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Release Date
April 3, 2015
Directed By
20 Minutes

Reflection is a British-American Short Film, written and directed by Rick120. The film also has LordCrossfire82 attached as producer.

The short was released on April 3, 2015.


After a major accident, Gary Bush finds himself returning to the broken down remains of his home, while there he reflects on some of the most meaningful moments in his life; learning a valuable lesson in the process.


The film started production as far back as September 2014, and had originally been written as a standalone Gary Bush movie. Film began in November 2014 and ended in January 2015, however the films production halted several times for various reasons.

Ultimately in February, while editing a 2nd cut of the film; director Rick120 didn't like how the movie was looking and decided not to finish it. In March, the film was officially rewritten as a drama film and uses footage that was captured already as well as new footage filmed specifically for it. The short officially had it's premiere on April 3, 2015.


While the short received positive reviews. Most reviewers mentioned that the cinematography, characters, plot and music were all well done.

However, some reviewers believe the character of Gary Bush was an unnecessary element of the short while others believe that some of the plot elements were too ambiguous as well as the shorts slow-pace.

"To see the way that the characters were handled, Nevertheless the way they touched. Was powerful. It literally made me tear up. Honestly, I know that my originals wasn't something to be proud of. But the way this was handled, and was portrayed, was honestly the best I've ever seen. Maybe I should take a reflection of my past. I thank you Rick. 10/10." LordCrossfire82
"Rick120's Reflection, the long awaited solo entry to the Gary Bush franchise, is finally revealed to the world. The short film follows a simple plot, as Gary reflects on his past after a horrible accident. But don't let that deceive you. Rick120 has finally made the generic, 2-D action flick hero into an interesting an engaging character. This 20 minute short should be viewed as the basis for all future entries into the franchise, as it proves you don't need action an explosions to create a successful film. The film revolutionizes cinematography, music, and writing for ROBLOXiwood in only half an hour, and puts several other short films to shame. But admittedly, the film leaves viewers wondering what the film would have been like with the inclusion of Rick Talvovski. Batman Approves 10/10." BATMAN21005
"REFLECTION is what came out of the ashes of "The Fall of Gary Bush," and I'd be darned if I didn't say that this was a really great short. The cinematography was on point, as was the music. The characters seemed believable - much more than they had in Kris's original series. I also really loved how ambiguous it was, but that's also my biggest flaw with it. Sometimes, not explaining much is a good thing, but other times, it isn't. Other than that, though, this was a solid short and I really enjoyed it. 9/10." Olliekins
"I don't know about you guys, but I feel that "REFLECTION" would have worked better without the Gary Bush stuff. The film is alright I'll give it that, but it didn't really need Gary Bush in it. To be honest, I was disappointed with the film the first time I saw it. But when I thought about it, the story wasn't at all bad, it was quite good, But the thing that bothered me the most about the film is that it didn't really need Gary Bush in it. The soundtrack is good, the cinematography was perfect and the set design was well made. I didn't mind the characters that much but the fact they where meant to be part of a completely different movie made it feel jarring and unnecessary. The story elements used with in the film would have still worked in "The Fall" adding a yin to yang with both story and action. Plus the exclusion of VS/clan stuff of course. But my final verdict or this film...6.4/10. Sorry mate, but this didn't need Gary in it." Madformerspro
"REFLECTION, the best thing that has ever happened to Gary Bush thus far. Don't get me wrong though, I found the film very bland. I was bored for a good portion of the film. Having the climax at the start of the film isn't the best, especially for something like this. When I first got into watching the film, I was hooked. I was saying to myself "Jeez this looks like something I'm really going to enjoy, suspense, and drama in one." but after that one scene it went downhill from there. It turned REALLY slow paced. But what I did enjoy was kind of the background story and memories that were reminiscing between some of the characters. One tiny nit picky thing that set me off though was some of the camera work. Some scenes they were nice and smooth, and others they were choppy :L. Overall I rate this film a: 7.2/10." Routess



Main Cast
Name Role
Spiderboy9 Gary Bush
Funnymellow171 Lule Morris
RuthlessWarbeast Gregory Chandler
Superpenguin55 Seth Morris


  • The short started life as a Gary Bush movie, hence the reason the characters are featured in the film, and LordCrossfire82 is credited as Producer. However the project got changed to a short drama when the director decided he didn't like how the film was turning out.
  • The film is shot using Cinema Scope aspect ratio, similar to real life films.
  • It's one of the last Robloxiwood productions to star Superpenguin55 after his retirement earlier in the year.



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