The shaking at the end of the film, the snow effect, were done very well. Overall: 4.5/10. Littlegreen1




Redemption 2016 - A ROBLOX Movie by LordCrossfire82