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Rescind: Elegies
Release Date
December 21st, 2016 (Part 1)
Directed By
Produced By
Written By
A Deer
120 mins. (est.)

Rescind: Elegies (also known as, simply, Elegies) is an upcoming 2017 superhero film, directed and produced by somekiryu, and co-directed by AlmightyNoob. It is the conclusion to his 8-year-long cinematic universe, the Rescind Cinematic Universe


Ten years after the events of Darkvalk, Mike is a nomad who is slowly dying from the abrasive nature of his powers overwhelming his body. Meanwhile, a holy being, Archangel, descends to Earth to gather forces to stop a metaphysical enemy; The Deathconsciousness. Between saving the human race and stopping The Deathconsciousness, Archangel (St. Lucas), Noak LaCroix, Mike Hike, Astra Baker, Xaier Sato, Tu'si Purser and Jeremy Smith are faced with reparing the damage done by The One and Malice as Mike slowly grows weaker. However, they are soon meet with resistance when they realize not all superhumans are on their side. 


Production for Rescind: Elegies started on August 24th, 2015. Since then, the film has been produced almost entirely in ROBLOX Studio. The film went under a rewrite in March, and became part of it's own trilogy, starting with the short film Earthmover. This was followed by Bloodhail, which will be followed by the film itself.

However, on May 26th, 2016, the final draft for R:E was completed. Filming had already begun at this point, but the screenplay had not yet been finished. After BenIsLegit agreed to animate for the movie, the script underwent many changes, including more violent fight scenes and more detailed actions. Later, the screenplay was finished. BenIsLegit did a few animations, but instead showed somekiryu how to animate characters so he didn't have to. The film has been in production for two years. On December 21st, 2016, the film was split into two parts. Part 1 was released later that night.

On September 29th, the edited footage filmed for Elegies hitherto was scrapped as the script went under it's third and final draft.




Main Cast
Actor Role
somekiryu Mike Ashcraft
Coollegodude1 Archangel
Routess Jeremy Smith (Hyperblue)
AlmightyNoob Noak LaCroix (Darkvalk)
BlokBlobber Astra Baker
Moses747 Xaiver Sato
PickachuGirl Tu'si Purser
Rick120 Donovan Prisco


  • The film is a continuation of the Darkvalk: Dissonance timeline.
  • The main antagonist, The Deathconsciousness has a total of three names: Behemoth, The Nonlux, and The Deathconsciousness.
  • In the universe, Abrahamic religion prevails, with Catholic religion being the predominant force. This means that the archangels Mattatron and Sandalphon coexist with Christian angels.
  • Scenes written in the original draft were later moved over halfway into the movie and reshot. 
  • In the prologues, King David and Judith can be seen.
  • The angel's weapons have names. Archangel's Revelation Sword is named Titus. Castiel's scythe is named Bloodhail. More names exist, such as Zephon's Aphelion (bow) and Delukiel's Epsilon (sword). Yet, these names are never mentioned in the movie.