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Route 66 Productions
YouTube Channel Route 66 Productions
Established September 25, 2013
Founder Routess
Owner Routess
Notable Films The Masked Fighter, Showdown

Route 66 Productions is a company founded on September 25, 2013 by Routess . They are currently making the second season of the show The Masked Fighter.


Route 66 Productions was started by Stinky66 on September 25th 2013. The company was founded after the release of the first episode of The Masked Fighter in its first season. Over the next two months, Stinky released the rest of season one of The Masked Fighter and part one of Dimension Warriors.

Currently, the company is working season two of The Masked Fighter.

Company Information

Name Role
Routess President
Spiderboy9 Vice President
BenIsLegit, Tokyodrift7, TheFallen123 Co-Directors
Rinir Main Actor
ZzRandomGhostzz Main Actresses

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
Dimension Warriors 2013 Routess Film Released (Part One)
The Masked Fighter 2013-2014 Routess Series Released
Angel of Life 2014 Routess Short Released
Hero's Pride 2014 Routess Series

Released (Episode One)

Jaded 2014 Routess Short Cancelled
KFC Adventures 2014 Routess, Faave Short Released
Batman: Part One 2014 Routess, Olliekins, BenIsLegit Film Released
Silence 2014 Routess Short Released
Clans 2014 Routess Film Released
Father, Father 2014 Routess Short Released
Showdown (S1:E1-2) 2014 Routess Series Released
Batman: Part Two 2015 Routess Film Cancelled
Hero's Pride 2015 Routess Short Released
Scarlet 2015

Godsavenger, Routess

Series In-Production
Truth 2015 Routess Film Cancelled
The Masked Fighter: Fugitives 2015 Routess Series On-Going
The Hood: Memento 2016 Routess Film Upcoming

Awards and Nominations

2014 BLOX Awards

Award Awarded to... Results Work
Best Picture Routess, Brisingric Nominated Batman
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Routess as Visum Won Darkvalk: Dissonance
Best Series Routess Nominated The Masked Fighter
Best Trailer Routess Nominated Hero's Pride Trailer
Best Storyline Routess, Olliekins Nominated Batman
Best Screenplay Routess, Olliekins Nominated Batman
Best Costume Design Routess Nominated The Masked Fighter
Best Special Effects Routess Nominated Hero's Pride