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Rick120 is a European Roblox film director. He is the founder of and current owner of Rick Roll'd Productions.


Rick120 joined ROBLOX on June 30, 2008, at first taking up an interest in place building and spent until the end of 2010 building aircraft; during which time he met his good friend Madformerspro. After viewing ROBLOX 2012: End of Roblox and Army of Brothers, both directed by Revenger123, as well at The GodBuilder by DonCurrency, Rick120 started his career as a director.

Rick decided to sign up to ZZRoblox Studios, and set to work on his first ROBLOX feature, which was finally released on October 15, 2010 as Day of Destruction. The film won Rick a Golden R award for 'Best Visual Effects'. After the release of Day of Destruction, Rick discovered and joined a group known as 'Vortex Security', and later created the film Vortex Security: War of the Raiders. War of the Raiders was a surprising success, bringing about two sequels; Vortex Security: Game of Guns and Vortex Security: Endgame, which resulted in Rick becoming among the list of Top Robloxiwood Directors.

In September 2013, Rick officially resumed his Robloxiwood career, with the release of Vortex Security: Operation Sky Storm

In July, Rick120 gained the rights to make a reboot of the 2010 Movie Revenger, however there had officially been no confirmed plans on making one since. In December, Rick released Currency, a biographical drama film about former fellow director, DonCurrency. 

Rick120 worked with Madformerspro on Dream Clouds. On February 22, 2014, while filming a scene for the film, an argument broke out on set, resulting in the exilement of Mastergyrooman25 after a series of vandalizations on the ROBLOX Film wiki before it was realized on March 15 that Princeofsun2380 was behind a series of arguments on the filming of the movie.

On September 15, Rick120 officially dropped Dream Clouds indefinitely and is currently on a temporary retirement, due to both frequent frustrations since March 2014, as well as an argument- followed by subsequent fallout- with Zilex1000, involving his opinions of the 2014 BLOX Awards. After a short break, Rick announced his return, cancelling Dream Clouds.

On October 15, 2014 at Octoberfest, Rick released Transition, an autobiography that details what happened behind the camera during the production of Dream Clouds. It got a very positive reception.

In January 2015, Rick was working on The Fall of Gary Bush, a non-canon sequel to Gary Bush III: Dark Days, and received severe criticism by CosimoValuta- to a point which insulted Rick personally. Despite this, Rick continued work on the film, however he ultimately dropped production due to the demands on the film. The film was officially retitled to Reflection in March, the short was released on April 3, 2015 to a polarized audience reaction.

Rick went on a break from directing on February 19, 2015, and returned in late March, with his line-up plan, which include the Dream Clouds Reboot , as well as announcing his plans to reboot The Vortex Security Trilogy. He signed on as Assistant Screenwriter and Producer for The Renegade, the revamp to Hyperblue- which was released in September, 2015.

In May 2015, Rick announced plans to remake the previously cancelled; The Fall due to the negative audience reaction to Reflection- however those plans were quickly scrapped. His next release was Transparency- which was released to an overwhelming acclaim- this was followed by Obligation in November 2015. In April 2016 he released Dream Clouds (Reboot), followed by The House (Reboot) in June.

Rick had since then been in production of Injustice until around December 2016 when he decided to put his focus on another project after feeling tied down creatively. In January 2017, he released Transgression. Two weeks later Rick decided to split Injustice into two part, releasing Part 1 on February 1, 2017.

Currently, Rick is in-production of Nominal Scale.

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
Day of Destruction 2010 Rick120 Film Released
Vortex Security: War of the Raiders 2010-11 Rick120 Film Released
M19 2011 Rick120 Film Cancelled
Vortex Security: Game of Guns 2011 Rick120 Film Released
Vortex Security: Endgame 2012-13 Rick120 Film Released
The Alchemist 2013 Rick120 Film Cancelled
Vortex Security: Operation Sky Storm 2013 Rick120 Film Released
Currency 2013 Rick120 Film Released
Hands of Revengance 2014 Rick120 Film Cancelled
Dream Clouds 2014 Rick120, Madformerspro Film Cancelled
Transition 2014 Rick120 Film Released
Reflection 2015 Rick120 Short Released
Transparency 2015 Rick120 Film Released
Obligation 2015 Rick120 Film Released
Dream Clouds (Reboot) 2016 Rick120 Film Released
The House (Reboot) 2016 Rick120 Film Released
Transgression 2017 Rick120 Film Released
Injustice 2017 Rick120 Film Ongoing
Saxon 2017 Rick120 Film Released
Nominal Scale 2017 Rick120 Film In-Production
Vortex Security V: Division Ghost 2017 Rick120 Film Upcoming

Producer Filmography

Name Year Director Rank Type Status
Bandon Bush 2013/14 KrisBush15 Producer Film Lost
Gary Bush IV: ShadowMoon 2014/15 LordCrossfire82 Co-Producer Film Cancelled
The Renegade 2015 TheFallen123 Producer Film


Actor Filmography

Name Year Director Role Type Status
The Revenger 2012 DonCurrencyCosimoValuta N/A Film Cancelled
Vortex Security: Mission London 2013 KrisBush15 Rick Talvovski Film Cancelled
Breathtaker 2013 ThecapcomFreak SWAT Officer #4 Film Released
The Heist 2013 CosimoValutaAmericanWarshipsFilm Rob Film Released
Flicker 2014 Gamerwalk N/A Short Released
Hero's Pride 2014 Routess Chandler Series Cancelled
Defiance 2014 Olliekins Cameron Jackson Series Cancelled
Criminal 2014 CosimoValuta Detective Johnson Film Released
The Dark Knight: Knightfall 2014 TheFallen123 Extra Film Released
The Renegade 2015 TheFallen123 Extra Film Released
Rescind: Elegies 2016 ThecapcomFreak Donovan Prisco Film In-Production
Another Year 2016 Coollegodude1 Film Rick In-Production

Awards and Nominations

The Blox Awards
Award Awarded to... Results Work
Best Storyline Rick120 Won Vortex Security: Endgame
Best Production Design Rick120 and Madformerspro Won Dream Clouds